Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 5


Cosmic Magnetism: The Miracle of the Magic Power Circle
by Anthony Norvell
(Parker Publishing; 1970) No ISBN

Anthony Norvell’s book brings a rather simplistic method of self-psychology that seems to work more from within than from without. The kicker though is that he makes a case for the fact that if you change inwardly, people will perceive you differently. This was a novel idea that was beginning to take hold in the early 70's when pop psychologists were beginning to make the talk show run talking about things like positive self-esteem and using affirmations to change oneself.

Norvell gives his method a name called the Magic Power Circle which is the idea that you begin to create a circle around you of what it is you wish to attract to you, like you were a giant, walking electro-chemical magnet. To do so he starts off telling you to stand in front of a mirror and to take a long, hard look at yourself and decide what it is you want out of life.

P. 28 To Invoke the Power of Cosmic Magnetism

Stand before a mirror and say these positive, magnetic statements out loud. Do this every day, and change the statements to fit your own personal needs.

“I am a romantic hero in my life, courting a beautiful destiny. I therefore feel, think and act in a pattern of high idealism and beautiful emotions."

“I present a happy, smiling face to the world and magnetize friends and loved ones in the polarity of my magic circle."

“I reflect a prosperous and successful atmosphere in my magic circle. I think, look, talk, and act as though I am already a greet success."

“I build the magnetic qualities of happiness and optimism in my magic circle and radiate good cheer to everyone I meet."

“I walk as though I wore a crown on my head, for I know that I am spiritually an heir to a kingdom and I now accept my cosmic heritage and act with nobility, honor and dignity."

“I am poised, confident, and calm in every situation and I show strength of character and definition of purpose."

“I wear an expression of joy and expectation on my face at all times, knowing that life will always present me with exciting new experiences and give me rich rewards.”

Repeat the above statements and put them into action for the entire day. Keep this up until it becomes a mental and physical habit to always present this magnetic side of yur nature to the world.


P. 29 Cultivate the Magnetic Eye

Build your magnetic eye by holding your gaze steady without excessive blinking when talking to a person. You fix your gaze between a person’s eyes, so it appears as if you’re looking into their eyes but instead you’re looking at the blank spot between them.

P. 30 Build Your Personal Magnetic Aura

After the magnetic circle, stand in front of the mirror again and this time extend your arms outwards from your sides. Now turn in a circle, keeping your arms outstretched. Realize that this is as far as your personal universe extends.

Visualize (re: imagine) this circle now filled with golden light, as if a spotlight were turned on you. You are now the star on the stage of life where you will control most of the actions that will emanate from your personal magnetic circle. This limiting of your magnetic circle is essential in giving you the concentrated power you require to project magnetism to the outer world. If you worry about what is going on outside the area which you control, your thoughts become vacillating , weak and your magnetism is scattered. This is why you limit your powers of concentration to that small kingdom which is your personal magic circle.

Now imagine yourself wearing a golden crown, like a monarch and carryign an invisible scepter in your hand, which gives you the mental power to turn “pumpkins into coaches and mice into horses”. Half of all your life experiences will occur only in your mind and the magic circle is built in your imagination and radiates through your personality.

[Note: Norvell lists several famous Hollywood celebrities who he has personally given his techniques to including Bette Davis, Hedy Lamar, Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor, and Elvis Presley. If true, (and why not?) he has an impressive list of folks who can give credence to his techniques.]

Now, imagine your magic circle aura around your body like a golden light, moving with you everywhere you go in life. Never lose consciousness of the fact that you are surrounded by the magnetic whirlpool of golden, dynamic life force. It is in every breath you draw, and you can use the cosmic magnetism of the universe to charge this golden aura of your magic circle with such magnetic power you will literally become like a magnet. You will inhale each breath as though it were the golden eliir of the life - which it really is. And as you charge your brain and body cells with this cosmic magnetism, you will stir the atoms of your brain and body into dynamic, energetic lines of magnetic force. This will give you a commanding presence and impress those who come into your personal magic circle.


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