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I welcome all correspondence from folks who have sincere questions and inquiries. However over the years I have come to establish the following guidelines for contact:
1. If it is necessary for me to contact you by phone (US or Canada only - we SKYPE if you are overseas), provide me with your contact info and a reasonable time to call and I'll do my best to accommodate. I do NOT call anyone outside of US/Canada by telephone - SKYPE unless you have a cell phone with a US phone number. I will be calling from the Cleveland, Ohio area thus make certain you answer my call or else I may not call back.
2. Otherwise, all correspondence is done by email. Further if you contact me via an email server like Hushmail and you are expecting a reply back from me, then it is up to you to add my email address to your list of cleared addresses otherwise Hushmail will simply "mailer daemon" my reply back to me then I will add your email address to my SPAM filter. I don't have time for such foolishness.
3. PLEASE DO NOT use a cell phone number for your name in emails. I find it odd how many of these same people would pitch a bitch on social media about being treated as nothing more than a number by their own government YET what do they do? Use a number to hide behind! HOW do I talk to a number? "Well 555-555-5555, I don't know but if I were you I'd..." Look, if you don't trust me to discuss your issue, then go talk to someone you do trust because I cannot help you. You either trust me, or not. Period. Hello? That includes in preliminary discussions. Even using fake names is weird because if you opt to hire my ritual skills, I am going to need your photograph, real name, date of birth, & etc, so you may as well be honest up front. :)
Now I realize IF you are trying to hide your communication from someone else like a nosy significant other or some such, then okay but use a fake first name if you must. It's tough to talk to a number because numbers are abstract and I'm used to speaking with people. Even a letter like "B" is preferable to a string of digits. Thanks for understanding. 
4. When you contact me, provide me with your name, age, date of birth, your occupation and the details of problem or issue. Simply telling me to call you won't cut it nor will saying things like "I'm dying" which tells me nothing since we all are dying. While I'm also not interested in every aspect of your life, you can cut to the chase and give me the pertinent details to the matter you are concerned about without typing your War & Peace to me in an email.
5. I no longer do referrals. This is because in times past when I have referred clients to other practitioners in the spiritual and occult community, the clients came back to me angry that the practitioners I referred them to didn’t do anything for them other than take their money OR the practitioners never bothered to answer their emails period. On top of all that, no one ever refers a client to me unless the poor soul is penniless expecting me to work miracles with nothing. Thus I no longer do referrals so please do not ask.
6. Folks, I cannot give you guarantees. Before you invest in my oils or products, let me say I cannot guarantee they will always do the trick. If you are asking for a guarantee then you need to understand here and now there are NO GUARANTEES in life. None. It's been a hard lesson for me to learn but if you don't know it, then I highly suggest you take time and think on it. In fact, I would rather NOT sell you anything than have you buy something and be unhappy. That is as blatantly fair as I can be with you. Yes I need money to survive like anyone else however I'm not in this to rip off people who have dreams or who have expectations that a simple oil is unable to meet. You would be surprised at the number of folks who buy oils, powders and such expecting such products to help themselves do things like win the powerball lotto, make a terminal disease disappear, or perform some other daunting miracle. And these folks have not always bought this sort of thing from me as I have seen the nasty comments from people online in social media about so-&-so's products and how they failed to make their Fibromyalgia go completely away. If you are looking for some guarantee of success, then I cannot help you. My oils take time and cost me quite a bit to procure the essential oils to formulate them a well as the extra oils I get form Haiti which my House spirits require. My oils rock and when used with strong faith & belief, sincere prayer &/or chants, they kick some serious ass. That's no BS either as I have sold many of my oils to happy customers in the past who used them with great effect - even when I had my own doubts. For instance I had a couple facing serious charges with the I.R.S. with an audit going back as far as the law would allow and this couple used my oil along with a prayer, some candles and diligently prayed for some miracle to get over it. The result was they came through the audit smelling like a rose. :) So my oils and products DO kick some serious ass but if you're wanting an iron clad guarantee? I'm sorry I cannot offer that.

Now for ritual work, what I will do is give you a percentage chance of success for any ritual/spell/ceremony you wish for me to perform on your behalf. Thus if you want me to do a love spell on so-&-so, you purchase a Level Two Divination and with that I will be able to give you a percentage chance of success such as 67% or 82% or 41% because the cards can tell me many things and the spirit who governs my divinations will aid me in figuring out how much of a chance of success we have for your working. That is as fair and balanced as I can be for you. And believe it or not, even your faith alone in my work can help me move mountains for you because I once  had a client who paid me handsomely to bring a woman back into his life. Even though my divinations told me we had about a paltry 13% chance of success, he still wanted me to perform the working. So I did. It took the spirits 96 days to make it happen but she came back to him and he told me it was the most amazing weekend of his entire life worth every penny he paid me.

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Why Don't You Publish Your Phone Number?
Many clients, customers and folks have asked me over the years why I do not publish my telephone number on my website. After all only legitimate businesses have their numbers published on their websites, right? Hardly.
I do not publish my telephone number for several reasons first off because of telemarketers. True that telemarketing has severe restrictions due to the US Federal DO NOT CALL Registry however that only applies to private residences, NOT businesses. Thus if you have a business number out there, you are fair game for telemarketing companies to pound on a daily basis for everything from advertising to donations for charity organizations. Thus these companies will incessantly call you daily to pitch to you their wares and ideas all day long without fear of reprisal. If I’m answering the phone all day long, HOW can I get any work done?
What About Voice Mail?
You may be thinking, “Okay, Moloch so what about voice mail?” Well in all fairness, I never cared for voice mail especially in business situations because when you have an issue or problem, the last bloody thing I want to do is call a business and leave a message. When I call a number I want to talk to someone. Now. I’m not interested in leaving a message. If I’ve gotta go through all that, then why not just email them and let them get back to me as soon as they’re able? Same thing.
This is what I do. If a client, customer or someone who contacts me about a situation warrants a personal phone contact from me, I email them back asking them for their phone number and a good time to call them. This works out fine. If they’re out of the country, we set up a SKYPE call and discuss their issue.
Further I know others who are metaphysical readers (they read Tarot) who have their phone numbers out there and have had drunks call them and just ramble and waste their time. They have had people who claim to be down on their luck with no money call them and plead for free help (BtW, everyone is broke). Or they have had people who are lonely call them and waste their time just wanting to talk. They’ve also had some suicide victims call them (or pretended to be suicide victims) and all of this merely wasted the reader’s time, money and resources. 
When you’re in business, time is money as well as a very precious commodity. It’s the one resource that is NOT renewable because once spent, it is gone or lost forever. Money can be recouped but never time. And when your phone line is tied up with someone who is wasting your time, you could have someone else who is wanting your help who has the resources to pay you to help them trying to get through but your line is busy.
Giant Corporations
So IF only legitimate businesses have phone numbers for the world at large then pray tell me why doesn’t Google have a phone number you can reach them at? Or Facebook? Two very large and wealthy multi-billion dollar corporations who do NOT publish their phone numbers and yet make billions. They do 99% of their business by EMAIL ONLY!
So I am tired of being ranted at and grated on by people for not sharing my private phone number or for getting a burner phone and publishing the number. Even if I used a pre-paid cell, some douchebag who had issues with me or my writings would grab my number and make certain it got hammered by telemarketers until all my prepaid minutes were used up. Hello? Then what’s the point?
Email First Then Phone Contact
If we truly need to talk by voice we can do so by phone or SKYPE at my choosing once I deem it necessary because not every situation requires direct voice contact. I have helped thousands of people over the years without any sort of direct voice contact and more than likely, I can help you as well through emails. ;)
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When NOT to Contact Me
Often people write me asking some of the weirdest stuff I've ever heard. Often things I won't repeat in polite company and other things that are too bizarre to be believed. These folks want either McMagic or they want some mad science type of JuJu that may be possible but not at anything they can afford. Many things ARE possible with spirits however a lot of them require ritual ingredients that are nigh near impossible to obtain here in the states or are outright illegal to get caught with. Again the more complex and dangerous rituals are, the most expensive they will be. So don't think you're going to get fantastic claims from grimoires for a few hundred bucks either. Often these things end up costing a TON and most of the time, it's just not worth it for me to procure the items and go through with it due to their dangerous, often illegal nature.
Then there are those who want spiritual help but they claim they're financially broke. *sigh* Why is this? Well I always hear they've spent every dime they had with OTHER practitioners and are still unhappy. I'm sorry yet that's not my problem. I'm not interested in hearing your sad story because in all fairness, everyone has tough luck times yet you don't see any of us go begging for whatever it is that we want. That's not being mean rather it's being realistic. You should have come to me first instead of that other guy and his site! Caveat emptor!
Another issue that is irritating is when you are already working with a practitioner and you write me asking me what I would do. Seriously? As if I am going to lay out MY game plan for you merely because you asked me to? Forget it! Then you have the nerve to get angry with me because I refuse to reply back YET who is the real jackass here? YOU are that's who! You're a jerk for not trusting the practitioner who is currently working for you as it is regardless of their pedigree or caliber. Look, I have stated this before elsewhere and have made it clear, if you want my help, come see me with money in hand (damn right I am in this for the money because I do NOT pretend to be some altruistic guru) and see me FIRST "or" at the very least after you have severed ties with the current spiritual worker who is working for you now. Period. End of discussion. 
Further if you are going to write me just to complain about your life, your man or S/O, your boss, or HP/HPS or whatever, I am not interested. lol Seriously I have enough drama in my own life to deal with and I don't want read about yours. I'm not some emotional tampon let alone a suicide hotline for you to dump on. Sorry. There are professionals out there who can help you with with those issues you have. They are much better qualified than I am if all you want to do is kvetch, bitch and complain about your life. NOR am I interested in hearing about how Joe Sixpack Pagan ripped you off for $XXXX either. Not. My. Problem. You should have come to me first.
I also do not care about your political ideology or political issues. Sorry to burst your bubble folks but while I may be liberal minded and sympathetic to some degree, even I have limits on what I will listen to and deal with. Most of life is drama and frankly I have enough of my own drama to deal with. I'm NOT interested in hearing from you about how I need to use my sorcery and Vodu skills to make the world a better place. If that's your gig, then guess what? YOU go get initiated and do all of that! Hmmm? Be my guest! For the last 25 years all I heard was Clinton! Bush! Obama! Trump! So I'm tired of it. Learn to do your own JuJu and cast your own sorceries against them. Be my guest!


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