As you can tell, I am not one who puts a lot of faith in other people's websites or their work. Why? Well mainly because most others tend to be enormous letdowns especially when I've recommended a client, a friend or anyone who is genuinely searching for answers they cannot find elsewhere and asks me who they should consult. Because what has happened in the past is I have sent folks in good faith to XYZ website only to find out the owner of XYZ treated my client with disrespect or just saw them as a $$$$ making opportunity rather than a genuine person to help.

These days I am far more judicious with whom I suggest folks go and contact. There are folks whom I trust while others I do not. It's that simple. If they're NOT listed here, then forget it. These folks I stake my reputation on.


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Real Haitian Vodu 24/7

Twilight Crossroads

Home of my former apprentice, Mz. Lilith. Awesome oils & stuff!

Linda Robertson

Linda is a top notch urban fantasy writer and her series based on a young witch named Persephone Alcmedi rivals those of other urban fantasy authors. If you like Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden or Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan, you'll definitely LIKE (if not love) Persephone Alcmedi. Witty, suspenseful and plenty of the Craft to keep your hunger satiated.

Bayou Witch Incense

This is the home of Celeste Heldstab author of the Complete Formulary of Magical Oils.

Kiya's Creations

Awesome SKULL candles!

Madam Endora Fortune Telling Cards
La Sorciere Noir

Excellent Occult music.


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