Lie: Made Up Spells VS Old Spells

There seems to be a belief circulating on the Net from different discussion lists, groups & websites that says "The best spells are the ones you make up yourself!" Just who are the ones who promote this silly idea? Wiccans! But more specifically YOUNG, wet-behind-the-ears, Wiccans. This sholdn't be any surprise since these are the same geniuses who lump spell, ritual and ceremony together saying they're all the same thing when clearly they are not!

Okay so you may be thinking, "Okay Moloch, WHY is this such a silly idea? It seems logical to me!"

Okay I'll give you that it may sound like it's a good idea but trust me, it is not! Why?

First off, the only ones who should be 'making up spells' are experienced practitioners who've done their homework and conduct a certain amount of research. These are the ones who've taken time to study older spells and experiment with them. They have learned what works and what doesn't where spells are concerned. Further they've dissected older spells (or reverse engineered them) and are trying to find out specifically WHY the spell works and then how maybe they can simplify it further.

Secondly, a Novice practitioner should not, I repeat NOT! be making up spells. Why? Because they barely understand what goes into a spell let alone needing to know the basics such as Natural Philosophy, Candle theory, Astrological timing and all of the other important factors. A Novice should be working with books like mine, Tarostar, El;bee Wright, H. U. Lampe and etc, as well as other compendiums since these works will have exactly what it is they need until they are wiser and more experienced.

Third, it is far easier for a made up spell to fail - or worse, backfire - due to an inexperienced practitioner's judgment, incorrect ingredients, and so on. For an old, time-tested spell, the chances of it going awry are far less than the made-up one. This is because the Novice is less experienced and will lack the fundamental knowledge to properly construct a spell safely.

Now does this mean you can NEVER create your own spell? No! It just means that if you're a Novice that you should choose the older, tried & true spells that you can find in some older sources. Study them. Use them. Then later when it is time, you begin to work with creating a small, simple spell that will help you with a particular problem.

All the Best,
Brother MOLOCH 969

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