Summoning Primers
A. k.a. Evocation Light

Summoning Primers

For some folks, there are magical books where you are instructed on how to summon Spirits given a set system that is simplified, easy and yet still functionable with good results. I consider these manuals as primers for the budding karcist (i.e. summoner) which virtually anyone can use with good effect.

Realize that these summoning primers are not set strictly in the Solomonic system but the basic concepts and ideas are present for you to get your feet wet in a safe manner AND experiment with until you are ready to jump into the deep well of the grimoires. For the experienced karcist, these primers will be unnecessary so please feel free to disregard this post and carry on business as usual.

For the beginner these primers are priceless in that the manuals offer how-to in a system that has been fleshed out by the author and worked through over the years by numerous readers/fans of the primer. Some of these manuals you may know from me speaking about them, others you may not.


Gods, Spirits & Daemons: A Beginner's Guide to Evocationby Seleneicthon ~ Teaches you how to summon the four Elemental Rulers, Paralda, Nicksa, Ghob and Djinn. Originally published by Mi-World Publishing, FL as was all of Seleneicthon’s works but recently has been published by Original Publications, NY.


The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Ritualsby Frater Malak ~ A worthwhile book that shows you everything you need to perform the summonings of the Spirits listed. Fully self- contained. Do not buy into the BS that you need the so-called Spirit Card that came with the original book. Photocopy the page with the Spirit seals, cut them out and use those OR simply hand draw them onto parchment. Either works well. Parker Publishing, NY.


The Miracle of the New Avatar Powerby Geoff Gray-Cobb ~ One of the best primers for the karcist to get their feet wet. Well written and easily understandable. The material really works! I’ve used this one a lot over the years. Included is a section on using the Middle Pillar with NPE's. Gray-Cobb is also none other than 'Frater Malak' himself. Parker Publishing, NY.


Daemonic Magickby Seleneicthon ~ Essentially this is about how to summon your own personal guardian demon. Original Publiscations, NY.


Secret Magic Revealedby Anne & Nelson White published by the Technology Group ~ Explains in a lucid and serious manner how to summon the Spirits of the Goetia. One of the best primers for working with the Lemegeton's book of Goetia but this manual was out of print for years and fetched a very high price from rare book dealers. If you can find a copy, get it, otherwise it’s more than likely to be extremely pricey. Technology Group, CA.


High Magick's Aidby Anne & Nelson White ~ Explains how to make the magic mirror, circle, & etc., as well as having the calls and other materials needed for a classical evocation of the Spirits. Quite handy for rank beginners. Technology Group, CA.


Practical Magickal Evocationby M. McGrath ~ Explains how to summon Maserial, Icosiel, Emoniel, Bydiel, Aseliel and other Spirits in a simplified and safe manner. Inexpensive and worthwhile to obtain. Finbarr International, UK.


Black & White Magick: Secrets of the Ancientsby Carl Nagel  ~ Explains how to summon the seven demons of the days of the week as outlined in French Le Dragon Noir. Finbarr International, UK.


Winning At All Costsby Seth & William Van ~ Hardcore and gets right to the point. Ritual templates are offered for many different uses. Spirits summoned are from a variety of sources. Seals and sigils for Spirits are unique. Finbarr International, UK.


The Do It Yourself Witchcraft Guideby Luba Sevarg ~ This small book has Luba Sevarg on the cover but inside says it was copyrighted by Evelyn Silverman Graves. It is filled with complete how-to material on how to summon any of the 48 Spirits listed inside. The names and seals I have never found anywhere else such as Perabula, Balthagher, Malcheor, Rantupal and so on. Each Spirit has its own seal and write up. Award Books, 1971.


Communing With the Spiritsby Martin Coleman ~ How to summon and work with the Dead in a modern day context. Many consider it a primer for modern day necromantic workings. Was originally published in hardbound but is now available in paperback.


The idea for the beginner is to get your feet wet first by using the summoning techniques in these books. Choose a book, read and study its system. Then experiment. Perform several evocations. Note your results. Then try another book and its system. After a couple of manuals, you should have the requisite skills ready and developed to take you into actual grimoires like the Keys or  Clavicles, Grimoirium Verum, the Dragons, and etc.

Remember, MANY people have used these books over the years and there's nothing in them to cause you any harm so give it a go. Spend a year summoning the NPE's from these primers and when you feel comfortable, then step up to the plate and choose a system such as the Grimorium Verum or The Almadel and start building the tools you need and choose which Spirit out of them you wish to contact first.


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