Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 4

The Occult Sciences: 
How to Get What You Want Through Your Occult Powers 

by Anthony Norvell
(Parker Publishing; 1971) No ISBN

Anthony Norvell’s Occult Sciences was the third working occult book I ever bought to use. I’ve written before and stated that Buckland’s big blue book was my first and I believe I have stated on numerous occasions that Zolar’s “Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge” was the second book that I obtained and read. In fact, that one I obtained from a B. Dalton Booksellers and enjoyed the lesson format it offered.

This third book in my collection I found on the shelves, of all places, of a botanica in south Florida back in the late 80's just a few months after I first began practicing Witchcraft. Like many botanicas even today, I could not get any suggestions from the shop owner as to what he’d suggest to read so I let my conscience be my guide and I chose this book. It was my first Parker Publishing book and I was quite interested in the way it was written.

Even then, at the tender age of 23, I did not believe the stories it offered but figured they were written to give or offer hope or confidence to the reader in the techniques given. However since that time I’ve come to find out that authors like Anthony Norvell, Al G. Manning and Geoff Gray-Cobb were known wide and far publicly and they had thriving private practices. Norvell held classes at Madison Square Garden. Manning had a lab where he often got dozens of letters from clients weekly and even held services. So I’m NOT entirely convinced that these Parker Publishing authors were entirely making up “all” of these stories in their books. Some of them very well may be true. Hell perhaps all of them. Norvell seems to be a very, stick up the butt sort who would be aghast at cheating.

Occult Sciences came out after Anthony Norvell’s previous book, Cosmic Magnetism, which I just recently took time and wrote some excerpts out for the GoS. OS is more or less a piggy back or carry on of Cosmic Magnetism because Norvell has you use virtually the exact same method of higher self contact via the affirmations although the affirmations are different as will be shown.

In OS, he has you set up a shrine using a white candle, some incense and a sacred relic in which you believe: this can be a religious emblem, a crucifix, or some other relic. You may also have soft music playing in the background - something soothing and peaceful.

Instead of standing before a mirror, he has you comfortably sitting before your shrine and say,

“I now dedicate myself to the occult principles of truth, beauty, good and intelligence that exist in the higher realms of the universe.

“ I tap the occult forces of cosmic power and I am now all powerful.

“I invoke the occult forces of cosmic energy and the cells of my brain and body are now charged with dynamic life force and energy.

“I express life in every cell of my brain and body, and I now become vibrantly alive, healthy, strong, dynamically youthful and powerful.

“I now invoke the higher forces of the universe and I am in attunement with the creative principles that produce all riches and abundance.”

Recite above incantation then sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes. Mentally see the golden light of the sun flowing earthward, bathing your mind, body and soul with cosmic power. Now breathe deeply ten times and exhale slowly, as you visualize yourself standing in the center of a dynamic vortex of golden light. See this light flowing through every cell of your brain and body, and repeat the following invocation,

"I now absorb the golden light of occult power in every cell of my brain and body. I become the center of a vast constellation of occult powers, which now express through my higher mind centers, give me power to be in tun with the infinite, knowing all secrets and to be all-powerful and capable of performing miracles."

Now light the white candle and sit before it for a few moments in absolute silence. Let your mind now be receptive to the higher psychic pulsations that issue form the cosmic mind. As you make your mind a blank, pictures and thoughts may begin to flow into your mind centers. These ban be psychic in nature giving you valuable information that you can use. You can tun in on he higher thought forces of other minds while you are in such a state of deep meditation and know secrets that will benefit you.

While sitting in the silence, ask for definite instructions or guidance. On the first day of meditation, you should attune yourself to infinite wisdom and you can do this by sending out a golden thread from deep inside your own mind to make contact with God-wisdom or the intelligence.

On the next day of meditation, attune yourself to the powers of good. Each day when you start your activities, give your higher mind centers this positive invocation for contacting the forces of good:

“I am now the center of my cosmic good. Every department of my life is blessed with that which is for my ultimate good. I attract good. I am good and I radiate goodness to everyone I meet.”

P. 37 The Regime for Projecting Occult Power to Work Daily Miracles

Before you prepare to draw upon he higher occult forces in the invisible world, it is necessary that you dedicate yourself as a positive channel for the projection of this creative power. Withdraw into a quiet room with your altar shrine and white candle. Imagine the life force flowing from the infinite, like the golden rays of the sun that bombard the earth. See these rays concentrating on your mind, as the focal point of your own personal power and life force. Recite the following invocation,

“I am the center of life, light and intelligence. I now relax my mind and body, and let the divine flood of life giving energy, power and glory flow in and through my mind, body and soul. I am life incarnate. I am vibrantly alive. I breathe deeply of the golden elixir of life and my brain and body cells are filled with the life force and cosmic rhythm of health, youth vitality and joy.”

To use your kaleidoscope of occult power, sit in the silence, as instructed above. Hold your mind very still. Do not let your thoughts jump from one thing to another, but command them to concentrate entirely on thinking of your mind as a glass prism. Then concentrate on visualizing the light of God’s infinite intelligence shining down from celestial heights upon your mind centers. You have seen a magnifying glass concentrate the rays of the sun to a piece of paper, and observed how it will soon burn a hole in the paper. The cosmic mind power can only work through your higher mind when you hold your mind still and you visualize this infinite intelligence shining through your mind, and concentrating its creative rays on your higher mind centers.

Now concentrate through the prism of your mind the occult ray of higher intelligence. Hold your mind still and repeat the following worlds,

“I now tap the highest form of creative intelligence in the universe, the infinite intelligence that created the universe and all therein. I now concentrate this creative ray through my higher mind. My brain centers are now illumined by the creative flame of infinite intelligence. I probe the secrets of the universe and they are revealed to me. I am now under the psychic guidance of a higher intelligence and allis known to me. I am guided by higher intelligence to my true life destiny.”

Now concentrate a ray of kaleidoscope color ray of Creative Power. Project your mind to the earth and for a few moments consider the mystery of a growing tree: the roots, branches, trunk, fruit, blossoms... all absorbing this creative ray of occult power. To open the higher creative centers of your mind repeat the following invocation to creative power:

“I am now the center pf dynamic, creative occult power. I unfold within myself the mystical force that can change the entire universe into the image of that which I desire.”

The next ray of occult power is responsible for all of the miracles that are performed in the realm of nature. Express your faith every day by using positive words. Instead of charging your higher mind with negative words like “I’m sick; I’m old; I’m tired; I’m poor,” repeat over and over such words as, “I am healthy; I am youthful and energetic; I have unending vitality for every need; I am blessed with abundance.”

The next ray of occult power is the spiritual ray of goodness. The occult ray of Goodness must be focused on the screen of your higher mind each day by doing good deeds, by being good, and by seeing only the good in others.

The last but most important ray of occult power of all is that of Divine Love. This ray should be focused in the prism of your higher mind daily. The emotion of love is the most creative and constructive of all human emotions. It is the greatest miracle worker of all time.

P.197 The Formula for Using the Occult Law of Psycho-Perception (re: clairvoyance)

Your psycho-perception can be developed by daily practice and application. Each day, sit in the silence for half an hour and concentrate all your mental powers on the inner world of spirit. First say to yourself these words:

“I am now the center of cosmic and occult forces that flow in, through and around me. I concentrate all the powers of my higher mind on being a receiving station for the ideas that flow from Divine Mind. I am peaceful and still. I withdraw my faculties from the outer world of matter and project all my powers to the inner. My sense perceptions are now concentrated on inner unfoldment of all my psychic and clairvoyant forces.”

When you’ve achieved perfect quiet in your mind, begin to breathe deeply holding each breath to a count of four and then releasing it. Imagine the breath as a stream of golden life energy. See it reaching the base of your spine, and then as you gently pull in your diaphragm, push the stream of breath upwards, seeing it as a golden fountain gushing upwards through the spine to the base of your brain. Then imagine it spurting up into the crown of your head, flooding your creative brain centers with dynamic life prana or spiritual energy. This psychic exercise helps open the psychic centers of your higher mind and should be done at least ten times while sitting in the silence waiting for psychic unfoldment.

When you’ve succeeded in opening the psychic centers of your brain with the occult breathing given above, sit completely still and control all nerve impulses and movements of the body.. Close your eyes and roll the eyeballs upwards, feeling that there is a vast inner world stretching out from forehead and temples out into space, encompassing the entire universe. Let the feeling of complete absorption by the cosmos be one of effortless ease. Make no effort at this stage. Just be.


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