How To Sell
Some Thoughts On Sales & Selling Your Goods & Services
How To Sell & Why It’s Important
by Brother MOLOCH 969
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I find it amazing how many people detest the word ‘sales’ or ‘salesman’ because in truth we are all in sales selling something or other all the time whether we wish to admit it or not. It is what it is folks, you were a kid once and every time you asked your parent for something, you were trying to present them with your idea (regardless of what that idea was) and then close mom and dad on the idea. Now of course mom and dad were a lot more wiser than you were and sometimes your ideas were whacked (every kid has more whacked ideas than rational ones) so your parents most likely said no to most of these whacked ideas. 
However once in a while you managed to close mom and dad on a whacked idea which they determined would allow you to grow a bit and prove to them you were growing up and maturing. The key though was how you presented your case as well as the timing obviously because if mom and/or dad were in a foul mood, then the timing was bad for any presentation be it good or ill and St. Peter himself may have tried to sell your mom and dad something they would have said no to as well. Thus when your parents told you no it wasn’t always that your presentation or close was done wrong, sometimes it was the timing was wrong, their finances weren’t up to par or possibly there were things going on behind the scenes mom and dad didn’t want you to know about but affected your request nonetheless.
Today when you ask your S/O to “make you a sandwich”, regardless of your gender, that is an attempt at a sale. You’re trying to close them on the idea they need to think about doing something nice for you and making you a sandwich. If all things are equal and you two are on good terms with one another, the sale should be made. However if you’re a bit of a jerk at times or if you try to close the sandwich sale by being macho or arrogant aka ignorant, then the sale will be most likely rejected.
When you ask your boss for a raise, you are in effect trying to make a sale. When you ask a friend for a ride, especially if your car is in the shop and the ride is going to be out of their way, you’re trying to close on your friendship with them and how tough you are having it thus playing on their emotions of sympathy. When you ask your kids to pick up their room, you’re trying to close them on having a clean and tidy room. Sometimes that alone will work but more often than not with kids, you need more incentive to get them to move on this and sometimes it may take them to move towards a goal of obtaining something they want OR moving away from something bad that will happen if they choose not to clean their room.
Selling is about communication. It is not about slamming people with what they don’t want just to get rid of overstock. This is often what we think of when it comes to car dealerships. They order vehicles in, people test drive them then order the car in a different color with variant option packages the test model didn’t have. The test car sits there on the lot and eventually the dealer needs to get rid of it to make room for something else. Some dealers PUSH these cars hard and instead of advertising to find buyers for these cars, they try to slam whoever walks onto the lot with one whether they want it or not. That’s not selling, that’s manipulation and it’s a HUGE difference in philosophy, style and approach.
Selling Begins With Questions
To truly sell to someone you have to know what it is they need and of course why because you need to understand their reasons for it. Otherwise you are ass-u-ming or as an old manager used this to say, “Ass-u-ming means ‘you’re making an ass out of you and me’” which is another way of saying you’re trying to mind-read the client or prospect. Instead of mind-reading, try asking them what it is they need X for and how they plan on using it.
The old questions you were taught in elementary school of Who, What, Where, Where, Why and How are a sales person’s best friend because they help you uncover the facts needed from the prospect so that you can help them make an informed decision. This is because most retailers have an enormous variety of products and services on hand to choose from it is necessary to know this information so that you can learn their motivations for wanting the item/service. Otherwise you’ll be shooting in the dark. 
I witnessed a guy who sold home audio components back in the day and he was a master at it. First question: what type of dwelling are you in? If someone said, “Apartment” his next question was, “Do you prefer apartment living?” and most folks said no but once in a while someone said yes that they didn’t want the responsibilities of being a homeowner. He’d ask questions based on the size of their dwelling and then begin to ask questions about the type of music they preferred, how were the rooms laid out carpeted, tiled, wood paneled, and so on and he’d then ask questions about how tall were the ceilings, how big were the rooms, how many rooms, if they could draw him a map of their dwelling and give him approximate dimensions then he had some ideas for them to look at because he matched systems to their needs rather than just try to jam them with the most expensive system he offered. This guy got referrals like crazy.
Socrates Know Thyself; Plato Know Thy Customer
Building rapport with customers takes a little time because the general rule of thumb is “people buy from those they trust”. Thus they have to like you to trust you because if they don’t like you, then there’s very little trust and all you’ll sell on is price - and price is nothing but a whore’s game.
Thanks to the decades of horrid selling techniques, outright manipulation and fraud perpetrated by numerous sales organizations, is it any wonder Joe and Mary Sixpack do not trust sales professionals? Fear of being sold the wrong thing or worse, ripped off, is what puts a prospect on edge and makes them not want to deal with sales reps. I’ve literally had prospects who refused to look me in the eye - one guy kept staring at the TV instead as if I was going to put the Malochia on him or some such thing. His wife saw the benefit and it fit this budget but he had been burned by a sales rep previously and since he was a Postal Worker who listened to loads of gossip, he had his mind already set so I did not make that sale because there was no way I could turn him around and earn his trust - even by feeding him a free steak. Didn’t matter to him.
Rapport building takes some time because you want to build TRUST yet you do not want to waste the prospect’s time with unnecessary vapid talk. Thus it is an art. Yes there are ways to narrow down rapport using body language, eye contact and  movements, their breathing rate, and other things. Personally though I believe a sales rep should take as much time as necessary but no more than necessary thus rapport building become an art form. You have to play it by ear. There are four basic personality types: Thinker, Relator, Socializer and Director who you can study and learn to present to as well as learn how to develop your own style of presentation to which includes rapport building. A thorough study of these types of personality types were first introduced to me by a professor from Tony Alessandra & Rick Barrera’s book, “Collaborative Selling” which we used as a textbook in our professional sales course.
The more you know about your customer, the better you will be able to serve them. It doesn’t matter if your ideal customer is young or old, ethnic or Caucasian, male or female or whatever else, you need understand what motivates your customers to come in to see and buy from you. This is knowledge that you will benefit from and make a lot of money off of in the future.
The truth is anyone can learn to sell to others. Anyone. The key is the desire to want to serve others in this capacity and thereby make a lot of money doing so. There is no business without a sale so remember that. Doesn’t matter WHO makes the sale because a sale must be made for business to transpire. “Oh no Moloch, I just take orders from people. My products are that good!” That’s a load of hogwash because there are times when people call or write asking you questions about what you’re offering and you have to allay their fears so that they can place that order. You’re selling. It’s a sale when they place that order. Period.
Occultists Need to Learn to Sell Too
Many of you reading this may have websites you’re planning on starting or you may have a Marketplace at your website and products or your services are not moving. Okay you want to sell those items and your services so you’re hoping I can help guide you. This is what I am about to attempt with these pages. The goal is to get you up and running ASAP so that you can make some money, feed yourself, pay your bills and thus help the economy in your own viable way.
You should learn how to sell whether you’re involved in sales or not because there will come a time when you may have to persuade someone to your way of thinking for their own benefit or good. This often happens when you become a parent and let’s face it, most parents SUCK at selling skills because the vast majority tend to rely on, “I’m your Mother/Father and I said so, THAT’S WHY!” as we have all heard that one at one time in our lives, right? Yeesh! My parent’s were a bit more brutal with, “Look, I told your brother NO and goddammit that goes for the rest of you as well! If I hear one more word about this the next one is getting the belt!”
If you find this essay useful, then continue on to the next essay in the series which will help you begin to learn how to sell. Realize that you may need to adopt these procedures, techniques or ideas to your situation regardless of who you are, what you sell or where your customer base is. I won’t be able to account for every selling situation however if you can adapt occult techniques to your own path, then there is no good reason why you cannot adopt these techniques to your situation as well.


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