Where to Buy My Stuff
Greetings and welcome to my Marketplace! Here you will find a multitude of Spiritual products and services intended help you in your life. Here you will find everything the practicing sorcerer needs to fulfill their mission and goals be that from doing good or ill. If you do not see something yet you need it, feel free to email me at the Contact Moloch button in the upper left and let me know. Perhaps then I may be able to help.
Fairness Disclosure and Legal Disclaimer
Before you go shopping in my Marketplace, I want you to understand that there are no guarantees that my products &/or services will work for everyone in all situations. Why? I have written an essay on why this is in the hopes you will take the time to read it before you either buy from me or someone else. The idea is to help you understand what are some of the underlying factors as to why you may be able to get results with spiritual prayers & products and the next person who comes along cannot. These reasons are valid, time tested and have been researched the world over for this information. Further, legally I cannot guarantee anything other than quality of workmanship of the materials and items I send you meaning if say an oil has turned rancid or I improperly packed a bottle in shipment, then no problem, I will be more than happy to replace it for you free of charge. 
When In Doubt, Ask
You are also expected to know how to use spiritual products when you purchase them. This means when in doubt, ask first for clarification before buying so that you do not invest your money and realize after you receive your product that it was beyond your understanding or control. Sorry I have to say that because there have been times people have purchased items, gotten them and then had no clue on how to use them. I am here to help and will do my best to assist you in getting the most you can out of what you purchased. :)
Ask About My Spirits Too
I also sell spirits, familiar spirits, Thralls, Guedes & etc, and some of these spirits require you to be of sufficient skill as well as temperament to work with them. Thus again, before you buy, it is best to ask for information. While I cannot give you complete instructions to use these spirits in every conceivable situation in your life, I do provide basic instructions in how to work with Them. Over time, your work with Them will evolve, become symbiotic and you will be able to instinctively know where, when and how to employ Their use on your own. It's just a little daunting at first (and very exciting to say the least!) You must understand that spirits require that you make a relationship with Them if you wish for Their full cooperation and loyalty much like co-workers, neighbors, and etc, do in your life. My spirits are ‘living’ meaning they will require regular maintenance: i.e. interactions, feedings, and ongoing work to keep Them busy - or else They may leave your service. Of course that doesn't mean you have to work Them like a dog but you should purchase a spirit for more than one purpose in your  life and yes I have known people who have done just that.
The Living Spirit Jewelry
Before you ask, yes there are real, living spirits in the jewelry. These are not the same as the “haunted” pieces you’d find on eBay, Etsy or other places. Rather my jewelry has actual living spirits dwelling within them. These spirits are the children of powerful LWA beings or sometimes they are the children of various Gods/Goddesses from pantheons around the globe.
B.O.G.O? No, A Lot More!
Often when people buy a haunted piece of jewelry, the seller claims it houses a single spirit in it - that is IF there’s one actually in there at all! Whereas my spirit jewelry is different because I am working with very powerful spirits of the LWA/saint variety that when They come into a piece of my jewelry, they bring along all of their own aids, lieutenants, secretaries with Them. These extra spirits are the ones who actually DO the work you command, NOT the saint. You give the command to the saint and the saint delegates the responsibility to one of ITS own children through a chain of command so to speak. That’s how it works. So in the end, you’re getting far more than merely one spirit in a ring, coffin or pendant from me, you're receiving an untold number..
Powders, Oils, Gris-Gris, Supplies & Etc.
Looking for a reading? Or perhaps a spirit infused spiritual bath? Perhaps a potent powder to rid yourself of nosy people? Or some maybe your need is something more nefarious? If so, please refer to the Custom Vodu Items page. I have numerous oils, powders, sprays, colognes, perfumes, incense you can use for your work.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your shopping. Remember if there is anything you wish to look up and use, feel free to contact me and simply ASK about it. I will soon have a new line of Radionic instruments coming out that are all spirit powered.


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