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R asked: Now let me get this straight--most of you actually engage in magical operations? Personally, I just like old magical texts from an amateur research point of view. Those of you who practice magic(k)--what sorts of effects do you get?

Hello R,

My answer is going to be more esoteric than exoteric but I'm hoping you can follow the bouncing ball ;)

I don't practice MagicK but rather Sorcery and that means I focuse my efforts to affecting the world around me and towards specific ends. If you desire a more dichotomized explanation of Sorcery VS MagicK, see my site.

The books have spells in them that hold 'names' or words of power that when spoken create a stir in the Unseen Worlds which is all around us. The words of power create vibrations in the Unseen Worlds which when coupled with a mental projection of one's wish, activate energy to follow a given path in an effort to help you manifest your desire.

Typically there is no flash, sparks, booming voices (although sometimes that does happen) or anything that Hollywood leads you to believe is real but rather energy is stirred up and if you're doing the working correctly, you can feel the energy coalescing into your desire.

The results can range from ho-hum to WOW! but it's all dependent on a lot of varying factors. There's two schools of thought on this:

1. It's dependent on Astrological Timing - that by doing certain things at certain times, the power is easier to access and you can imprint your desire into the Unseen Worlds with more clarity than when the timing is off.

2. It's dependent upon the Practitioner - here timing is less important and gnothi seauton (re: Self Kowledge) is stressed. The idea here is to develop your skills and abilities and you can make stuff happen without having to resort to certain cosmic times & tides.

I have a talisman that I've made from the book, recited the conjuration and spoken my desires to the Spirits and it works. I use one of the seals as a way to "keep my wallet from groing dry". It's my own take on the Medieval "everfull purse" and it works.

The book purports to be filled with 'divine and holy names' and I've found this to be a load of bunk. Yeah there's a lot of Xian elements to it and yes there are a lot of Xians who use it and believe it to be so but my mileage varies. The Spirits listed in there are not all nicey-nice and not all of them are willing participants. Many are of an infernal (if you will) variety and work due to the way the spells are (Gods this is going to sound flighty BUT) 'woven' which forces their attention from the Unseen Worlds.

There is a LOT to explore with just this grimoire1 alone and most people have no clue as to how to systematically go about using this grimoire. The problem stems from that the not everything in the grimoire is spelled out thus it leaves you with gaping holes of 'How & in what context do I use this?' Even my own Obeah teacher who was raised with this particular grimoire told me that even in his 60 years of practice that he had not delved into all of it as fully as he'd liked to have.

Hope this helps.

'Real Sorcery 24/7 & Rad-Sor Hybrids'



1. The particular grimoire in question is the 6th & 7th Books of Moses.


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