Rituals & Spirits
Classic and Otherwise

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Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:



Love spell 

(An Oath You Give In Front of Spirits)


The Uncrossing Ritual 

(For Serious & Heavy Duty Issues)


A SIMPLIFIED Uncrossing Ritual

(For Normal & Light Issues)


The Classic Bend Over Spell 

(Getting Others to Do Your Bidding Through Love Rather Than Force)





The Summoning of Volac

(My First Grimoiric Evocation - and a failed operation but I learned things!)


The Summoning of Seere

(Helping A Shop Owneer Friend Get Justice Quickly!)


The Summoning of Alagill

(An Outdoor Evocation)


The Summoning of Surgat

(A Rootwork-Conjure style evocation for a client)


The Summoning of Lucifuge Rofocale

(A Working for Financial Security)


The Summoning of Hagiel

(An Ocean Side Ritual of Love Performed on the Beach)


The Summoning of Marchosias

(A Solitary Goetia Summoning Ritual For Legal Protection)


The Meeting of Tiriel

(An Evocation of the Intelligence of Mercury to Learn Necromancy)


The Marbas Workings

(An account of summoning this amazing spirit for gaining secret information and another time for the fast healing of a client!)



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