Moloch's Ritual of Protection
by Brother MOLOCH 969
The sorcerer should attend to his temple when he first feels the twinge that something is awry in his life. Obviously it goes without saying that a 7/14/21 day Uncrossing ritual including bath should be taken ahead of time as well to ensure you have done your part to remove whatever muck and filth has come upon you. Uncrossing in this case is always the first step in such matters.
Preparing the Agent of Force
To assist you, you will need an agent of force in this matter. Realize that this agent will not last long since it is part organic and you are spreading it outside around your domicile be that a house, mobile home, apartment building, townhouse, condominium, or whatever. It should last roughly 90 days give or take a couple of weeks. Check with your pendulum when you begin to feel any twinge of attack. (If you need instructions on how to use a pendulum in your sorcery work, see my Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment @ www.lulu.ocm)
The key is to spread it surreptitiously without being noticed or seen. Realize too that this agent of force does not have to be a single unbroken line either. The idea is to spread it thinly so as not to be noticed and to spread it in any grassy areas if possible. If there are no grassy areas around your apartment or condo, well then do the best you can.
Get your bowl and prepare a mixture of ½ t sulfur, 3 T of red chili powder, 1 t cayenne pepper seeds (only need the seeds), 2 T wormwood, 1 T Witch’s Grass and 3-4 cups of dried out children’s play sand (the kind used in sand boxes - this will be the carrier). 
As you add each ingredient, speak you desire to it and in this case that you desire for it to be an agent of force to stop any and all attacks coming to you. Then tell each ingredient you wish for it to return any such psychic attacks BACK to whomever is sending them to you. Invoke the spirit of each ingredient as such:
“I call out to you, spirit of sulfur, to come forth and hear me as I request you to not only protect me with your might but to also seek out whomever is responsible for trying to psychically attack me and send their attack back to them!”
Use the above verbal formula for each ingredient, including the sand, and substitute its name where sulfur is in the invocation above.
When your mixture is ready, it is time to take it to your work table on Wednesday morning at sunrise to bless and consecrate this concoction to the spirits. 
Opening the gates
Face east. Thump the bottom of your sorcerer’s staff 3 times on the floor/ground to signal the beginning. Light a single white unscented tea light candle for the Crossroads Guardian out of respect. Use your ritual dagger and draw an equal armed cross in the air over your work table (to represent the Crossroads.) Place your hands together as if in prayer and insert them into the center of the equal armed cross and part them like you were parting a veil or pair of curtains and say: 
“I call to you, Guardian of the Crossroads! Come and hear my request and to open the gates so that I may speak to the spirits both old and new, remembered and forgotten, and get this work done. I have remembered you Guardian and brought this token gift offering to keep peace between thee and me always.” (Give a teaspoon of hard liquor in a shot glass by setting it on the work table next to the Guardian’s candle.)
Thump the bottom of your sorcerer’s staff on the floor/ground 7 times in succession to signal the gates are now opened and you are free to speak openly to the spirits and do sorcery with any spirit you wish.
Consecration of the Agent of Force
Stamp the bottom of your sorcerer’s staff on the floor/ground 3 times to signal you’re starting. Set your bowl with the Agent of Force mixture on your work table. This mixture should have been well mixed so that the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed into the dry play sand. Next present the bowl to the Four Corners and say, 
“Spirits of the East, I present to you this bowl containing my Agent of Force to be blessed, consecrated and empowered so that It may be used not only to protect me but also to repel any attacks, from anyone, who would seek to harm me with psychic thought, word or deed!”
Repeat this invocation to each of the Four Corners in turn by turning right and facing West, then turning left and facing North then finally turning right and facing South. When finished, set the bowl on the work table and take up your sorcerer’s staff. Carefully draw a pentagram of power over the top of the bowl as shown in the example below by starting at the top point of the pentagram and following the arrows until you finish at the top. Let the tip of your sorcerer’s staff touch the rim of the bowl as you project power and force from your Chakras. (Note: you should have performed some sort of Middle Pillar or Chakra charging ritual prior to performing this ritual.) Stamp the bottom of the staff on the floor/ground 7 times to signal this work is finished.
Spreading Your Agent of Force
Again it is best to spread this agent of force when you’re not being viewed by others thus this would be later in the evening or if you are unconcerned what others think, then go right on ahead and spread the agent. Do so by just taking some in your hand and carefully sprinkling it with thumb and forefinger of your hand as if you were spreading grass or corn seeds (in a furrow). Remember a little goes a long way and if you have leftover, store in a container as it can be used later.
PHASE TWO: Spirit Assistance
Below you will find the Kamea of Mars and the Seal of Mars both of which are useful for this next phase of sorcery because we are going to summon a spirit of assistance from the Seraphim to watch over and guard you from these attacks and there are few spirits who are as good at protection as these guys. Seraphim are no-nonsense spirits who invented the whole idea of opening a can of whoop ass. They are the special forces of the celestial pantheon and while there are other spirits like Marchosias who may be more capable, He is one of the potentates of the 72 and not really one we’re interested in summoning as His ritual is more involved than this will certainly be.
               Kamea of Mars                                                         Seal of Mars
The best way to use the Kamea and Seal of Mars is by using a wooden disk - the kind you can buy at hobby/craft stores - which you sand and paint both sides a bright scarlet red color. Then use an opposite color such as a gold or silver paint pen to draw the Kamea on one side then the Seal of Mars on the obverse side. (Stop worrying about how pretty it will look because this is a tool fo working, not something you’re going to enter into a craft show!) When finished, and they’re dry, use some acrylic spray to apply thin coats to one side first to seal then when that side is dry flip over and do the same to the other side. Drill a hole in near the top and run a string through so that you can wear it on your breast.
When finished, bless, consecrate and empower using the same formula given above for the Agent of Power and just ask the spirits of each direction to make this Kamea & Seal alive with power and force. (Note: if you really want to give it a lot of oomph, try using my 7 Mighty Man cologne in a spray bottle on it as that is formulated by 7 barons to give life to things.)
Summoning A Seraphim
It should go without saying that you should perform some sort of charging ritual that fires up your personal Chakras be it the Middle Pillar or whatever you wish. There are numerous sorts of rites out there and all have their uses. Find one that resonates with you and use it.
On a Tuesday morning at sunrise, use your sorcerer’s staff and enter your temple then stamp the butt of your staff on the floor or ground 3 times. State aloud: 
“Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh! Adonahi Tsabaoth! The fires of the soul burn brightest on the morn when Sol arises anew for the day. Let Mars enter into the fray and become my protector when Sol turns His back on  me. Let Mars protect me when I slumber and Selene rises and takes her place in the night sky until Eos rises to open the gates of heaven for Sol to travel once more. Let Mars gird his loins for war for there are unseen foes lurking about seeking to bring ruin unto me, O Mars! I call out to your Seraphim, mighty spirits powerful and ancient, spirits of flame and cinder, to come and protect me from any and all who would seek to harm me in thought, word or deed! Gird thyselves in helm, shield and spear to protect me from those who seek my downfall and destruction, O mighty warrior of the Gods! Send your barn owl to give watchful eye over me. Mars I offer you this token gift __ in the hopes to curry your favor. Please accept this sacrifice and help me to overcome my foes both seen and unseen! May their weapons be blunted; may their thoughts dull witted; may their tongues be burned as they speak ill of my name! This I ask of you, mighty Mars and once this ordeal is over, I will give you a gift of ___.”
Next stamp the butt of your staff 5 times on the floor/ground. Recite the Orphic Hymn to Mars at this point which follows:
"Magnanimous, unconquer'd, boistrous Mars,
In darts rejoicing, and in bloody wars 
Mars as Lord of War Fierce and untam'd, whose mighty pow'r can make 
The strongest walls from their foundations shake: 
Mortal destroying king, defil'd with gore, 
Pleas'd with war's dreadful and tumultuous roar: 
Thee, human blood, and swords, and spears delight, 
And the dire ruin of mad savage fight. 
Stay, furious contests, and avenging strife, 
Whose works with woe, embitter human life;
To lovely Venus, and to Bacchus yield, 
To Ceres give the weapons of the field; 
Encourage peace, to gentle works inclin'd, 
And give abundance, with benignant mind." 
When finished, say:
“Mighty Mars, hear thou me! I thank you for sending me one of your Seraphim to protect me from my foes both seen and unseen as they seek my downfall and destruction. Let your vultures read the entrails of your victims to find out who this person or persons are and whisper their names to me in a dream so that I may take swift action against them and put hands to purpose! Bring unto me divine wisdom so that the decisions I make will be true, just and right in the eyes of the Gods! Thank you, mighty Mars for listening to me!”
Bow by curtsying politely. Sorcerers do not bend ourselves forward. Also, do not incline your head forward either. You are a sorcerer not a slave. A quick curtsy aka bending of the knees downward and standing erect again is how we show respect to the spirits.
Thanking & Dismissing the Crossroads Guardian
Face east once more. Stamp the butt of your staff 3 times yet again and hold your hands apart. Then slowly bring your palms together over the top of your work table as if you were closing a pair of curtains or drapes. This is closing the veil to the other world. As you do this simply say:
"I wish to thank you Guardian of the Crossroads, for allowing me access to the world of spirits! I ask now that you assist me in closing this doorway that I originally opened so that no ghost nor phantom may enter into the world of the living. Let Hounds of Hell ever guard the gateways by your side and remain vigilant. Thank you."
Stamp the butt of your staff on the ground 7 times to show this ritual is hereby ended.
Appropriate gifts are often simple such as a inexpensive bottle of liquor. Of course many of you reading this will mistakenly believe if you buy top shelf booze that will somehow make the sorcery stronger or faster. Wrong. What that does is merely paint yourselves into a corner because when you start at the top, you have nowhere to go. Whereas when you begin at the bottom, you have plenty of wiggle room from which to negotiate later on for really BIG projects with the same spirit.
Further, a cheap bottle of booze will get a person just as drunk as an expensive bottle of liquor will. It is just the top shelf stuff tastes much better is all and spirits aren’t concerned about taste. They want the booze to remind Them of what it was like when They were alive. Hello? That is why we give liquor to them in the first place. Same thing with coffee, foods, cigarettes, toys, cigars, & etc. Sometimes when they possess a Horse, the spirit will play with their toys, drink their liquor, eat their foods and candies, left for Them on their shrines. I’ve seen this. So it is best if you simply be nice and give what it is They want rather than what you THINK what is best.
I know many of you, especially Asian folks, don’t quite understand why westerners give our spirits these things but this is the reason. We are interested in full blown POSSESSION and when that occurs, we know the spirit will want Their “things”. They like to play with Their money, Their toys, eat Their candies - even if the Horse is diabetic (with no ill effects to the Horse!) We do this because we know the best way to interact with the spirit is via possession yet possession is a dangerous tool and it takes an experienced Houngan to be able to perform this and get the Horse back without hurting the Horse. So please leave possession to the experienced folks out here.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this ritual. There will be a couple more to come and more in my forthcoming book on sorcery.
Brother MOLOCH 969
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