Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 6


1974 saw Parker Publishing putting forth yet another Anthony Norvell book, this time under his surname only, called “Universal Secrets of Telecosmic Power”. He starts off the book mentioned that he spent 25 years of his life studying mysticism, the occult and psychic research but for the life of me, other than creating these goofy titles to sell books, I cannot fathom why a man of such distinguished means resorts to using a title such as “Telecosmic” which sounds as hokey as the Scientology’s E-meter.

Title aside though, this is a decent book that instead of focusing on real mysticism and magic, relegates magic to psychology via the mind. We’ve talked about Huna in this group before and how the Max Freedom Long system of Huna likens its basis to Freudian psychology. It’s an approach that actually works because it allows the waking consciousness to learn to make contact with the subconscious and by doing so the subconscious has access to the soul or the super-ego. If you wish to delve more into this, check out either Enid Hoffman’s “Huna: A Beginner’s Guide” or Brad Seiger’s “Kahuna Magic” for more info.

What Norvell has done here is to offer a simple coding method to access your subconscious. It’s rather ingenious really because what you’re to do is to anchor two words with a statement that he refers to as a “Telecosmogram” and you read this Telecosmogram seven times in all. Essentially think of this as using key words and phrases to flash messages to your subconscious mind of the things you want it to do for you. The idea is then that whenever you recite the anchor seven times, you’ve in effect, opened your subconscious for programming what it is you desire.

P.35 First, decide what it is you want this higher power to bring to you. Then sit quietly in meditation, and use the Telecosmogram to “I Unite”. You do not need ot memorize the following Telecosmogram that you are now going to flash to the higher cosmic mind. All you need to do is remember the two words: “I Unite” and whenever you want to use this power, you will repeat the words “I Unite” seven times, releasing the following Telecosmograms to your higher mind and the cosmic intelligence wich rules the universe.

“I Unite: My conscious mind now unites perfectly with the subconscious and superconscious minds that perform miracles for me. I unite my mind with the cosmic intelligence that rules the universe. I invoke its aid now to bring me instant guidance. I wish to have my right to work, my right income, the perfect love and marriage, the larger sums of money to achieve financial independence. I wish to have my problems solved and to create the perfect destiny which I desire.”

2. After you’ve read the above Telecosmogram over seven times, it will become deeply implanted on your subconscious and superconscious minds. You have now become programmed to the key words “I Unite”, just as a computer is programmed with data. You are now programmed so that whenever you punch the key of your mental computer with the key words “I Unite”, they will instantly trigger the automatic action of your higher mind centers. Your superconscious mind will then flash the entire mental programming to the higher cosmic intelligence that rules the universe..... It begins through a kind of telepathic communication to guide you to do the things that will bring you the fulfillment of your every wish.

3. If it is something physical or material that you want Telecosmic power to bring to you, use the key words “I Receive” with the follow Telecosmogram:

“I Receive: I wish to receive from Telecosmic Power the sum of $1,000 so I may pay my bills. I wish to receive more money in my work or from unexpected sources at once so I may have freedom from financial worries and burdens.”

4. If you wish to receive recognition in your work, use the following Telecosmograms “I Progress”, “I Advance” and “I Earn” in the following...

“I Progress: I am eager to progress in my work, to win promotion, and bigger pay. I wish to be in on work where I shall be independent; to earn $50,000 a year, or more, in work that is pleasant as well as profitable.”

“I Advance: I ask that my interests be advanced. That I be shown how I can rise to the highest levels of income in a future business that will bring me a new home, a beautiful Cadillac and the furnishings I shall require to for the new home.”

“I Earn: I wish to find a new line of work where I shall earn $50,000 a year, that this work shall take me traveling and bring me before the public in some way in sales or representing some big firm.”


This non-spirit, mind based magic, while not old per se, is effective. There are a lot of books out there on this sort of thing today and it IS useful to some degree. Primarily it works on yourself and mostly for yourself. This does not mean that you using it won’t be able to get results for others, rather it just means that it’s more difficult and takes more effort with spirit’s help.

I’ve seen some folks do some amazing things with this sort of simplistic magic. Most of them were folks who tended to keep to themselves and minded their own. They often bought these Parker books to use to try and help their arthritis aches and pains, or heal cancer and tumors that physicians gave up on, and other situations where the medical community wrote them off.

In the mid-90's, I worked for a furniture store whose owner swore up and down he used a Parker book to heal himself completely of cancer. He told me he read the book through and then began to practice the exercises in it dutifully, daily and over time, his cancer dwindled away until it was gone. He turned a LOT of people onto that book. I already had it in my collection.


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