Interview With Moloch!
Interview with Moloch

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In my occult studies, I’ve joined the yahoo groups Ritual_Magic and Solomonic. These groups are comprised of scholarly magicians who ALSO put their studies into action. When I first joined, I felt way out of place. My experience in the occult had consisted primarily of Golden Dawn style mystical practices. All of a sudden I was talking to people who actually DID the magickal operations described in the older grimoires, and consistently exchanged advice based on their personal experiences with spirits instead of general theories.

What stood out to me was the extreme practicality of these magicians. One of the most practical of the magicians there is Moloch. He’s a sorcerer who creates radionics devices that are specifically designed for use in working with Spirits, or “Non-Physical Entities (NPEs).” When working on the posts on opening portals to the realms of the spirit world, I thought it would be a good to look at how other people are doing it, and I asked Moloch if he’d be interested in a short interview. He agreed, and provided me with the following results.

RO: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your magickal practices, and how you got interested in radionics and psionic devices?

Moloch: I got started in the Occult on Nov. 17th, 1987. Performed my first Evocation in April 1988 and then began working with Radionics in August of 1988. My path is “Sorcery” - specifically Molochian Sorery - as well as Faustian Ritual Magic and RootWork-Conjure Sorcery. I’ve been working on my own since the early 1990’s in the fields of Radionics/Psychotronics & Germanic Rune Sorceries. My website is

RO: What is the basic theory behind the radionic devices you use?

Moloch: The fundamental theory is that all things are interconnected and the Quantum Theory of Bell’s Theorem of Interconnectedness proves that not only Sorcery/Magic works but Radionics also operates on the same basic principle. This is the Principles of Vibrations - or that all matter is energy and has a specific vibrational rate. Tap into the vibrational rate and you tap into the essence of the matter itself.

In a nutshell, you’re working with the vibrational field of the particular substance. Essentially our machines are replicating the frequency of the particular substance. Subtle Body Energies are sub-atomic particles which are the precursors to matter & these precursors cause the matter to take effect in our reality. The Occult saying of “Agitate the Ether and you get a result” should come to mind here.

My Radionic Instruments - MolochSorcery - operates by the use of RATES. Everything has a rate. Every person, place or thing has its own unique rate and by pulling a rate (locating it) you’re able to obtain the vibrational rate to use in our Radionic Instruments.

Think of the locating the Rate of a person, place or thing as a refined process. The idea is to discover the rate of whatever it is you wish to tap into whether it be for good or ill. For example let’s say Paul wants to have sex with Lisa. Paul will either use a relic (something that came from her person), an object that belonged to her and she valued (like a cigarette lighter) or if nothing else, her name on a piece of paper.

Paul will then lay the paper down on the Witness Plate on his 3 Dial Radionic Sorcery Machine (3DRSM) and begin to pull the rate for Lisa. Once he’s got that, he then projects his thoughts to her to find him attractive, sexy, desirable, delicious, etc., and Paul may do this several times a day. Eventually, Lisa will contact Paul to tell him she’s been thinking about him. And the rest is up to his personality.

Again Rate pulling is a refining process that MUST be done. Think of Oil & Gasoline. You cannot just use oil in your gas tank but gasoline is an oil based product right? While true, gasoline is refined before it can be used to fuel your vehicle. The rate is a refined energy field to use in your Radionic unit.

RO: What happens when you use a spirit conjuring device?

Moloch: The MolochSorcery Radionic Evocation Machine MK3 is THE modern technological marvel used to evoke Spirits and is the most significant step in the practice of Evocation within the last 100 years. Think of it as advanced technology that works similar to ancient Ritual Magic. Today Ritual Magic is a jumbled, confusing set of mish-mashed Medieval practices which has not helped advance the Art to any great degree. There is much argument within the Ritual Magic communities about who NPE’s are and how to get in contact with them.

The idea for the REM was given to me by the Spirits themselves because they wanted people to get away from complicated procedures and focus more on working directly with them. This has led Ritual Magic to become more and more an ‘arcane’ and outdated art form and the REM MK3 is the wave of the young, modern Magicians who want to plumb the depths of the Spirits.

Here’s how it works: I used a special ‘spirit ball’ which goes thru a secret charging process. This specially charged spirit ball’s process is known only to this particular order and they’ve shared it only with me thus making it a one-of-a-kind technology which can’t be duplicated by anyone else. The Pyramids also go thru a special charging process which makes them magnets for spirit contact - this is the type of dream contact that all Sorcerer’s seek and few ever reach which is the Magus level of direct contact & not thru long, difficult rituals.

We’ve been able to put this into an advanced technology so the average person can safely and effectively contact spirits of all types at an Adept’s level. So no longer do you have to spend years of practice & study but within a few months, you can be making contact that’s similar too what a trained Adept could do. Of course like any technology or new system it takes time to learn the processes and master the technology itself. For example, with using a computer it always take time to use the program & master it.

I believe in sharing with the public all technologies & information available. Keeping secrets is an arcane right that is no longer necessary.

RO: Do the devices act as entities themselves? When we conjure spirits to do something for us, we select the appropriately tuned entity, give them a detailed description of the purpose of the evocation, enlist their aid in our Work, and then send them out to manifest. Is that how the devices work too?

Moloch: The REM MK3 works like a regular Evocation ritual does because it draws the NPE in to it. I translate the Seal of the Spirit into a number form (Rate) and the REM itself becomes your altar. It does the same thing you can do at your altar. The rate is a numerical symbol of the Spirit Itself. Think of Its rate like a telephone number - to get the right spirit, you need to have the RIGHT number for that Spirit. This is where my expertise comes in using my MolochSorcery Talismanic Templates.

Now by using a seal, we know that thru Bell’s Interconnectedness Theorem that we can make direct contact with the Entity as well as tap into that Entity and siphon off a limited amount of Its energy for our own purposes. To put it into Metaphysical terms, this works thru the Hermetic Axiom of “As Above, So Below.”

The REM MK3 is a unique Radionic Instrument in that it works on the vibrations of Non-Physical Entities a.k.a. Spirits. I create a hand drawn Template of a Spirit such as Valefor. Then I place this on the Witness Plate of the REM and using either a pendulum or the Radionic Stick Plate Method, I slowly turn the dial until the pendulum moves or my thumb gets a stick. This is the first of four numbers for the NPE Valefor. Then I continue with the second dial and third until I finally have a rate for Valefor. Then I transfer Its Template to the Sending Plate on the REM, turn it on and I’m tuned in and speaking my summoning to the Spirit.

No candles, no muss, no fuss, no special Astrological timing to worry about, etc.

RO: Do your devices ever display characteristics of self awareness, putting a "personality spin" on the way the desired results manifest?

Moloch: This is an interesting question. The instruments themselves do not have awareness but they produce a unique Metaphysical effect I call The Cyborg Effect. This is where the human mind and the machine come together. The template system is used to help direct the consciousness of the practitioner to the desired Spirit and the machine accepts the consciousness of the practitioner, blends with it and focuses & directs it. It becomes a mystical device beyond human understanding.

My machines are more like musical instruments in that you have to first learn how to play it and secondly to get proficient at it, you have to continue to use it. Remember, it doesn’t do the work for you but allows you to become one with it and it is this mystical happening that gives the operator the distinct advantage over the arcane rites of conjuring and summoning.

RO: I've heard stories about people creating Reichian devices in their back yards in sheds, and that over time the energies got to be so potent they would puke when they went into the shed to charge items. These devices were used to imbue energies into charged objects, creating talismen. Is that what the devices you create do as well? Or do they act as projectors, taking what you put into them and focusing it outward?

Moloch: It does both.

First off, the more you use the instrument, the more power it has because it concentrates your personal power in the Astral and Spirit based realms. Your own Holy Guardian Angel and Protective Spirits will become more and powerful as it is used and the REM itself grows with energy as well.

Secondly it will also project and amplify anything of our choosing. It works in both ways. The instrument is creating an energy source and a percentage of the energy stays with the unit and it thus become a doppelganger part of you. By doing so it’ll contain a tremendous amount of information suitable for helping you to tap into the Spirit realms each time you turn the REM on.

RO: On your radionics page, you say it takes time to connect to the devices, to learn to tune your thoughts, and that the device acts as an amplifier of your thoughts. Is the result then something similar to the as above, so below hermetic axiom, i.e. you send out the thought, and the universe grows it like a seed?

Moloch: Radionic instruments work on consciousness energy - e.g. your thoughts, Spirits, etc. - over time it will take a practitioner to work with the unit thus causing the machine itself to grow in power. Now if you’re a great thinker, it amplifies your thoughts and you can work miracles; if you’re a small thinker, then you’re not going to achieve miracles. Of course we will be offering proper training courses in higher spiritual understanding in the near future.

RO: Well, thanks for your time. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you.

Moloch: Thank you for your interest in the REM MK3 and our other Radionic products, Frater. I know it’s a leap of faith for some folks but the truth is Radionics operates on virtually the same prinicples as Sorcery does. So the end result becomes: “Do I want to be a romantic and make all of these hand made tools in proper planetary hours as well as spend countless hours of time performing arcane rites or do I want to dial up the specific Spirit and make contact? Not really a hard decision to make.