Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 3


In the 1975 Parker Publishing book, "Helping Yourself with Spells, Prayers, Curses and Chants", author Theodor Laurence gives an interesting twist to using curses that is rarely viewed by anyone let alone your typical sorcerer. What he does is suggest you curse your bad luck to make it disappear or go away.

You may think that this idea is crazy but is it? We know today that many people in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming movement use two basic metapatterns of thinking to achieve goals. These are 'moving towards' and moving away from'. The key is to successfully implement each metapattern for the right person. A large majority of the population tends to use the 'moving away from' pattern because it was how they were raised.

Further, studies have shown that so called motivation to achieve goals rarely works for the average individual. The reason for this is not because people are lazy as most suspect but rather Joe Sixpack is not motivated to work towards goals; instead he prefers to move away from hardships and difficulties because that's how he was programmed (i.e. raised) as a child.

"Your grades suck! Do you want to flunk out of school and become a bum? Get your ass on your homework!" This is an example of moving away from programming that the average parent tosses out at a child.

"Smith! If your numbers don't increase by the end of next month, you're fired!" So what does Smith do? Bust his bum until he makes the numbers. Again moving away from.

So the notion of using a curse to neutralize something bad in our lives is not a completely foreign concept. Rather it's simply used in a way to fit our metapattern.


On p. 27, Laurence states he gave a curse to a former convicted felon to help him overcome dark thoughts and this is the chant:

"I curse that I am a born criminal. 

I curse the negative thoughts that urge me to go against my conscience.

I curse the dark power that would lead me to my own destruction."


On p.35, we find The Thought Curse which is:

"I curse the unseen thing that binds me,

interferes with me, blocks my path to success.

With my thought, driven by emotion, feeling and faith,

I pierce the very heart of psychic obstruction!"

Now the above would be a very worthwhile chant/curse to use when you feel someone is attacking you psychically.


The following is the Hammer Curse found on p. 34 and I've found it useful as a chant for Uncrossing rituals. Read it and see if you wouldn't agree as well:

The Hammer Curse

"O Hammer of Heven,

come against this wicked darkness which assails me!

Hammer! Hammer! Hammer it to pieces!

Hammer it away. Hammer it to dust!"


Finally, I want to share this with you. On p. 70, Laurence gives a powerful curse against poverty. It goes like this:

"I curse the block to money.

I curse the thing that keeps my desire from me.

I curse all that makes me a slave to poverty!"

Now when you look at how Laurence structures his curses, you'll see they're not difficult at all. In fact, they're actually quite clever yet simplistic. This is what makes them effective in my opinion. So give them a try.


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