IGOS: The Lunatic Fringe
A.R.M. (Alien Resistance Movement)

Note the "earth protectorate" and "lord commander" known as 'Thorguard Templar' who was really influenced by two TV shows at the time: The X-Files (grays, abductions, and etc.) and Stargate SG:1 (Thor the Supreme Commander of the Asgaardian Fleet - they promised to protect earth from the predatory Goa'uld). If you were a member of IGOS at the time, you were expected to join A.R.M., pay monthly dues and purchase the beret, vest and toys you see in the video - of course to help support the guild!

Louis Theroux UFO

What did you think of this video? Whacked, eh? That's the sort of nonsense I (and other members) had to put up with on a regular basis with IGOS/IGAS/BOTNL/SONA as it went through it's many and various goofy incarnations. Yeah I was a member from 1990 until 2006 when I said enough and left the organization while it was in its death throes. By then A.R.M. was long dead and the goofy fool who ran it into the ground did so of his own accord. Then about two years ago I got an email insisting I let bygones go and rejoin the new IGOS. Pffft. Never again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

I do hope you are not foolish enough to waste your money with these silly wannabes. Their material is low-grade quality anyway. Still, you shouldn't need me to tell you to steer clear of an organization run by the guy running his mouth in the video, right? Just listen to him! LoL I have other tapes I plan on converting to wav files to put up here for your amusement where this lunatic goes on for hours kvetching about this and that and the so-called Dark Lodge and blah-blah-blah. i'm tired of taking it on the chin and this is my way of simply allowing you the chance to hear how the vaunted grand guildmaster of IGOS runs his oraganization. You won't be surprised but you will be amused. :)

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