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Tired of trying to go it alone? Sick of the others always getting THEIR way but you can't get yours? Need some help or maybe a nudge to help you over that hill you're climbing? The Temple of Sorcery (TOS) is on your side with my own brand of Sorcery. While this is NOT the Vodu Spiritual Work, it is often a simple pre-cursor to that. Meaning that before we go ahead & get into summoning Spirits, LWA's & Angels/Demons, this is the best step to take.

These rituals are Sorcery oriented & come in two levels: the first level begins with a simple 3 day spell where I use a fresh taper candle each day with my own formulated oil on it along with your photograph & hand written desire. The second level is more intense as it uses a 7 day jar encased candle & my own formulated oil for a period of 7 days. Note that even if the candle burns out before the 7 days are finished (which they normally do), the ritual will continue until the 7th day is finished.

The variation in prices comes from the amount of work involved for each working as well as the extra items necessary (as needed) for the spell or rite. Prayers, chants, incense, powders, sprays, talismans and my army of Sorcery Spirits (mostly Thralls) will be at your disposal for the time period necessary. What will be needed is a well thought out & well written desire of what it is you want. Each spell/ritual is for ONE SPECIFIC thing only!

Again, the Temple of Sorcery spells & rituals are NOT Vodu related. Just so you understand that. The Spirits who work with me charge far more than I do for these spells & rituals.


1. You must purchase a Level One Reading before any ritual work is performed. Reading cost is non-refundable regardless of outcome.
2. Reading cost is not deducted from cost of ritual nor any ritual ingredients needed.
3. Payment for any and all services is expected up front and in the form requested.

4. All photographs, personal relics, dirt, and other ritual ingredients that you supply will be needed in a timely manner else this can delay the ritual's working due to astrological timing.

5. For help, you will need to submit an hand written letter and a current, facial photograph of whoever the spell/rituals is for. 
After you make a TOS purchase, email me at my Gmail address (see sidebar on how to contact me) for instructions on how to get me the photographs and whatever else is needed.
Please Note: If the spell/rite is for another party, and you have difficult getting a recent photograph of them, relics such as hair, blood, spittle, and etc, that comes from their body is acceptable. At the very least, a small pinch of dirt from their front yard is needed to help the Magic reach them.


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