Moloch's Uncrossing Game Plan
The Moloch Sorcery Methdology
When your life is out of whack, one of the simplest methods of getting things back on track is using a plan of attack. In doing so you need to realize that for this to work, you must work it as a plan and follow through entirely. Here is what I often suggest to many of my clients and the prices for the services and products.
Mind you while I cannot guarantee you instantaneous results, realize things will most likely come about if you follow the plan and do what I suggest especially if the client’s heart is sincere and their will is strong then the work should take hold. I can only do so much because the rest is up to you.
Here are the steps:
1. Purchase a Level Three Hand Reading which is to tell me who your Head Spirit is, i.e. the spirit who rules your head and all of the other spirits who walk with you, so that I can get into contact with this Head Spirit. I need to find out which one of your spirits are out of whack. Cost: $300 USD because it is a ritual that requires imported select ingredients that I simply cannot obtain in this country and I need to summon your Head Spirit to talk with It.
2. Purchase my Uncrossing Bath and prepare yourself for a series of daily, consecutive bathings using the Uncrossing bath. Cost: $250 USD for the bath. Yes it’s costly however I put spirits in the bath so you are get assistance from Them.
> You’ll also read some biblical verses not once, nor twice but three times a day while you are performing the bath and you will have specific instructions on HOW you read them. In other words you do not just ‘read’ them like you would in church rather there is a method to reading it that makes it work.
3. Order My Ancestral Mass. Cost: $25 USD This is to bring Them (your ancestors) onto your side and get Them sympathetic to your plight. You will learn how to salute your ancestors and perform this salute daily for 30 days to start using only a plain, white unscented tea light candle (so buy a box/bag of them) and a glass (not plastic or metal) of spring water (tap water simply will NOT do as municipal tap water has chlorine in it which kills magic). After the initial 30 days, then you can switch to just saluting your ancestors once per week on Saturdays using the same format from there on out.
4. Order my Ancestor Feeding for your ancestors. This is a bit pricey at $500 USD however what it does is get your ancestors fed so They have the power They need to help you. When They’re not fed, and hungry, They’re weak and unable to assist you regardless of how much you ask Them or how badly They wish to help. I can feed them for you and They will be happy and more willing to help you once properly fed.
5. Finally, order my Uncrossing Ritual - while you are performing your daily bathing, biblical reading and daily ancestral salute, I will be performing your Uncrossing ritual. This will get the spirits to remove the sludge from you. This service is only $350 USD and I will have a lamp burning for you during this time using heavy duty spirits I work with on this sort of thing.
That is the game plan. Why? Because it has worked for countless clients prior for all manner of stubborn problems and issues in their lives. I know $1,425 USD sounds like a lot of money however we can take this in stages if such is your desire. Most folks, if they so choose often go this route:
Step One: Hand Reading ($300)
Step Two: Ancestral Mass & Feeding ($525)
Step Three: Uncrossing Bath & Ritual ($600)
The reason for this as well is that it not only allows them to save up for the next step but it also allows them to take things in a logical progression. It simply depends on your finances and how quickly you wish to get this all done. And before you ask, yes it is all right if a little time elapses between steps as I have had folks wait as long as 2-3 months in between each step before they took the next step. The steps are arranged in such a way that you can do this and still get reasonably GOOD results from a solid Uncrossing all because you the main step, number three, doesn't come in until the very last. 
Those are my suggestions. If you have interest, please contact me at to discuss this further and order your reading first. 


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