Spiritual Consultations


Do you wish to know what probabilities are in the cards for your future? What about insights that you didn't know were just lying there? Or perhaps your life is out of balance with the Spirit that rules your head? 

I can help. My Spiritual Consultations are far more involved than merely just reading the cards or casting the Runes. I look into your hands to give you a glimpse of who is in your hands so that we can get a clearer understanding of why your life is going the way it is.



PLEASE NOTE: IF you are planning on having me do any sort of ritual or spell working(s) for you, then before you even email me about the potential for the ritual working, you must purchase this Spiritual Consultation. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Often there are extentuating circumstances that are hidden beneath the surface that either need to be acknowledged or uncovered because they may very well be the proverbial "monkey-wrench-in-the-works" which very often means you're not supposed to try and meddle around with things at the time of the reading.

Further there are Spirits that you are born with who may feel you’re not guiding yourself properly. They may decide to block your progress for whatever reason. No amount of Magic Spells & Rituals will work for you if you're not in sync with them. I can help you with these Spirits as I am a Houngan Asogwe in Haitian Vodu.

In the past, I have turned down more ritual/spell workings after uncovering details that clients either forgot about, were unaware of, or (worse) ignorantly believed that such details were unimportant to begin with! If the reading gave me a clear indication that you should just leave this situation alone and allow it to play out in your life, then I won’t take on your case. Why? I don't feel the need to take your money for ritual work that will only end up in failure. Of course there are cheats & cons out there who will gladly take your money.

Now with my past personal Occult and my Haitian Houngan training, I can do Ouangas to appease your Spirits and make them work FOR you instead of against you! This in itself is often far more helpful than you first realize.

Often when we’re beset by a flurry of problems that causes us to consider the possibility of being cursed or hexed, usually the first wave of such thoughts end up being, "Who cursed me?" and if you take time and read up on my essay about The Uncrossing Spell, you'll discover that more often than not, we curse our own selves thru mental & emotional 'conditioning'.

Now mind you, that is far different than not being in harmony with your Head Spirit. Simple crossed conditions can be fixed with an Uncrossing Bath & a candle given to the Spirits on your behalf. Other problems often need more serious workings (Ouangas) performed on your behalf to appease your Head Spirit to thus  make your luck run much better.

Seldom does a curse/hex/crossed condition ever come from a bonafide practitioner of the Occult HOWEVER you may have relatives who are Grumbling and Mumbling about you for some reason. The majority of the quack practitioners out there are ignorant about this possibility in the first place and do understand how a honked off relative can place a potent curse on you and your life.

NOR do the quack practitioners even understand how one of your Ancestors could be upset with your life and be placing a series of strong blockages in front of you for their own reasons. (This DOES happen!) In many primitive cultures & societies where people are more in harmony with the surrounding physical and spiritual worlds, these cultures have far more respect for their Ancestors than our so-called 'advanced' society does.

When you purchase a Spiritual Consultation, you are getting more than simple Psychic Readings. I am going to look into your hand and discern WHO rules you. With this knowledge, I can proceed to figure out how to appease them.

Then I will also consult the Spirits in a ceremony where I summon the Spirit who Rules Your Head to find out what I can do to appease them & help you become more successul & happy in life.

I offer two levels of readings:

The first level of reading, is my Level One Spirit-Heightened-Tarot-Reading for $150.00 where I perform a divination using the Tarot’s Major Arcana & then I perform the 9 Rune Method divination to see where you are in life & what is coming at you.

The next level is far more involved and includes not only a Tarot Reading with the Major Arcana, but a Palm Reading is done to find out what spirits and situations are in your hand such as which spirit rules your head. This is called a Level Two Spiritual Consultation. THEN late that night, around midnight, I summon this Head Spirit and consult them about you and what needs to be done for you to appease them. Of course, this level of reading is far costlier but it’s worth it.


Please Note: There are NO REFUNDS for readings. Readings take me time to perform and I do the reading and tell you what the oracles tell me. If the reading is not to your liking, I offer a second reading free of charge. No exceptions.

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