Contact Me


I welcome correspondence from folks who have sincere questions and inquiries. However over the years I have come to establish the following guidelines for contact:
1. If it is necessary for me to contact you by phone (domestic US only), provide me with your contact phone number and a reasonable time to call you and I will do my best to accommodate. I do NOT call anyone outside of the United States.
2. All correspondence is done by email. Further if you contact me via an email server like Hushmail and you expect a reply back from me, then it is up to you to add my email address to your list of cleared addresses otherwise Hushmail will simply mailer daemon my reply back to me and I will add your email address to my SPAM filter.
3. Folks, PLEASE DO NOT contact me from a cell phone number and expect a reply. I do not talk to numbers. I communicate with names. Corporations, hospitals and systems prefer to use “numbers” to refer to you by. Is that what you are looking to do is get rid of your identity so easily? If so that’s fine but realize I only communicate with names. Also I do not call people right off the start either I need to know some details about you and your case before I call. (Remember I call domestic US residents only!)
4. When you contact me, give me with your name, age, date of birth, what you do for a living and the details of what this is all about. Telling me to call you won't cut it. Nor will just saying things like "I'm dying" which tells me nothing since we all are dying. While I'm not interested in every aspect of your life, you can cut to the chase and give me the pertinent details to the matter you are concerned about.
5. I no longer work on love situations, i.e. to ensnare someone's heart OR recapture their heart. I've had my fill with lovelorn lunatics constantly bothering me every minute wondering why they haven’t heard from ___ yet. Look I know it hurts like hell when your beloved dumps you but realize you need to grieve and then move on with your life. There is an OCEAN of potential suitors out there and do NOT tell me you cannot hope to find one because as mean as I am I managed to find several after my divorce was final. If I can, you can as well.
6. I do NOT do REFERRALS and that is because in times past when I have referred clients to other practitioners in the occult community, the clients came back to me angry that the practitioners I referred them to didn’t do anything for them other than take their money. Thus I no longer do referrals.
7. Folks, I cannot guarantee you anything. Before you invest in my oils or products, let me say I cannot guarantee they will do the trick. What you are asking for is a guarantee and there are NO GUARANTEES in life. None. In fact, I would rather NOT sell you anything than have you buy something and be unhappy. That is as fair as I can be with you. Yes I need money to survive like anyone else however I'm not in this to rip off people who have dreams or who have expectations I cannot meet. Thus if you are looking for a guarantee of success, I cannot help you.