Tiriel Speaks
A Conversation with Tiriel the Intelligence of Mercury
(Seal of Tiriel)
from A Conversation with Tiriel, the Intelligence of Hermes-Mercury
Date: Wed May 9th, 2001 c.e.
Location: Home Temple
Spirit: Tiriel
Time began: 8:30 pm
Time Ended: 9:30 pm
M = Me, T = Tiriel
M: Greetings Tiriel, mighty Intelligence, advisor to and wonder worker of Hermes-Mercury! I’d like to talk to you today about spirits and the natural world. I believe magicians of old referred to it as natural philosophy, correct?
T: Yes
M: I’d like to learn more about this and how to implement it into my routine and practice.
T: Implement what precisely?
M: a deeper understanding of our natural world?
T: Please specify what part of the natural world you wish to learn more about. The subject is far too vast for me to lecture on the way you are asking about it.
M: Okay how about the theory that the earth herself is alive? The Gaia principle? Is it true?
T: It is.
M: Excellent. Does everything have a spirit?
T: No not everything. Some things in the natural world have lost their spirit such as when a tree dies, falls to the ground and begins to rot. The spirit that inhabited that tree is gone. Whether it was killed by man, storm or natural selection, it’s time has come and gone.
M: So now it becomes home to new life I take it?
T: Exactly. Your basic biology textbooks explain this process clearly and lucidly. You should take a class and learn about it. In fact, take one on botany as well as it would enhance your understanding of the plant kingdom.
M: Well not spiritually.
T: I was not referring to spiritual matters in this as science focuses on facts and figures. Bringing philosophy and spirituality into the science lab can only create errors in judgment and reasoning because then you have people trying to justify their beliefs with science instead of using science to simply seek out truth from fiction for accurate answers.
M: True as that would smack of the Creationist’s approach to science. Agreed?
T: Agreed.
M: So does every plant, every flower or blade of grass alive with a spirit?
T: Again only those that are actually living. Once the plant has died, the spirit has left. Humans are not the only species in the universe that evolves yet that’s one your scientists would have a cow if they heard about it.
M: Tiriel, so do rocks, crystals and stones have living spirits as well?
T: Ah! Now you are straying from the plant kingdom into the mineral kingdom which is different. Plants are like humans and animals - they are born from seeds, they are nurtured by nature with proper balance of light, darkness, rainfall and of course some rely on insects to assist them.
M: Really? Assist how?
T: By carrying seeds for instance. A bird is capable of getting seed on its down feathers and flying off with the seed dropping off at some point. Sometimes insects such as grasshoppers will carry seeds then drop or lose them. Some plants need insects to maintain themselves such as bees.
M: Okay but what about the mineral kingdom? How different is that from the plant kingdom?
T: Minerals are much hardier than humans, animals, plants or insects so in effect, minerals have the oldest living spirits in them. Most mineral spirits are asleep but with patience they can be awakened. It just takes them a little time to wake up so to speak.
M: Fascinating. What all can I learn from a mineral? 
T: *sigh* Again please be specific with your questions. I do not like to have to repeat myself.
M: Apologies. What could I learn from say a diamond?
T: That depends upon the type and nature of the diamond, what strata it is from and other things. What sort of information were you looking to obtain?
M: Just curious as it is my birth stone.
T: *Tiriel chuckles* Well you realize this stone can both modify and cleanse you better than a regular rock crystal can, correct? And I am not talking about jeweler’s qulity diamonds either but a plain old ordinary rough diamond.
M: Really? How so?
T: You hold the diamond in your dominant hand and light up your body’s power centers, what you would call your Chakras. Do this while holding the diamond. Let the diamond sit in your hand for around ten minutes and by the end of that time, it should have pulled any psychic reside from your subtle bodies. In fact, if you do it right, others may even ask if you bought new clothes or lost weight.
M: Really??? That’s fascinating.
T: The damond is a very useful stone yet your kind only sees it as a bauble to be displayed for vanity purposes.
M: Thank you Tiriel for your time. Our session is almost over and I wanted to present this liquor to you.
T: *nods* Please leave the glass on my talisman on your altar and leave it there for 24 hours then pour it out onto the earth. If you would be so kind, place a dab of this liquor on my talisman with your index finger for me.
M: Gladly. Just allow me to finish up here and wash my hands.
T: Thank you. You’ve been a good host as always, Moloch. Is there any practical work that needs Taphthartharath this time?
M: No but thank you for asking all the same.
T: How is work progressing?
M: Things are looking up thanksto your input nd suggestions. When that goal is reached, I will reward yo with a bottle of liquor as promised.
T: Good then I am free to depart?
M: Yes and thanks again.
End session.
Mind you these few lines may not seem like it takes that much time to speak to one another however remember I was writing down what Tiriel was saying before I asked my next question. Thus writing time must be factored into this equation.
Enjoy. :)

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