How-To Sorcery
Powerful Practical Rituals You Can Use
Greetings & welcome to my new page pf teaching where you can instantly download practical how-to rites and spells to help you get what you need more of in your life: sorcery and magic!
These rituals are reasonably prices so that they will not break your wallet since I realize many of you are working hard on bare minimum wages under these trying times and you wish to expand your spiritual horizons, grow with power and eventually break the bonds that are holding you within the limitations you currently are feeling. 
The lessons presented are in PDF form and are at roughly $1.00 per page. This way you get grade A information which will assist you in your spiritual practices and I will be able to use the monies to further my own occult and necromantic researchers as well. I don’t have to tell you the ridiculous cost of candles, incense, and materials these days as I’m certain you are well aware of all this yourself.
The first lesson is a necromantic lesson in sorcery for the beginner to help the practitioner gain a familiar understanding with the spirits of Death and to request an emissary to come and teach you thus hopefully becoming a familiar to you of sorts.
Subsequent lessons will teach you further necromantic and sorcerous methods which you can use to flesh out your own system of sorcery and magic. It is highly recommended though that you do not try and cobble together a system based on this pieces and parts of systems as that typically does not work. You are best off to choose a system to follow and stick with that system like it or not. If you find you are not getting results with a system you’re currently working with say, Thelema, then you really should stop working with it all together and start fresh with another system and totally immerse yourself into that system to gain the full benefit of it.
I cannot tell you the number of emails and letters I receive weekly from people who TRY to cobble together their own system because they claim to be Wiccan, Thelemic, Druidic, & etc, yet are unable to get results with it so they branch out looking for other methods, procedures and techniques and add those to their repertoire. Typically though these folks end up unhappy with the results and dump the entire thing often looking at stuff from left field such as Gnosticism or Buddhism which they have to spend an inordinate amount of time studying to lay the groundwork before they can any sort of actual benefit from practical work with it.
What I plan to teach you here will work and it will work together with each lesson. Yes you may have to invest in something once in a while like 7 Mighty Man or Kabala oil but seriously once you have a bottle of either, they should last you a long time so it’s not like the investment is for a one time use because so long as you are careful to follow directions you should get years of use from either.
Most come to sorcery because they seek power in their lives and often this power is due to some set of circumstances that set them off such as being bullied, financial hardships, lack of sexual contact, lost peace, and so on. Whatever it is in your life, you have a right to re-balance your life with sorcery since you are not a billionaire who is able to simply able to pay for the situation to be balanced with a trip to a spa, trip to an exotic location or some other result that is out of your financial reach.
Be aware though, these powers I will be presenting to you here are very real and are NOT figments of your imagination! You should NEVER think of Them as archetypes, a complex, a psychosis, neurosis, a belief, a hallucination, hysteria, the unconscious, the collective unconscious, and etc, rather honor these powers with courtesy and respect by treating Them as real beings who have personalities with opinions, prejudices, attitudes, and so forth. Yes I know some of you may have difficulty accepting this but if so, then these lessons will NOT be for you! I strongly advise against buying these lessons if you an atheist or agnostic practitioner or you believe spirits are just figments of your imagination and you view Them as mentioned earlier with the Psychological framework. Because this sort of work is not conducive to that type of thought process and attitude as These beings will take offense and punish you for it.
So purchase these lessons with certainty and a strong purpose of mind. And most of all, make use of them. 
Brother MOLOCH 9.6.9.
October 2018

Summoning the Dead for the Novice Sorcerer

This first lesson is a necromantic lesson in sorcery for the beginner to help the Novice practitioner gain a familiar understanding with the Spirits of Death and to request an Emissary to come and teach you thus hopefully becoming a Familiar Spirit for you.



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