How to Learn the Occult Online
A Suggestion of Study
I get it, you’re bitten by the bug. You’ve gotten your first taste of the occult somewhere in some manner and now you want more of it. In fact, you want to learn lots of different skills, procedures and techniques so you can change your life, renew your spirit and surf the Astral Plane with the best of them, right?
Since there are two main ways to go about this, I will tend to focus on one main way which tends to be the most popular and that is the free or non-paying method. Because we all know there are plenty of sites whereby you can invest your hard earned money and take lessons on mind control, astral travel, witchcraft, astrology, Reiki and many other metaphysical subjects.
However you’re feeling the $$$ pinch so money’s tight thus you opt to want to try this the simple and “easy” way first. (LoL @ ‘easy wau’) Realize something dear reader, while surfing the web digging for practical occult information is simple, it is far from easy and you’ll soon learn why in a few moments. 
Free does not always equate to easy nor does it mean availability in all areas as well since much knowledge is hoarded by its “keepers” shall we say? And information today is bartered for a pretty penny yet when it comes to the occult and metaphysical, there seems to be this standing consensus by people that occult knowledge should somehow be free. Those who are privileged to have access as well as those who have taken the time to actually do the work are in possession of the knowledge you desire and seek. It’s highly doubtful they are just going to up and give you the information for free because you demand it. So unless you either pay for the information OR are willing to show them you’re a serious student of the occult, I suggest you hunker down and get ready for a long ride into the sunset.
Why Buy Occult Knowledge When You Can Find it Free Online?
You can choose to purchase occult knowledge, or rather purchase the pland on how to access the knowledge you seek since say “Rod Faust” has gone and studied the occult for 25 years and he has laid out his methodology on how to do X properly using his own methods. Thus if you wish to get X, you pay Rod Faust his asking price and he gives you access to all of his research data on what he did to get X. Simple right? Well you still have to create your own tools based on what Rod’s research and at least he is giving you a framework from which to operate. If he is a  halfways decent a practitioner and teacher, then he’ll explain the ups and downs of making each tool as well as what to watch out for not to mention how to set up the working area, calculate planetary times, which grimoires to use and so on. This is why you would want to buy from someone like Rod Faust because he is offering you a complete plan that leaves no stone unturned which is what you want.
But Can I Do This On My Own?
Most definitely you can however, there’s a lot of hard work and effort that goes into dealing with the occult. It’s not just pick up a stick, don a bath robe, walk in a circle muttering some gibberish and presto some spirit appears to do your bidding. (Ha ha ha! Were it so easy!) That’s just the beginning of the journey, the tip of the iceberg as they say, not the end of it because you’ve got a long way to go and much more work to do.
A Mountain of Work!
The collecting and sifting of all of the extraneous information you’re going to need to go through to make this material make sense to you is going to be daunting. Trust me. Yes I fully understand you’re highly intelligent and yes I believe your IQ is bigger than mine. That doesn’t matter here. We’re talking an enormous amount of time involved to first collect and research the topic(s) you have interest in regardless of what it/they are. I hope you love to read because you’ve got a lot of it coming.
There are tons of books, journals, grimoires, articles, essays, websites, blogs and so forth online that are free in which you can lose yourself and your sanity trying to piece together information for your own system of practice. I would venture to say that 80% of what you find online is not going to be worthwhile for your purposes. Why? Different systems require different types and levels of information. Fortunately not all is lost for there are some very GOOD resources out there that are worthwhile to pick up and study and we’ll talk about them in a moment. First things first.
Post-Modern VS Pre-Modern Theory And WHY It Matters
Are you trying to piece together material so you can summon a spirit from say a Solomonic grimoire? For example’s sake, let’s assume you are. Realize that the vast majority of the information you find online is going to be from post-modern sources about spirits, evocations and grimoires. This information is primarily from lodge trained (or influenced) ceremonial magicKians such as those who practice Golden Dawn and/or Thelema. The problem with this is that their systems are cobbled together using neo-Masonic, Rosicrucian, Theosophy, Buddhist philosophy and then mashed up with remnants of Agrippa’s material that’s been re-arranged to suit modern day Qabala and the Tree of Life correspondence charts.
Add to all of this a strong penchant for Jungian psychology so you get a real mess on your hands with post-modern CM. Thus trying to relate it to a medieval grimoire is pretty difficult. Let’s face it, Agrippa and his cronies certainly did NOT view gods, spirits and occult forces as psychological archetypes of any sort. While this Jungian approach may work within the crux and framework of post-modern CM and other systems like Wicca and Chaos MagicK, it doesn’t hold water in pre-modern occult systems.
Now with what I just wrote, it appears as if I have a rub against lodge magicKians. Well I’m no fan of lodge magicK due to all of th eJungian psychology and neo-crap they pull together. What’s funny is how they will poke fun at Wiccans for doing essentially what they themselves are guilty of which is in no way fair. However there are a number of lodge magicKians who love their chosen system and swear by it. I am amazed they are able to get results using their convoluted systems but hey, to each their own. Still just realize post-modern CM systems are fraught with all sorts of crazy psychology such as archetypes and other sordid beliefs. You won’t find that in pre-modern magical systems.
First Big Hurdle: Psychology or Non-Psychology Approach?
Thus your first major hurdle to overcome is: do I go the route of psychology or non-psychology with the occult? Knowing which way you go is important because it will help you reduce the amount of money, time and effort you spend to acquire and study materials not relevant to your interests. Know your path and stick to it. This choice alone should help you weed out a LOT of unnecessary errata in your data collection. Just realize that your desire to want to read the modern authors like Crowley, Regardie, Waite and so forth will be a waste of time if you’re truly interested in the pre-modern Solomonic and grimoire methodology. Instead of Crowley pick up Agrippa. ;)
Narrowing Your Search To Weed Out Extraneous Information
The next thing to do is further narrow down your search parameters by defining what it is exactly you wish to learn. Realize if you wish to learn a procedure like summoning spirits you can read about it however it’s not the same as actually doing it. Try reading about playing an instrument THEN actually TRYING TO PLAY the instrument. Ouch. Right, now you see what I’m inferring. It takes time, some practice and skill and of course patience coupled with determination and you can master just about anything including astral travel. I had a student who practiced Out of Body Experience 45 mins per day, each and every day for over two years before she managed to be able to actually leave her body and walk around. That’s pure dedication right there! Are you prepared to do that? If not, the occult may not be for you. I bring this up just to remind you that these skills are not always so easy to pick up and learn. Some folks take time to be able to do them while others seem almost as if they’re born to do it - just like playing musical instruments. Same difference. Thus do be patient and always persevere.
I find more often than not the average person is not interested in learning to be a priest, an houngan or even a magician but rather they just want to learn a couple of useful techniques for their own use and then they’re happy to simply study and read the occult and metaphysics at their leisure. Most just want to know how to do X properly so that they can achieve Y in their lives. That’s all they want to learn. Nothing more.
I began to notice this back in the early 2000's when I started to hold Friday night discussions on Sorcery in the old Yahoo Chat rooms on Messenger. It became apparent when numerous folks were interested only how to bring someone back to them who they were “in love with” who had (ugh) “wandered away”. (I groan because we’ve all heard this before, no?) So most likely you’re not interested in becoming the next Merlin, Gandalf or Ged, but rather you just want to learn say how to use the Futhark Runes for divination and how some basic sorcery because you have an interest in your Norwegian heritage? Or perhaps your interest is in using Geomancy to divine housing prices and how to effectively use sorcery to help you earn better commissions as a realtor? Maybe you’re simply a grandparent who is house bound due to health issues and OBE is something you’d like to master so you can be free of your body’s physical constraints? Whatever your desire, you can learn how to do it online for free just realize it will be difficult and very time consuming process with many headaches, heart brakes and most likely some tears involved before you’re done.
So What Do You Want to Be Able to Do?
Start by defining what it is you wish to do. If you say, “I want to bring Charles back to me” then that is a statement of intent that we can work with, however if you merely say, “I want to learn it all!” that is silly and you won’t learn much that is useful. You need to define what it is specifically you wish to learn because there is so much that falls under the metaphysical/occult headline and you simply cannot learn it all in one lifetime thus do not waste your time trying. 
What’s your passion? Ghosts? Ghost hunting? EVP’s maybe? Spirit communication? Let’s presume you have this strong interest in ghosts or as you’ll soon discover I refer to them as “spirits”. Does the idea of talking to someone who is deceased thrill you? It does me! Why? OMG! There’s so much one can learn from a spirit that I honestly don’t know where to begin to answer that. I’ve learned occult recipes, techniques, procedures, how-to, advice, suggestions, tips, hints, jokes, anecdotes - you name it, I‘ve heard it. They love to chatter if you’re willing to listen. They key is to know how to turn them on and when to shut them off.
There are numerous sites online where discussions about ghosts, spirits and the like are found under various headings of spirits, ghosts, hauntings, EVP’s, Paranormal investigations, and etc. The problem is there is much nonsense tucked in there as well especially when you get people who don’t understand these thins posting things about poltergeists calling them ‘demons’. LoL It’s so stupid that it’s funny. For instance, many of these amateur ghost hunters will fumble around with ghosts and run into an angry poltergeist who happens to toss something on the floor to let the ghost hunter know they (the ghost) are there. Problem begins when ghost hunter refers to poltergeist as demons because it threw something on the floor. Um hello genius but that’s the definition of a poltergeist - a noisy spirit. *smh* Still this is what you run into on the world wide web, folks. A LOT of crap thinking just like that is. Same thought processes or actually lack thereof.
Second Big Hurdle: Semantics and Properly Defining Your Terms
So your second biggest hurdle is the lack of properly defined terms because it causes confusion and sends you off on wild goose chases. As seen in the poltergeist/demon example above, it is essential you understand that semantics is going to be a tough nut to crack here. You may refer to stepping out of your body as Out of Body Experience but Joe Schlock may incorrectly refer to it as Astral Travel which obfuscates what real OBE and AT actually are. They’re similar processes but achieve wholly different goals because one works in our waking world while the other works in the dream-like world of the astral plane which borders the dream lands and is accessible via going into deep trance meditation.
Knowing the difference between a poison and a venom is a huge deal to an assassin, a pharmacist and a physician yet many average  people incorrectly believe these two things are more or less equal when they are not. Poisons and venoms work differently in our body’s systems and they are introduced differently as well. Often venoms have to be injected via puncture wounds under the skin whereas poisons have to be ingested. Venoms often have to be moistened and have a quick shelf life whereas poisons can last longer in powdered form. See the difference? Yet they both can kills very quickly or slowly depending on each and its dosage.
Do not be afraid to educate yourself. People like Abraham Lincoln and Ray Bradbury educated themselves by reading and studying on their own and you can too. Just do not rely solely on the Internet. Gods PLEASE DO NOT rely only on what you read on the Net! I cannot stress that enough. Yes I know books are expensive but so is misinformation! Hello??? Stupidity is far more expensive than the cost of a book. If you can’t afford books, it’s time to high tail it to your local public or university/college library. 
Use Help - Reference Librarians
It pays to know what it is you’re seeking after. When was the last time you visited your local public library? Why not? Your tax dollars are paying for it so USE IT. It’s a resource that so few use today because they mistakenly believe libraries are obsolete due to the Internet. Pfffft. Hardly. I still use the local public library to dig for info. Why? First off, reference librarians. There are few better trained to hunt down obscure information than a reference librarian. Who cares if what you wish to learn about is something like “cannibalism” or “human sacrifice in the Mesoamerica’s”? Just tell them it’s for your college class’ project in ancient Thrace or some such BS because the real truth is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! What is she gonna pick u the phone and check on your story? I think not! Just bullshit her and get on with it. You’re wasting time AND a valuable resource by not using her.
At my old library haunt, I used to go to Ms. Hoffer all the time asking for Voodoo, Witchery, Medieval Satanism, Qabala, Rosicrucian, Mystery Religions, and so forth. It got to the point when I walked in she’d say, “Hey, what’s it today? Egypt? Mesoamerica? Ireland? Africa? Haiti?” She got to know me well, I’m proud to say and they really DO NOT care what you read or study. In fact, she ordered books from universities that were out of state and even out of the country for me. Free! I had them for 3 weeks to study and photocopy for some notes. An acquaintance of mine who was an amateur Kemetic studying Egyptology was doing this by borrowing books directly from the British museum via inter library loan through her reference librarian. There’s nothing to be ashamed of nor nervous about. Ask and ye shall receive!
And typically I could renew those borrowed books for one extended 3 week period, thus giving me 6 weeks of study with them. Not quite an entire semester but hey close enough for government work. Ms. Hoffer was awesome at finding info for me as she helped me find some really rare books that were out of print and would have cost me a small fortune to purchase from even Amazon used. WHY buy when you can borrow for free? Seriously? Again the librarians do NOT care and whenever I was nervous about the librarians at the front desk getting nosy, Ms. Hoffer would take the books up front for me and check them out and put them in a bag. Of course I’d do little gestures for her like bring her a flower now and then or a cupcake - she loved chocolate with white frosting or coffee once in a while.
What I’m saying here folks is “make friends with” your reference librarian by creating a bond of friendship with them. Now mind you the village I lived in had a so-so library and the librarians I wasn’t crazy about since 90% of them were ex-Amish and highly religious SO I visited a neighboring village community who had an old library in a schoolhouse. It was smaller but more intimate and quaint.
Yes I can hear you now saying, “But Moloch, you said you were going to give me advice on how to learn to do this online?” I will yet understand this is the beginning and it’s also part one AND I’m trying to give you some ideas on how to do this for FREE. All right? We’re trying to save you some moolah and the public library is a freebie in this mix. It won’t hurt you to see what books on the topics they have so you can get at least a general overview of the subject(s) you wish to study and practice.
Furthering Your Search
My viewpoint on learning magic is to study solid sources via the web. Realize though that these solid sources are going to be “academic” rather than from a book mill like Ll-ewe-llyn or Weiser whose metaphysical authors aren’t necessarily aiming for accuracy but for how-to and promoting their own brand of occultism or methodology.
Scholarly texts by contrast are dry and written by academics FOR academics and students not practitioners. Thus you need to be ready to pick up a book like say “Pagan Celtic Britain” by Ann Ross, “Hekate Soteira” by Sarah Iles Johnston or say “Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient World” by John G. Gager. All of these books are filled with terrific information however it’s dry and extremely academic with no panache to it. Thus realize you need a totally different mindset to study it. You also won’t find any personal anecdotal material either in these sorts of text so don’t expect any.
Many of these authors have their own websites as well as blogs where they discuss further research they’re uncovering. Now when you’re reconstructing a practice that is all but dead, you need quality information thus you get that from real academic scholars not from so-called occult authors who often share some academic material but typically leave out too much. It’s best to go to the original source material anyway and make your own judgments for yourself.
Further Web Help
Online Groups As Resources
Some folks feel that like minded folks tend to do the best thinking when together. Sometimes but not necessarily. While we tend to want to run in packs, the pack mentality is flawed because it’s not a democratic place where you just throw out ideas nor is it a place where you join to learn what you’re missing expecting to find all of the answers you seek. Why? Well you’re going to be disappointed and here’s why...
Online Study Groups And Their Flaws
Having been involved with numerous occult study groups over the years both as a member and as a group owner or moderator, since I first came on the internet in the spring of 1997, I can write this with clarity and all sincerity in the hopes of saving you some hassles and headaches.
1. Myth: Groups Are Democratic - truth is they are set up by one person (the list/group owner) and then moderated by X number of people who are in charge of moderating the content. What you post is not democratic thus you may have interest in sacrificial offerings from third world cultures and you will find out that 99% of online groups ban this topic due to the heated debates it causes. I ban it from my own groups as well for that very reason. People simply cannot discuss some subjects without involving heavy emotions in it such as karma, abortion, civil rights, gender equality, murder, religion, and so forth thus I personally ban all of these topics in my own groups to forestall heated debates between members and keep to the noise level down on the list.
2. Myth: Everyone In Groups Participates - biggest myth there is! Truth is there’s usually about 4-8 active people who post regularly including one of the moderators. Typically these people have the passion for the subject yet are often not (always) the experts on the topics. Sometimes they’re just passionate individuals who want to learn and are seeking wisdom from other members. Most people join groups to ‘lurk’ or read the posts hoping to find a tidbit or morsel of truth they can abscond with and use for their own purposes. The larger the group’s membership, the more likely it is to have active participants though this tends to waver depending on the group’s focus, the moderator’s attitude, friendliness and so forth.
3. Myth: There Are Experts In This Group I’ve Decided to Join!maybe and maybe not. There’s no guarantee. The odds are theer are a couple of members who are but there’s no guarantee they’re active. Often times they lurk due to the fact they are busy indivdiuals. Thus do not count on experts being involved in a group you wish to join. The larger the membership, the more likelihood but again numbers do not tell the whole story either.
4. Myth: No One Will Be Interested In What I Have to Say - utter rubish because the whole point of joining an online group is to share information regardless of how insignificant you believe it to be - someone else may find it very valuable to their studies. Thus step up to the plate and share your thoughts, ideas, meditations, dreams, hunches, visions and so on. Without doing that, groups wither and die.
5. Myth: The Person Who Posts Often Are the Experts - again maybe so and maybe not. You have to double check their veracity and claims. Sometimes too the frequent poster(s) is/are trying to keep the list interesting because no one else is taking time or bothering to post any personal anecdotes.
6. Myth: What’s Posted to Lists/Groups Is Usually Accurate - enormous myth! You’d be surprised at how much misinformation is tossed around and shared on lists and groups! The worst part is when you try to correct them, even when providing solid references, they get huffy and angry with you for correcting them. So lists and groups are not always the best place to find quality people to learn from.
Group High Points
Now you may think that I’m dead set against groups after reading the above six flaws that are inherent in all of them, right? You would be dead wrong. That is because groups can be a huge benefit at least from the standpoint of references and suggestions of study. For instance, I helped a Solomonic group compile a list of solid references for study that are pre-1800 C.E. and have no mention of psychology or post-modern magick in it. It primarily focuses on the medieval, Renaissance and origins of the Goetic systems of magic along with foundations for Dee’s Enochian workings. To many who are interested in pre-modern systems, this is an invaluable resource because it pulls together a lot of sources and puts them all in one place.
There are good, solid groups out there to join but you have to spend time and wade through the bad to find the good unfortunately. Sometimes these groups are hidden on the net and someone has to invite you to join them. They keep themselves hidden for both security reasons and to keep the curious at bay. Many times, these are real scholarly type who also practice so they wish to keep their personal identities anonymous in order to remain secret.

Online Websites
One of the first places to start for serious occult work is Joe Peterson’s Esoteric Archives at He has virtually every medieval and Renaissance grimoire online and those that he doesn’t, he offers on an inexpensive DVD which allows you quick access to each one anytime you need it. I have a copy myself and you bet it’s handy!
Another good source is Aaron Leitch’s blog which you can access at and is filled with all sorts of Solomonic and pre-modern magical ideas, tips, techniques, source and references as well as plenty of how-to. Recently, Aaron and his wife have opened an online store to sell to folks who want to work pre-modern magical systems and who need to find things like cloth “spun by virgins” and other typically hard to acquire items in today’s gentler society. You can find his store, Doc Solomon at where he offers a slew of items and materials geared towards working solomonic magic.
Another online source that you will find invaluable is the blog of Clifford Hartleigh Low and while it has been quite a while since he has updated his blog, there are some good tidbits on magic and sorcery in there that you can pick from. But why stop there? Hop on over to YouTube and tune into Clifford’s video lectures which you will find immensely informative. Look for him under “Grimoire TV” and you won’t be disappointed because Clifford gives you full video episodes of himself lecturing about ‘Introduction to Traditional Astrology’ which is jam packed with information that will make your head spin! You’ll also want to catch his lecture entitled ‘Ancient Stellar Magic At PantheaCon 2011 Parts 1 & 2' which comprise quite a bit of astrological lore and forms the foundation of pre-modern magic and sorcery. Clifford certainly has his finger on the pulse of these subjects and you’ll not want to miss this.
Another terrific free resource is Magister Omega who happens to be a very private individual but also quite knowledgeable and he publishes a lot of free material as well as his results online in his own blog here at This site is filled with tons of free advice on pre-modern magical workings, advice, suggestions and sometimes worthwhile warnings to heed. MO tends to post photographs of items that he hand makes which helps many novices and seekers so that you can get an idea of how things SHOULD be made rather than guessing at what it may look like when finished. MO is a solid guy and approachable even though he is very private. Send him an email with intelligent question and he will answer it in his time. Simply be patient for him or anyone you write. (Remember many magicians and sorcerers have regular day jobs that eat up their time and they also have family responsibilities so it may be a while before they can get back to you thus be patient.)
But Moloch, What If I’m Not Interested In CM?
Okay true, not everyone is interested in traditional Ceremonial Magic and frankly that is why there are many avenues of approach to finding happiness. For instance, you may decide you like to try your hand studying sorcery ala Jason Miller’s method and you can find his blog at and there you’ll discover Jason’s thoughts on various topics and ideas.
Or perhaps you’d like to learn a wee bit more heavy into Vodu? Try Jean Kent’s website, which is real Haitian Vodu. Realize you are NOT going to learn Vodu, Haitian or otherwise from any website, book or series of lectures regardless iof what anyone tells you. Why? That’s because you have to have your head spirit ultimately installed upon your head because that is what Vodu is all about. :) Same thing goesfor Palo, Ocha, Ifa and any other Afro-centric religion which involved you to have your head spirit read and then installed on your head. Period. However Jean has some terrific advice on his site about Jinxes and protection that may give you a leg up on your competitors! And since you’re studying sorcery and magic, you’ll want to read his views on Necromancy, Elementals, the Anunaki, Ancient Magic. Jean is currently working on several books and has not taken a lot of time to finish his website so he has many broken links on his site thus be patient with him. He’ll get to them. If you really want to get a handle on some heavy duty JuJu, try his Master Book of Psalms and his Book of Prayer both available through
Then of course, there’s your’s truly website right here. :) I have tried to offer material on sorcery for years. Recently however I have decided revamp and update it. I know much of the material has been stagnant but hey, I’ve been busy with clients and apprentices. Thus this is changing you will find new material forthcoming. Just give me time. I won’t announce each and every update so you’ll just have to take some time and wade through my site to find what’s new, eh? Or use one of those fancy new apps your smart phone has to offer to find out what’s new on my site. Suffice to say I have articles, essays, some blog postings and of course new items. Thus stay tuned.
Caveats About Online Websites
Okay now this is going to sound really odd especially after I just recommended a number of really good websites, however I want you to be very careful with studying strictly by the Internet via “websites”. Why? Well first off many website owners are horrible at research so what they offer is garbage. I have often done a little looking online to see what websites offered and found inaccuracies in historical as well as much how-to content. It’s as if they rushed to get the info written or just didn’t care. And no I am not talking about spelling or grammatical errors either.
The second problem with online website study is many website owners never bother to do ANY research on their subjects at all! Rather they simply search online to find existing articles then use the “copy and paste” function and thus you end up with all sorts of websites becoming parrots parroting other parrots. Thus unless you take the time to double check them and their resources you may be going down a rabbit hole that is a dead end. Thus you get circles of the blind leading the blind and this is not something you wish to get in with because you’re wasting your time and going nowhere.
Websites you may wish to explore will be written by universities, university professors, academic students, historians, amateur historians (beautiful example is, the Society for Creative Anachronism (for many things medieval tht magic doesn’t cover but you may need to know about), and so on. Yes I realize the majority of these sites and their works will be “dry” reading. LoL Even professors I know interested in our subjects have told me they often feel the pinch of having to constantly read dry texts but in truth a dry text is also an academic text which is supposed to be one that assures you of being direct and to the point. They’re very historical, they have footnotes, references and plenty of in the bibliography. 
When studying the occult, the real occult, you can’t beat them. It’s a world of difference studying an actual academic text on say  “Hecate Sotiera” by Sarah Illes Johnson versus any pagan published text on the Hekate. Believe me, I’ve read a few. When studying the gods, demons, angels and spirits, I ‘prefer’ to read academic texts and add them to my library. I’m currently reading “Frey: God of the World” by Ann Gróa Sheffield and it was recommended to me by an academic as part of my Nordic studies. It’s not as dry as some others I’ve read and it’s very good.
“But Moloch, I don’t wanna learn all that stuff; I just wanna juju my bitch ass neighbor!” LoL I hear you. The reason you may want to take time and read an academic book or three is that you’ll learn far more about the real world of the occult than you would with any number of books published by any of the new age press out there today. This in turn will help your juju work better and faster. It’s what I did. Hello? :) But even so you don’t have to go and learn from books if such is not your desire.
Some of the online websites are very good however just be wise to what all they offer, who is offering it and check their sources. Some sites like mine, don’t offer much in the way of historical sources because I’m offering you material that I mostly get direct from my spirits. The rest is a culmination of trial and error on my part over the years as well as some teachings I’ve received and of course my own academic studies.
Once in a while, you may run into a decent website that offers some occult knowledge from a practitioner like myself such as my friend Brujo Negro located in California. His website, is a great website for those who have a strong interest in Mexican Brujeria and are tire of sites who claim to be about Brujeria but are really Cuban Santeria in disguise. You’ll find plenty of decent and good articles on various topics and subjects in Brujo Negro’s site.
Further Thoughts About Online Discussion Groups
Many of you wonder what I think about online discussion groups and the truth is again it is like a 50/50 shot to find a good one. The problem is eighty percent of online discussion groups start out well and decent however in time, they begin to have issues with either abset list/group owners or missing moderators who have decided the group is no longer interesting to them or they have just moved onto some other sort of metaphysical subject that interests them.
This often causes problems because spam bots move in and begin to spam the group with idiotic spam that is out of order especially IF the owner/mods have set the controls to “anyone can post”. Thus the irritation of having to deal with the spam makes it all but unbearable to stay and try to converse with any semblance of decorum. Thus this is your first problem.
The second problem comes when you have owners/moderators who have little to no understanding of the subject matter and are merely pretending to know about it. I often found it in sites where young would be Wiccanites decided they wanted to discuss hardcore subjects such as Necromancy and they know barely anything other than maybe what they found in one or two books on the shelf at Barns and Noble. Yes this is frustrating and you are wasting your time here as well. Best to dump the group and move on as quickly as you came in.
The third issue comes in online groups where moderators and group owners have allowed just anyone into a group thus you get a lot of inexperienced fools commenting on subjects who barely know their own name let alone a subject like Necromancy, Sorcery or even ghost hunting. Sometimes this can be amusing to watch but more often than not, it is irritating because the listen noise is so much that you have to wade through scads of posts to find anything worthwhile. Again best to unsubscribe and move on.
Finally, the last type are the lists where the individual has seriously allowed an all out yak fest and you discover topics that include everything from discussions on karma to race & politics in religion to photos of kitties as familiars. It’s often mind numbing as to the moronic discussions that occurs all because the moderators or list owner is afraid to appear as a “bad person’ for putting their foot down on off topic posts. Yet time and space is wasted it is best to simply - at best tell folks who you are and what you’re looking for - then again unsubscribe.
How do you find a “good” group? LoL GOOD question! It has nothing to do with the size of the group since I have often kept my own group, the Guild of Sorcery, small in the past to say under five hundred members. My thinking was to keep it a tight group of more folks who were actually interested in discussion sorcery and magic rather than having large numbers of people. However there are very large occult groups like Aaron Leitch’s Solomonic Magic group on FB that have several thousand members even though only a couple hundred talk and out of them figure about fifty are regular contributors.
The truth is that most groups are comprised of usually a few core members who are interested in contributing to its growth and success while the rest merely want to “lurk” .a.k.a. “suck the information and give nothing in return.” That is what lurkers are. Once in a while a lurker will step out of the shadows with a valid question to ask and post it to the group but more often than not, they tend to stay quiet and suck the information as if it were from a well’s nozzle. As you can tell, I am not a big fan of lurkers simly because they are vampires who give nothing in return. I don’t like that. Folks who share I appeciate. Those who don’t, I don’t care one white for.
If you join a group, share something. Don’t be a lurker. This doesn’t mean you have to share regularly. No. However share once in a while. And yes you CAN contribute. You practice? Share a dream you had; share a meditation you had; share some insights to a spell you performed; talk about the results of some ritual you did a while back; share an excerpt from a book you read that made sense to you and gave you a sense of purpose; there are lots of ways you can contribute and do not think your contribution will be meaningless. There are a LOT of folks out there who may know the same or less than you do who could benefit from your contribution, no matter how small it is. Even commentary on something someone else posted can often be useful. Try it.
In summary, learning online can be full of pitfalls, snares and lots of hardships however if you take your time and supplement it with good solid books and study, you will succeed. Do not just rely on PDF files either because often these PDF files that are shared have bugs/trojans in them to screw up your computer or they’re just incomplete with pages missing so you might as well head over to your local public library and borrow the books for free that you want to study with. Remember: your librarian does NOT know that you’re a witch, thus you CAN lie and tell him/her that you are in some medieval religious studies course in college and they will not think a second thing about whatever it is you wish to borrow. Trust me, I’ve used this lie with impunity. ;)
Just remember to watch out for where you’re learning from online, who their sources are and to double check them before you write their stuff into your book of shadows or your personal grimoire.
Brother Moloch 969
September 2016


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