Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 2


“The Miracle Power of Transcendental Meditation”
by Anthony Norvell
(Parker Publishing; 1972) ISBN: 0-13-585711-2

Unlike other Parker books, especially Anthony Norvell books, I am going to refrain from posting the beginning section here. This is because it is both tedious for me to type out and at this stage, you’ve seen a couple of times how Norvell starts his systems out using his mantra methodology. After all, you already know how to sit in quiet meditation - if not, then read the other Anthony Norvell book excerpts I’ve posted as they outline the method.

Instead I have decided to choose instead to use one, rather lengthy, excerpt from this book on how to open your chakras and use them which I believe is well needed today for many occultists and sorcerers here in my Guild of Sorcery.

Needless to say, this method can be used to power yourself up prior to doing any sort of occult/spiritual ritual/spell/ceremony you may have need to perform. It is wise to study this method and then try it out and note your results a few times first before using it for ritual purposes.

Typically I use the Middle Pillar exercise but lately I have been using a modified seven chakra system as given to me by Jean Kent and I must say it works well. Prior to learning Jean’s method, I have used the seven chakra method. I’ve tried this one by Norvell and the one that Al G. Manning listed in his “The Miracle of Universal Psychic Power” book whcih I highly recommend.

P. 118 "The Regimen to Use for Opening the Seven Sacred Chakras Through Meditation"

The first chakra is located in the vital zone below the navel, controlling he organs of reproduction and the vital life force. As you sit in quiet meditation, with your eyes closed, focus your attention on the vital zone. See the sacred lotus blossom and mentally open three petals meditating on the color Red and ascribe to the three petals the qualities of Love, Inspiration and Ecstasy. Recite,

“I am now aware of the cosmic fire within my mind and body. It is now directed into its proper sphere of action as creative life force and energy. I sublimate this celestial fire into the divine emotion of love, enabling, elevating and refining all my senses, and causing me to rise above lust, animalism and sensuality.

“I sublimate this divine emotion into inspiration and ecstasy. I become a creative channel and express great ideas for the good of the world. I express love unselfishly to all people and I am inspired to great creative deeds through this noble passion of love.”

The second chakra in the navel region of the stomach. This section rules the physical and mental body with its appetite for food, its conversion of food into mental energy and creative ideas.

Visualize the sacred lotus and ascribe five petals tot his chakra with the color orange. The five petals that you will open are Life, Vitality, Growth, Youth and Creativity. Recite,

“I now open the second chakra of consciousness. I am in attunement with the life force. My appetites are now under control of my higher mind. I transmute physical force and energy into a stream of youth and vitality that causes me to fulfill my life goal perfectly. I grow and evolve mentally, physically and spiritually. I now convert this physical force into creativity to shape my life destiny. I release my physical energy into creative ideas of beauty, constructive good and cosmic perfection.”

The third chakra is located at the solar plexus or what is known as the diaphragm. This is located a little above the stomach area and controls the vital functions of breathing and life prana. To open this chakra, ascribe four petals of the lotus blossom to it and the color green. The four petals that you will now meditate on opening are: Energy, Faith, Joy and Hope. As this area controls the life prana or breath, when you meditate, draw in breath to the count of four and hold it, count four and then release it as a deep sigh. Recite,

“I now inhale the pranic life force through my breath. Breath is life and I now express energy that flows to all my brain and body cells and makes me aware of power. I have faith in the creative principle that gave me life and I express that faith daily in my life. I am joyous with the flame of life and I become infused with the creative spirit of joy. I now express hope for the future and am optimistic and radiant in the knowledge that I am in tune with the creative spirit of the universe.”

The fourth chakra is located in the heart area and is known as the heart wheel. To it ascribe the color of red and ope six petals of the Lotus: Love, Loyalty, Sincerity, Optimism, Charity and Forgiveness. Recite,

“I now direct the pranic life force to the heart wheel. This is the center of my life energy and force. I live and breathe and radiate the life force to everyone I meet. I express the divine emotion of love. I open the petals of the sacred lotus and reveal the jewel in the heart of the lotus. I take on the quality of loyalty and sincerity. I am charitable and forgiving in my attitude towards others. I become optimistic and cheerful as I survey my future, knowing that the divine emotion of love controls and regulates all my life functions. I am peaceful and serene in the midst of life’s problems.”

The fifth sacred chakra is located at the base of the throat area. To this meditation ascribe the color of sunlight yellow and open the following five petals of the Lotus Bloom: Power, Dignity, Pride, Honesty and Dynamic Action. Recite,

“I now open the fifth sacred chakra, which is the gateway of the mental and physical power. I project this power now to my brain, releasing its golden light to the creative centers of my consciousness. I am aware of the magical power of words with their command of life’s forces. I now express pride and dignity in my evolved state of consciousness, which differentiates me from lowly animals. I rise to the heights of spiritual awareness and practice the virtue of honesty and truth, as I release the pranic life force to this area. Dynamic action, mental and physical, now is released causing my life to be directed into channels of my productivity and beauty.”

The sixth sacred chakra is located in the area between the eyes. Ascribe to this chakra the astral color of mauve or orchid and the following five petals of the Lotus Bloom: Love, Beauty, Friendliness, Generosity, Happiness and Radiance. This area is known in mystic philosophy as the Third Eye where psychic visions can be aroused. In meditation, try to visualize this third eye in the forefront of the brain and meditate. Recite,

“I now open the third eye of psychic and astral vision and project the pranic life force to my eyes and head region. I now see with the inner eye and am aware of the true spiritual reality of all life. I meditate on beauty and my life becomes beautiful. I open the petal of friendliness and I attract friends and loved ones who share with me their good. I become generous and do good for others and receive blessings from everyone I meet. I glow with happiness and radiance and I magnetize the centers of my consciousness so I attract only happy and wonderful experiences.”

The seventh sacred chakra is located in the crown of the head and is known as the Crown Chakra. The color for this chakra is gold and the five petals of the Lotus to be opened in meditation are: Aspiration, Inspiration, Idealization, Cosmic Awareness and (the) Soul’s Elevation. Recite,

“I now project my concentration to the crown chakra, where reside all the powers of my mind and spirit. I breathe deeply and project the gold pranic life force up my spinal column to the base of my head where it gushes like a golden fountain of light, illuminating my mind, my imagination, my memory, my psychic centers, all are now opening and releasing their spiritual force for my guidance.

“I now meditate on aspiration and mentally climb the spiritual mountain where my consciousness is expanded to embrace the entire cosmos. I breathe deeply and as I inspire the life prana. I am lifted on wings of inspiration to the loftiest ideas that man may achieve. I idealize all my life experience, striving to uplift enable, dignify and beautify every thought and experience in my life. I achieve a state of cosmic awareness and I am one with the infinite intelligence, infinite beauty, infinite good, infinite joy and infinite love.

“Now my soul has reached its zenith in mystical elevation and I am one with the cosmic mind. I am in harmony with all of life’s highest spiritual forces and I have entered through the Golden Door of Brahma into a blending with the Light. The Light is All.”


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