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June 9, 2018

Why Social Media Sucks
Social Media is little more than a method for otherwise nosey individuals who have little to do other than to scrutinize your life under a microscope. It’s fine if you play the game of balancing between the realms of non-opinion and taking a backseat in conversations where folks gather because in other words you must be that sort of non-opinion oriented person else you are immediately branded “judgmental” which is a knee jerk reaction by otherwise immature people who have not developed their social skills to deal with strong opinions and notions from society. 
Unfortunately you have to find that balancing point where your opinion does not upset the inner balance of your friends (or fans) beyond what they are able to stand especially if you are more than just practitioner and something along the lines of an author.
Bland Personalities
Over the years I’ve noticed that the most popular personalities on social media tend to be folks who have no opinions on anything. They just show up, post a “Hey I’m appearing at __ and speaking on X” and people love that. Yet for years when I first started out on Yahoo Groups discussing the occult, folks were constantly trying to get me (and other practitioners) to give our opinions on non-occult subjects as if that meant anything. 
Lesson Learned 
You dare NOT have an opinion on anything that is contrary to the herd. If your opinion is contrary to the herd, then your popularity plummets exponentially thus if you are new to getting on social media, beware of giving your opinion about subjects, topics and celebrities that run contrary to the herd. Got that? Because even IF people like you or your brand of occultism, they will grow to dislike you because of your opinion - which is utterly fucking stupid!
Yet More Proof...
...that the herd still rules even in the Pagan and occult communities, okay? Never let anyone tell you otherwise. There is a herd running through and if your opinion is contrary then your popularity will soon be extinquished. So my plan is to leave social media entirely and be done with it to the extent I am able. I have to keep a presence to some degree due to my work but for the most part I am now only going to show up, post what I’m doing and that’s it. I could give a shit what people are talking about or what matters. Screw people’s petty problems. To hell with what’s going on politically. I have my own work to deal with. Piss on the world. I’m done with it. Social media can such my ass.
Sad Thing Is
You wanna know what the really sad part is? It’s not that there are people out there who live their lives through various celebrities they view weekly on television. Rather it’s how when a celebrity dies the outpouring of sympathy for these celebrities gushes forth from the herd mentality. YET when a celebrated Pagan celebrity &/or author dies, you never see even a tenth of the outpouring of love and sympathy from the same neo-Pagan and occult community! How damned pathetic is that???
Here’s someone the herd knows someone through reading and meeting at festivals, book store signings, & lectures, and so on, but the warmth doesn’t compare to the love they pour out to someone they never personally met who died and was some Hollywood celebrity! Riddle me that, Batman. Does that make sense? Well in today’s cell phone society I guess it may but really it does NOT. Think about it. We’re talking real people VS fake people because remember genius, Hollywood is all about “fake” personalities not reality. Hello?
The first thing you hear form Pagans kvetching about when a new Hollywood movie comes out is, “The book was better” b-b-b-but the book doesn’t have your fake Hollywood celebrities pretending to be the characters from your book running around in it, right? So what’s your malfunction?  Why are you bucking the trend and the herd? Yet when one of those celebrities dies, “S/he was a wonderful person”... really? Did you ever meet them? HOW do you know they were wonderful? Joan Crawford was thought well of for years until her daught revealed she was a horror to live with. Same with Bing Crosby and other Hollywood icons people took for granted back in the day.
This isn’t “speaking ill of the dead” as some foolishly point out but rather is merely pointing out the folly of putting celebrities on pedestals where they are going to fall once their dirty linens come falling out of their closet after their death. And it will! In this day and age of “tell all books” you bet nothing will be held back so just wait. It’s only a matter of time before the dirt rises to the surface thanks to the $$$$ offered by someone to spill the beans.
Personal Realizations
I’ve matured enough to realize that even my heroes aren’t pristine or dirt free. I used to look up to Eddie Van Halen as a guy who started his own band from scratch with his brother and a couple of friends and through sheer determination and will created a juggernaut. Unfortunately it was a shock to realize EVH was a nightmare
personality to work with from a musician’s p.o.v. because he had personal issues and threw singers out of the band then evicted their long time bassist and friend Michael Anthony. While he may be a genius on he fretboard, it was a mistake for me to put him on a pedestal because he changed things around in the band and went through several singers often not giving any of them a real chance without so much as an explanation. Again, celebrities can be mentally fucked up.
Yet the social media herd tends to overlook the obvious in favor of those who push the buttons hardest and those tend to be its leaders. These leaders are those whose opinions run WITH the herd rather than contrary so it is imperative if you wish to become an icon within the community you make yourself known and either keep your opinions to yourself OR find the pulse of the herd then match your opinion to that of the herd’s. Period. And we’re not talking politics here folks just celebrities only mind you. Politics is a whole other ball game that is a huge can of worms not worth getting involved in since it is a no-win situation.
Whichever way you end up slicing and dicing it, I hope you figure it out for yourself but I plan on staying off social media as much as possible. I’m tired of it. It’s trouble. The people there are trouble. The topics are trouble. It’s a miasma just waiting for you to fall into if you’re not careful. Good luck.
January 14, 2017
I bet you’ve been wondering where my latest rant has been and truth is I have kvetched so often on social media that I gave up posting them here to my site. However lately it has gotten rather boorish to complain on my social media wall since FecesBook allows anyone to reply regardless of the fact I can delete their comment and them from my friends liste if such were my wont. However I’ve had an itch to bitch and THIS is the place to return it to finally!
Know what’s irritating to me? When I hear someone claim something like, “My body is my temple” which is usually nonsense since many who say such shit have no problem pouring alcohol down their throats which whether they realize it or not but alcohol is a POISON to their body’s liver. Some maintenance on that fucking temple. I once heard some vegan goth McWiccan at a private Druid gathering say that phrase when I offered her some pork fried rice that I myself had just cooked not five minutes before right in front of her using fresh ingredients. The funny thing was she said this as she lit up a Marlboro red while stoned on some sort of downer (probably Xanax or Prozac) and drinking Great Lakes beer. Right sister. You’re caretaker of that “temple” of yours all right. ;) You go on believing that horse shit.
Personally I could give a rat’s ass BUUUUT that little phrase is a personal DIG at anyone else who dares to drink, eat, smoke or whatever that the rejecter doesn’t wish to partake in and instead of simply saying, “No thanks” they have to say, “My body is my temple” which I just wanna projectile vomit over yet I keep my cool, shrugged my shoulders and walked away chuckling to myself that she was a fucking moron who didn’t have a clue.

September 10, 2009

It's been a lousy year for televison. Ugh. Unless you're a fan of  same old, same old crap like cop shows, doctor shows, lawyer shows or (ugh) sitcoms or (worse) reality shows, there's NO-THING to watch on prime time network TV! Ntohing. Not a damn thing. It's all crap & it's all the same crap. How many cop shows do we need? Or faux forensic sciene shows where it's always murder (no wonder people are inured to real murder) so what is there to watch? Cable stations.

Not sure about you but I have been watching some heavy duty shows on cable stations. I got hooked on one of the BEST cop shows ever (and Hawaii 5-0 was my fave cop show of all time) which was about a DIRTY cop called 'The Shield". I got hooked on it during its last season. Man talk about a gritty, in your face show that one was it! Vic is a dirty cop who plays not only the cops in his precinct but also the thugs on the street. He slides in between good & evil ever so deftly & Michael Chiklis plays the role well. He does get his comeuppance in the end but of course, they leave it open for other things.

"Rescue Me" is about an Irish firefighter with the NYFD who is one F.U.B.A.R.'d guy with his wife, kids, girlffriend, family & job. Dennis Leary plays the role well & lately he's been talking to & seeing his dead brother both on the job and at home. Not as gritty as some of the other shows but definitely worth watching beause the story lines are intense. Excellent drama with a little iorny & some tongue-in-cheek comedy as well.

Then I got to the Sopranos too late as well but I've caught them all on DVD & reruns. Wow. That was an HBO show and it's sad that network television couldn't come up with something like that! The New Jersey mob run by a guy who has freakin' panic attacks! Would you ever have guessed???

Now we have "The Sons of Anarchy" which is one of THE grittiest shows I've ever seen. A biker gang that runs guns. Think of the Sopranos on Harleys & you have the Sons of Anarchy. Hard, gritty & real. Great cast. Great plot & stories & terrific directing. Truthfully, this show reminds me of the Shield mixed iwth the Sopranos due to its brutality & language. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap is the song I'd choose for this show but the club of bikers keeps drugs out of their small town of 'Charming' as well as business expansion. They're also the real law in the town. Centers around the club's vice president, 'Jax'. Ron Perlman is 'Clay' the cub president & it's a role well suited for him.

Like drama without violence? Try 'Mad Men' whic is about advertising agents during the early 19n NYC called 'Sterling-Cooper'. Voted the BEST drama on television & won tons of awrds during its first season. Yeah it's about sales reps but listen, it's NOT about cops, thugs, doctors or lawyers and if you're sick of those shows, then give this one a go. It's easy to get hooked on. Don Draper is the pentulimate sales man in this series & he's living a lie. Actually he's someone else who took his place because the real Don Draper died in WW2 & this imposter stole Don's dog tags & made it out of the war & began a career in sales. With Mad Men gaining momentum, I'm willing to bet that before too long, we'll see copycat TV shows about sales reps on other cable networks.

Adult Swim is another show I like to watch late at night when I'm bored or done doing Sorcery. I like to watch shows like "Robot Chicken", "Squidbillies", "Metalocalypse", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Moral Oral", "Venture Brothers" and other goofy, but very adult programming. If you've not caught any of these shows, do so. They're fun to watch.


May 5, 2009

You kow, it's one thing for pagans in the Neo-Pagan movement to use silly titles like 'Lord' & 'Lady' for themselves within their own groups & covens but it's quite another for them to use 'queen' and call themselves a RootWorker or Hoodoo because there re no Root Worker Kings or Queens nor are there any Hoodoo Kings or Queens. That's just plain silly! But with Yahoo Groups being as silly as they are, there are plenty of these folks running around out there and they are irritating.

I guess these individuals feel the need to set themselves up as some sort of high & mighty indidiual when in truth they are not. There are no such folks in the ATR - oh there's folks who are esteemed & thought highly of by others but none are ignorant enough to tell others to call them King, Lord, Lady, Queen, Princess, Prince and so on. But for osme reason, Pagans need tht sort of identity.

Why would they need that you ask? Simple; Most of them come from homes where they had no power or authority. They have jobs with no authority. They have families with no authority. However in the 'make believe' world of neo-Pgagnism, they have authority when they create a title - at least in their own little world.

It's sad but it's more often than not true. The biggest problem is when they come into the ATR world and start using those titles which just makes them look like simpletons who don't know any better. Ok so how do I know they're neo-pagans? When they start yakking about 'karma' beause no one in the ATR gives a flying fuck about the dead horse called Karma - only neo-Pagans do because they believe in that crapola.

May 2, 2009

Howdy. Can someone explain to me why debate is almost always interpreted as 'argument'? To me there's a major difference: Debate is rational & informative. You're taking time to extrapolate points that are pertinent to the premise of the debate. You can often learn something by listening to the other's point-of-view even if you don't agree with it. Argument is an emotionally charged debate that has slipped from the defense/attack of the premise &it often degrades into ad homien (re: personal) attacks.

I remember back in high school the whol 'debate team' was a challenge to young minds because it took a premise and had opposing teams to defend & attack the premise without argument. Did some of the debates get heated? Sometimes - it all depended on the subject matter & how close to the subject matter someone was. Abortion was always a wonderful topic for debate teams but *ugh* it wa beating a dead horse in my opinion as everything that could be said had been said on the subject! lol

Folks, take time to learn about debate & how healthy it is. Look, we all do not share the same opinions obviously BUT it's a great way to indugle the consideration of the other side's point of view. When your kids are engaged in a debate, do not tell them to 'stop fighting' but rather referee the discussion. Doing so will help to teach them that it's okay to question someone's opinion or premise and not to take everything they see or hear as 'truth' like many religions would have us believe.

November 27, 2008

Hey again. It's that time again for me to speak my piece about whatever gets stuck in  my craw. I think I've bitched about this previiously - if not here, then somewhere I'm sure - that quality of products takes time. This means if I have to make oils, I need specific ingredients and base oil which I have to travel to get. Living in a small, rural community here in Northern Ohio forces me to have to hike all the way to Akron or Cleveland to get stuff. Sometimes I have to travel to other cities like Detroit or Pittsburgh and that takes time, money and energy.

There are a LOT of people out there willing to sell you shit for a couple of dollars and you're supposed to think this is quality? What I sell are boutique quality oils at Wal-Mart prices but most folks think the $3.00 oils are gonna do it for them and to me that stuff is barely even Dollar store prices.

I do not make oils up ahead of time. Why? What's the purpose for them to jut sit there on a shelf. Rather I prefer to make them as needed and custom blend them for your need. Thus I'm not making a general Money Aid oil but rather a MoneyAid oil specifically for YOU and your situation. How? My Spirits tell me what of each ingredient to put into it. This makes it a custom blend that is tuned specifcally to you and no one else.

Then it takes time to empower the oils. I do a general blessing on them and then I ask a specific Spirit to empower the oil. When that is done, I'll put the oil(s) into my Radionic Sorcerer's Box and hook it up to one of my Rad-Sor Hybrid instruments and zap it for a few days with pure, clean and powerful energy! (What's that tag ine in the commercial? "Now you're playing with power!!")

And that's JUST the oils not the rest of what I do. I felt the need to re-explain my methods so that you unerstand them better and when you order, you're primed for the wait. Such things cannot be rushed. Patience is needed in this art.

October 30, 2008

Recently some schmuck emailed me to ask WHY I don't keep negative comments on my site from people. I thought is this guy kidding? Who in their right mind is going to allow some half-wit to post nasty things about themselves on their blog? Only a moron would. That moron would probably be a masochist and enjoy the criticism and humility and most likely they'd have some self-esteem issues or something that needs professional treatment.

Get real people! Does Proctor & Gamble allow you to post anything negative at their website? No they do not. Zappos, a mail order shoe wharehouse, allows you to post a review of the product you bought but unlike Amazon (who allows anyone who registers to write a review), Zappos does not allow inappropriate language, non-sequitors and miscallaneous nonsense. Amazon allows that nonsense; well I'M NOT Amazon!

I don't see the need to allow venom to be spat at me and my site by every turd out there who happens to dislike me. Sorry but grow up. I'm NOT here for you. Some years ago, I began to write about my workings and experiences online and folks urged me to set up my own website. When I did so, then folks bugged me to sell products. Now that I do, some jackass abehind a PC monitor should have the right to evaluate my services and products even though s/he's never bought anything from me? Right.

Further, just because some joke of a Ceremonial MagicKian thinks I should allow criticisms, I'm supposed to fall into that? For what? Don't you think I don't know that there's plenty of folks out there who dislike me because I'm opinionated and often diffiicult? Folks, my biggest detractors are NOT my clients or former clients - SURPRISE! - it's my former business associates, colleagues AND competitors!

"Hello? McFly? Anyone home???"

Do you understand now? The venemous negative reviews are not from folks who actually bought and read the books but rather from folks who disliked the author him/herself. That's petty personality spats. 'Forget who said it, is there any truth to it?' That's why I don't listen to reviewers because I've had issues with strong acquaintances of mine who told me not to read X because of Y and yet I found plenty of other useful material in said book.

For instance, I don't care much for Carroll 'Poke' Runyon. Why? He and I had words some years ago. Basically he thought I should buy HIS book and when I suggested he buy mine or trade, the asshole had the temerity to ask, "Do you think there's anything in there I can learn from you?" So fuck that hemorrhoid, I don't need him or his silly mirror techniques. A friend loaned me the two viedeos that Carroll put out and I watched them. I was unimpressed. I had someone else loan me Carroll's book, I read it, and said, "Okay interesting but nothing new here." However even though I read it, did I go up on Amazon and trash it because I dislike that arrogant prick? No. For all my distaaste to the man, I'm not about bashing someone else's work just because I have issues with them.

Yet jackasses out there think it's fine to do that sort of thing. I'm not happy about that. I may detest the guy but I'm not about to just trash his book or video venemously. I'm better than that. Nor am I going to allow that same sort of bullshit to infest and infect my board or lists. You don't think it's fair? Too bad. I don't give a damn what you think bub. If you think it's okay to cowardly hide behind your PC monitor and type vicious rumors and lies about someone into the Internet, you're just a coward and in no way any sort of actual practitioner of the Occult, Sorcery or Magic. You're just a worthless, do-nothing punk; you're whale shit.

But all-in-all, this is MY site; My products; MY boards; and I'm gonna run them any damn way I want too. If you're a know-it-all Ceremonial MagicKian who thinks I should do otherwise, well it's not likely you're going to buy anything from me regardless. Typically those folks just read what I have to say and leave it at that since they're all so adept at making EVERYTHING they need and can't part with a dime. That's okay, this site was not set up for them anyway. Not everyone has the time, money nor inclination to sit and read, study or understand the minute parts of Sorcery & Magic like CM's claim they do.

October 14, 2008

When was the last time you felt love? Hell, when was the last time you unconditionally gave love to someone else? No I'm not talking about 'sex' because that's not love, that's a biological function. I'm talking about real love? Compassion? Understanding?. Patience? Freely giving of the self with no expectation in return? How has it been since you've done that? I'm willing to bet it's been a loooooooooong time for you.

Yet love is something we all crave. Well society ignorantly equates love with romance and sex' and while that's only one type of love, it's not the whole pie. Real love is fully unconditional. Sort of like a self-sacrifice. Consider the three young teenage boys who stop to help the little old lady get her tire changed and refuse any reward she offers. That's a type of love. Or think about the kids who save the last piece of chocolate cake for daddy just because they love him. That's another type of love.

Love comes in many shapes and sizes but our fucked up society - thanks to marketers & advertisers - believes that love is about romance and affection. Bah. Funny thing is, statiscially speaking, that type of love does not last all that long yet the love an inner city grandmother shows for her grandchildren by working and slaving to take care of them when their worthless parents are nowhere to be found is a personal sacrifice.

Love is about giving and expecting nothing in return. My late grandpa taught me that. Here was a guy who wasn't even my own flesh and blood who when I got into an accident as a child, he quit his job and came to stay with me at the hospital. Why? Because he was concerned about me, my care and he loved me. (When I was released and allowed to go back home, he went back to work)

Another thing is that love is also something you feel deep inside and share with others without having to use the "love" word. If it's real love, then it's unconditional. Why? Well love with conditions is not real love in my opinion. It's conditional response given to a desired stimulus. That my friends could be just about anything. So if you really love someone, you shouldn't have to verbalize it. Further they should feel it from you and recognize it; if not, then there's something wrong. You either masking it behind some othe remotion OR they're just greedy bastards. You know it could be a combination of both too.

Give love. Genuine love. Expect nothing in return.

October 13, 1008

Wow, time flies, eh? This year is almost over. It's October already for Pete's sake! Just a couple of weeks before Samhain and then we're shooting for Thanksgiving (or is that actually reverence for all of the Native Americans slaughtered to take this country from them?) Then it's on towards Yule. I like Yule. I enjoy giving my kids and friends gifts for the Spirit of the season. It's when the Sun comes back to us and gives us light and warmth and promises to get brighter in the sky each and every day (2 mins average per day).

I have to admit that I actually miss the acting out of the seasons which my old Coven with Ron Parshley used to do.  We'd take turns doing it but it was fun. The battle between the Oak and Holly Kings were fun because Ron always wanted to be on the losing side (he liked to be dramatic and die LoL!) Plus there was some comraderie involved in the group however it wasn't as good as some of the covens out there have. Really a coven is far more than a group of individuals practicing their Craft but rather a family in the traditional sense.

I think where a LOT of Covens go wrong is they allow dating within the ranks. That's dangerous. Why? Someone's not going to like the break up part and guess what? I'm even of the mind that the HP & HPS of a Coven should not be dating! "What? Moloch are you nuts?" you ask but in truth, no. I'm practical. Too many use Covens and Psychic Study Groups as extensions of their dating world and the worst part is that the HP/HPS allow it!. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Did you ever stop to think WHY both small companies & large corporations do not like and sometimes have rules against dating amongst employees? With the way people just arbitrarily break up over silly shit (yes nine times out of ten it's silly shit) managers and CEO's know that a breakup can wreak havoc in the ranks. Is it bad when the two are in different deparmetns or at least in different divisions? No but when they work together it's rough.

Look at churches. How many of the smaller ones have you known that have disbanded or went to hell in a handbasket because the clergy split? I've seen quite a few over my 40+ years! Yes many of those were very small (under 30 members) and most of them were Pentacostal but that matters little. Most of the churches that broke up were because the heads of the church were either dating or married and when there was a loss of interest or decision to separate.... it just fell apart.

If a Wiccan couple are married that's fine but one should serve as clergy and the other as laity (membership) and someone not related to the married clergy should be holding office as the other half of the clergy. That way if Mary Sixpack HPS Wiccan and her old man are splitting up, one of them can leave the group and the other can continue. Further if Joe Sixpack is the HP and his old lady decides to dump him, the current HPS is not going to just peder out.

Groups are dynamic not static. They're like a living being and each member is a critical part of the organs that make the body work. The problem comes when folks just top coming then the body as a whole is injured and if not corrected it eventually dies. How to fix it? Simple: Be more disciplined.

Oddly enough no one seems to have the stones to say to their boss, "I have to have every third Sunday off work, for personal religious reasons. Period. " I'm not sure why the Wiccan World is so afraid of being assertive but I always was. I told my boss I had to have every 3rd weekend off regardless. She tried asking me why and I said, "It's personal and I'd rather not discuss it. Just undertand it's for religious reasons and leave it at that!" and she did. And unless they're interested in getting slapped with a lawsuit that could really embarass them, most employers have a tolerance for this sort of thing.

However that sort of assertiveness takes one thing: committment. That's something I do not believe your average McWiccan or Joe Pagan has the balls to do. Why do you think I turn away far more students than I accept? I have little faith in most people and their words. Thus one of the main reasons why I do not involve myself with groups and Covens anylonger. Broken promises. Lots men and women who have no ovaries or testicles to commit themselves to something important such as Coven. Yet they want to tell the Gods that they're ready to commit to Them! Hah!

Maybe someday I'll find a group who's not all talk but I'm not holding my breath.

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