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Mercury Altar Talismans

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I have found not one but two Mercury Talismans made by my good friend Vorcirith some time ago and shipped to me then misplaced by yours truly under stacks of books & papers until I was moving stuff and discovered them. Huzzah! These are two talismans that Vorcirith made for me to sell several years ago and said, “No rush on these, Moloch” and I set them aside due to urgency of other matters then they were forgotten until recently.
Their size are a standard 8.5 X 11 and Vorcirith was kind enough to place each inside a laminated setting thus you can even spill candle wax on them without any fear of the talisman being harmed. No the lamination will not affect the talisman’s effectiveness one bit as I am using an older altar talisman Vorcirith made for me years prior that works fantastically.
You can use these as an altar talisman meaning lay it on top of your altar or under your altar cloth OR you can simply lay the talisman in your drawer after you have activated it with the simple ritual and 7 Mighty Men cologne sample I will provide free. From there you need to simply tell the spirit what you need. According to Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Mercury “renders the bearer grateful and fortunate to do what he pleases; brings gain, and prevents poverty; conducts memory & understanding; Divination and the understanding of occult things by dreams”. That’s quite a bit of territory for a planet to cover.
When you order one, I will include a sample bottle of me 7 Mighty Men to help activate the talisman further even though it was activated when Vorcirith first created them at the correct original planetary time. You cannot beat this deal with a stick. There are ONLY TWO available so first come, first served and that is it

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