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Defensive Occultism
Defensive Occultism
by Robert Francis P. Rubin
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Robert Rubin has put out a vey good book on the subject of dealing with serious spiritual or paranormal issues that threaten our security on a day by day basis in life. Often many of these issues go unresolved and thus people suffer with their issues until they either pass on themselves or until someone wiser and more versed in the arts comes along and gills them in on how to deal with these things.
Let me state that although I liked some aspects of Robert’s book, there are parts that really need elaborating because what he offers just isn’t enough as is presented so really these need fleshed out if you will such as his synopsis of the Politics of the Abyss pp 55-56. Then there are parts where I was totally befuddled such as The Prince of Darkness and the Father of Lies because this is the occult and it’s typically the domain of non-church dogma. He also does an adequate job of explaining the various tools and techniques for occult investigations from pp. 63-101.
Another area I think the author really could have doen some work on expanding was the last section, found on page 121 entitled Dealing With Religious Misconceptions. This section alone would benefit so many readers both active and non-active practitioners alike because we all have at least one of those relatives in our family who likes to pretend to be more informed about the occult and alternative spiritual matters than we are. And they get their information from their church bulletins and sermons which is hardly non-biased let alone fair. In the next edition, I’d like to see at least this section fleshed out for a few more pages because there is so much novices could benefit from this type of information.
What I didn’t like about the book are a few things. First off, I did not like the point size of the font. I mean really? Do you honestly believe all of your readers are in their 20's with 20/20 eyesight? Most of the occultists I know are well into their forties and their eyesight is starting to have trouble. I noticed the page numbers on the left are double the size of the font and the page numbers on the right are doubled again! LoL Why such large page numbes and leave the font so tiny?
Another thing the paragraphs are aligned too far inward to the spine which causes you to have to pull the book out further possibly breaking it spine to simply read it. That’s not good. Re-orient the paragraph columns so they’re more centered on the page please and do not let the paragraphs run into the spine of the book please. :)
Outside of those two issues, I think the book is good. I give it four out of five stars and I only deduct for the poor way it was laid out and the horribly tiny font used in its production. Otherwise I would rate this book better. Well worth your time and effort to acquire and use. Robert is one of us, a practicing occultist and I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him from time to time.


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