Parker Publishing Book Review
Book 1


The Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies
by Richard De A’Morelli and Sharana Reavis
(Parker Publishing; 1980) ISBN: 0-13-020051-1

This book is based on the work of the authors who, is seems, were members of some mysical order called Majaanian Order. There are a few mentions of this order in the book and even an ad for it in the back which I find surprising that Parker Publishing (PP) allowed such an ad in one of their books because I’ve never seen that before in any PP book. I've looked online for this order today and have found naught for them thus I'm inclined to believe they either went underground or extict.

The manual starts off with a quote from Paul Huson’s “Mastering Witchcraft”. Now you know that any book which quotes from Huson’s amazing book on witchcraft has got to be good, right? Well it’s not perfect but it’s not a bad offering from PP. In fact, the book is laid out sort of like a grimoire is. One of the first things is a discussion on how to get your magical name using Tarot cards. There are partial words tied to each card on page 30's chart, so when you shuffle and pull the cards, you get some sort of name. For example:

Major Arcana
shal - Maggician
shan - High Priestess
jan - Empress
shi - Emperor
ran - Hierophant
and so on...

Minor Arcana (Wands)
A - ba
1 - ca
3 - da
4 - fa
and etc.

A - be
1 - ce
2- de
3 - fe
4 - he

and you get the idea. While this isn’t anything new, i.e. attributing letters to the Tarot, (see Ann Grammery’s “The Witch’s Workbook” for example) it is an idea to help the Novice come up with a name to refer to him/herself without having to resort to the tedious practice of adopting all too common names like Merlyn, Morgana, Gandalf, and so on which so many are wont to do these days. Here the novice is given the chance to be different and unique right off the bat.

In chapter 2, pg 40 gives us the author’s summation of magic. In magick, the Law of Fours states that every change in daily living, whether for better or worse, stems from these four specific causes:

ROOT CONDITION * DESIRE * INNOVATION * ACTION Everything in the universe obviously starts with a root cause. In nature, water freezes because the surrounding temperature drops below 32 deg F. In many affairs, loss results from unsound investments or poor judgment. Nothing happens by coincidence. If a goal eludes us, it is because we failed to pursue it or we approached it in the wrong way.

Ultimately, root conditions produce desire... a yearning for something better or different than existing circumstances allow. We are consequently analyze the problem and formulate a viable solution or we suffer the consequences of having no innovation. Finally, ACTION itself occurs. Fortunes may be won or lost depending upon the wisdom of the above choices, and the force - magickal force, that is - with which your dreams are pursued.

For example:

Root Condition: poverty
Desire: wealth
Innovation: mastery and use of money magick rituals
Action: prosperity

Pg 42 shows a chart for a Money Magick Regimen for Prosperity with best days of the week, hours, candles to burn, incense, color to wear and ruling planet. Plus the magic squares (i.e. Kameas) of both the Sun and Jupiter are shown minus the boxes - just the numbers typed as in the kamea. Using the kameas of the Sun and Jupiter, perform this ritual on a Sunday or Thursday, at sunrise or noon, using each a green and orange candle, while burning pine incense, wearing azure blue and gold colors.

At the first light of dawn, or just as the sun approaches its zenith, burn pine incense. On white muslin (cloth), incribe the Planetary Talisman that corresponds to the ruling planet of the day. [Moloch's note: Example, if you’re working on a Sunday, then obviously use the kamea of the Sun; if Thursday then use Jupiter. Use bright gold ink for rituals performed on Sunday, blue for Thursday rites under Jupiter.] Place a silver coin in the center of the talisman and fold all four corners around it. As you do, hold it in the fragrant smoke of the incense. In magick, this process is called "suffumigation" and is frequently used to cleanse objects and impart a charge of psychic energy into them. Go outdoors and follow a dirt trail to where it merges with another path, forming a crossroads. Bury the coin at the intersection while reciting: “Agla, Adonay, Merloy, Sabaoth! As I believe, so let it be!” Repeat this magick orison three times, then depart without looking over your shoulder. Next day, retrieve the coin and carry it at all times. Fortune will thereupon be drawn to you for nine days.

Pg. 50 To Win A Lawsuit

An exceedingly rare 17th century magickal text called “Grimoires of Power: A Clavical of Spell of the Master Aptolcator” recommends... If anyone has to settle a just claim by way of a lawsuit, let him embroider in yellow silk these characters: "I H 7 V H 5 HV"  But it must be done seven days before appealing to the judge, and each night you must say thirteen times: "Yara Yara Yantara" which is the name of the spirit presiding over legal disputes.

For some of you, there is a chapter that will help you with boredom and loneliness. Pg 77 offers a ritual called “Crescent Moon Ritual for Popularity and Adventure” which is most interesting. There’s also info on Kirilian photography and the human aura available to read about. Plus the chapter ends with “An Occult Tranquility Ritual”.

Chapter five jumps into the making and use of occult talismans. Discussion about a talisman that bestows visions of the future. Chapter seven is all about Love magic but there is an interesting ‘love oracle’ found on pp. 126-128. Chapter ten is interesting where you learn to communicate with the spirit world and subjects like automtic writing.

Chapter eleven is basically a useful spells chapter. Included is, "How to Make a Friend Call You", "How to use a Solomonic Mirror", "Weather Magic", "Cagliostro’s Secret of Rejuvenation", and more.

Chapter twelve is essentially a calling card to join a world wide group of “occult masters” or how to get in the Majaanian Order. There is also a useful glossary of terms for this text as well as appendices that go from A to G.

That succinctly sums up this PP book. I rate it along the lines of Al G. Manning’s book on White Witchcraft. It’s useful, the rituals and spells seem legit, pragmatic and worthwhile. Overall I think this is a terrific book. My used copy cost me $15 from Amazon and they only had one other copy at that price when I purchased mine. [Moloch's Note: At the time of this original writing, Amazon had 9 used copies for under $31 and then the price jumps to $88.]

There is even a ritual in the book that tells you how to consecrate a book for use with spirits. Not something you typically find in mainstream books these days.


I give this book five out of five stars for completeness utility. While heavy on the new age side with the white this and white that, it is still well worthwhile.


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