Contact Me


I welcome all correspondence from folks who have sincere questions and inquiries. However over the years I have come to establish the following guidelines for contact:
1. If it is necessary for me to contact you by phone (US or Canada only - we an SKYPE if you are outside of those areas), provide me with your contact phone number as well as a reasonable time to call you and I will do my best to accommodate. I do NOT call anyone outside of the United States. I will be calling from the Cleveland, Ohio area thus make certain you answer my call or else I may not call back.
2. All correspondence is done by email. Further if you contact me via an email server like Hushmail and you are expecting a reply back from me, then it is up to you to add my email address to your list of cleared addresses otherwise Hushmail will simply "mailer daemon" my reply back to me then I will add your email address to my SPAM filter. I don't have time for foolishness.
3. Folks, PLEASE DO NOT email me with a cell phone's number and expect a reply. I do not email to numbers. I communicate with names. Corporations, hospitals and systems prefer to use “numbers” to refer to you by. Is that what you are looking to do is get rid of your identity so easily? If so that’s fine but realize I only communicate with people who have names. Also I need to know some details about you and your case before I call. (Remember I call US & Canadian residents only! We can Skype if you are out of the US borders.) 
4. When you contact me, give me with your name, age, date of birth, your occupation and the details of problem or issue. Simply telling me to call you won't cut it nor will saying things like "I'm dying" which tells me nothing since we all are dying. While I'm not interested in every aspect of your life, you can cut to the chase and give me the pertinent details to the matter you are concerned about without typing your War & Peace.
5. I do NOT REFER! That is because in times past when I have referred clients to other practitioners in the occult community, the clients came back to me angry that the practitioners I referred them to didn’t do anything for them other than take their money OR the practitioners never bothered to answer their emails period. Thus I no longer do referrals so please do not ask.
6. Folks, I cannot guarantee you anything. Before you invest in my oils or products, let me say I cannot guarantee they will do the trick. What you are asking for is a guarantee and there are NO GUARANTEES in life. None. In fact, I would rather NOT sell you anything than have you buy something and be unhappy. That is as fair as I can be with you. Yes I need money to survive like anyone else however I'm not in this to rip off people who have dreams or who have expectations I cannot meet. If you are looking for a guarantee of success, I cannot help you.

What I will do is give you a percentage chance of success for any ritual/spell/ceremony you wish for me to perform on your behalf. Thus if you want me to do a love spell on so-&-so, you purchase a Level Two Divination and with that I will be able to give you a percentage chance of success such as 67% or 82% or 41% because the cards can tell me many things and the spirit who governs my divinations will aid me in figuring out how much of a chance of success we have for your working. That is as fair and balanced as I can be for you.
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Why Don't You Publish Your Phone Number?
Many clients, customers and folks have asked me over the years why I do not publish my telephone number on my website. After all only legitimate businesses have their numbers published on their websites, right? Hardly.
I do not publish my telephone number for several reasons first off because of telemarketers. True that telemarketing has severe restrictions due to the US Federal DO NOT CALL Registry however that only applies to private residences, NOT businesses. Thus if you have a business number out there, you are fair game for telemarketing companies to pound on a daily basis for everything from advertising to donations for charity organizations. Thus these companies will incessantly call you daily to pitch to you their wares and ideas all day long without fear of reprisal. If I’m answering the phone all day long, HOW can I get any work done?
What About Voice Mail?
You may be thinking, “Okay, Moloch so what about voice mail?” Well in all fairness, I never cared for voice mail especially in business situations because when you have an issue or problem, the last bloody thing I want to do is call a business and leave a message. When I call a number I want to talk to someone. Now. I’m not interested in leaving a message. If I’ve gotta go through all that, then why not just email them and let them get back to me as soon as they’re able? Same thing.
This is what I do. If a client, customer or someone who contacts me about a situation warrants a personal phone contact from me, I email them back asking them for their phone number and a good time to call them. This works out fine. If they’re out of the country, we set up a SKYPE call and discuss their issue.
Further I know others who are metaphysical readers (they read Tarot) who have their phone numbers out there and have had drunks call them and just ramble and waste their time. They have had people who claim to be down on their luck with no money call them and plead for free help (BtW, everyone is broke). Or they have had people who are lonely call them and waste their time just wanting to talk. They’ve also had some suicide victims call them (or pretended to be suicide victims) and all of this merely wasted the reader’s time, money and resources. 
When you’re in business, time is money as well as a very precious commodity. It’s the one resource that is NOT renewable because once spent, it is gone or lost forever. Money can be recouped but never time. And when your phone line is tied up with someone who is wasting your time, you could have someone else who is wanting your help who has the resources to pay you to help them trying to get through but your line is busy.
Giant Corporations
So IF only legitimate businesses have phone numbers for the world at large then pray tell me why doesn’t Google have a phone number you can reach them at? Or Facebook? Two very large and wealthy multi-billion dollar corporations who do NOT publish their phone numbers and yet make billions. They do 99% of their business by EMAIL ONLY!
So I am tired of being ranted at and grated on by people for not sharing my private phone number or for getting a burner phone and publishing the number. Even if I used a pre-paid cell, some douchebag who had issues with me or my writings would grab my number and make certain it got hammered by telemarketers until all my prepaid minutes were used up. Hello? Then what’s the point?
Email First Then Phone Contact
If we truly need to talk by voice we can do so by phone or SKYPE at my choosing once I deem it necessary because not every situation requires direct voice contact. I have helped thousands of people over the years without any sort of direct voice contact and more than likely, I can help you as well through emails. :)