FREE WitchCraft Lessons

This is a series of FREE lessons in Witchcraft as I teach them. Nothing fancy and sometimes you may find them a tad difficult to follow. While many of you know I'm very much into Sorcery and Faustian Ritual Magic, you may now know I got my first Occult education from an African American Root Worker. He would be very much a contemporary of the Old South's Cunning Man.

The lessons are free and you are free to use them, distribute them and abuse them to your heart's content PROVIDED if you put them up at your website, all that I ask is that credit is given to me, Brother MOLOCH 969, as the original author and a link back to my own website, and I'll be one happy camper. ;)
Now get in there and have a lot of fun casting your own spells & Sorceries making all sorts of Magical Mayhem for others to clean up.
Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:

10 Nov 2011    Witchcraft Lesson FOUR
10 Nov 2011    Witchcraft Lesson THREE

Setting up shop.

10 Nov 2011    Witchcraft Lesson TWO

What path to walk?

10 Nov 2011    Witchcraft Lesson ONE

Where & how to begin.



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