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Magical Grimoires From the 1970's
Very often today a young novice practitioner is often thought to invest very heavily in books that are from places like Red Wheel Weiser, Capall Bann, New Page or Avalonia and of course the pink elephant in the room, Llewellyn Worldwide. Sometimes the novice seeker will go to great lengths to seek out used copies of book titles she may see online in discussion groups or he may hear about at his study group meeting and only to later realize the cost can be somewhat staggering in all.
There are alternatives.
Enter the 1970's. It was a time when the 1960's had passed us by and especially the Hippie and consciousness movements had opened many to new ideas from Transcendental Meditation to working with Gurus to oriental martial arts training to Yoga and dietary training. In fact, the 1960's had heralded in much more than that just that, it had also brought in occultism, magic and witchcraft to the western nations.
Unfortunately, there were not a lot of books out there on the subject of witchcraft and there were a growing number of seekers. With authors like Carlos Castaneda claiming his protégée don Juan Matus gave him explicit how-to instructions in magic, many people reading Castaneda wanted to learn how to do their own magic. It was a market that had a widening gap and someone was needed to fill it.
Early talk shows had plenty of witches like Ray Buckland, Sybil Leek, Pat & Arnold Crowther, and Lady Sheba who were quick to give interviews for what few books they penned but the demand for more and more books was growing. Movies helped create  a fervor for yet more occult knowledge as well with a lot of the lurid B grade films that ABC’s “Movie of the Week” put out not t mention the typical fare that you found at the Saturday drive-in theater.
Enter Parker Publishing
While I am not a historian on Parker Publishing, I’d like to say that they filled a need throughout their run in the 1960's and 1970's which gave many folks their first taste of occultism, magic and of course witchcraft. 
Parker had some amazing authors throughout their run including Anthony Norvell who penned a great many books for them and Al G. Manning had his book “Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft” first published in a Parker Publishing book back in 1972. Of course there’s the celebrated author Theodor Laurence who wrote several really good books for Parker Publishing. Even Gavin and Yvonne Frost had their major first hit as a Parker Publishing book with “The Magic Power of Witchcraft” in 1976. 
Parker was on a roll! Raymond Buckland had published his “Chant-O-Matics” with them in 1978 and it was an instant classic that folks found both worthwhile as well as usable. Mind you this was not Ray’s first rodeo with Parker Publishing since he had a book out with them way back in 1975 called “Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World” and it too was a hit.
Parker Publishing had somehow found an occultist by the name of Geoff Gray-Cobb who submitted a manuscript to them which they had decided to publish. Little did any of the PP staff ever realize it was going to become the most sought after and well tested modern grimoire of our century. This book, “The Miracle of the New Avatar Power” was a sensation even when it came out in 1974 however it’s true potential as a grimoire did not come about until I began to experiment with it in the early 2000's and then began to write about it in various Yahoo Groups of my successes with it. The news caught on and it exploded in a frenzy for all things New Avatar Power (or NAP as I coined it).
Since that time, a small cult if you wil has grown up around this modern grimoire (another term I coined back in the day) and it has grown by leaps and bounds causing even some “dark fluffy” Pagan authors to write books and pdf’s based on it. NAP is one of the best if not the best modern grimoire of our time and it is easy to use. It is spirit based and offers a practical, laid out appproach utilizing the Central Pillar Ritual (another name for the Middle Pillar) and a shortened or condensed version of the Headless One invocation often spoken of by authors like the late Israel Regardie and other members of the Golden Dawn.
A final honorable mention for Parker Publishing is Frater Malak a pseudonym for Geoff Gray-Cobb and the book is “The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals” which while sounds hokey as a title, is far from it inside. The first half of the book is dedicated to simplistic yet useful, everyday spells that you can use for just about anything. The latter half of the book however is also a spirit based book however unlike NAP, this manual has 12 spirits it summons and it uses a special card that was allegedly blessed and prepared by the author.
My copy did not come with this special card. I simply hand drew the seals as necessary and used them for the rituals. NAP’s spirits do not use any sort of seals but this one does. Many people make much ado about this card and it’s something that unscrupulous book dealers use to dupe them with by making their own and charging ridiculously high fees for the book and card. My suggestion is obtain the book and make your own card with the seals shown inside. It’s much simpler and you won’t be out hundreds of dollars in the process. I also had great success using this book.
My page here offers book reviews of some lesser known Parker Publishing books that you may not be aware of. I share with you in the hopes that you can find them of use and that you may be able to share the information with others who can likewise find the information worthwhile. Please let me know if you find this information useful. II have. Let’s face it, its’ basic sorcery material and you can make use of it from these old books.
As time permits and as I find more, I will add more to this list of Parker Publishing manuals here. 
Brother MOLOCH 969
September 2016


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