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Cemetery Powder

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Cemetery powder or graveyard dust/dirt is a staple in many necromancers repertoire. Often people will go to ridiculous as well as extremely dangerous lengths to procure it from graveyards and cemeteries when they are not initiated thus causing themselves much hassles with the spirit world.
Here you get a full tablespoon of cemetery powder useful for all of your spellwork which can last you a very long time provided you use just a tiny pinch of it in your workings.
This is a potent powder that has been collected from a very old grave (from back in Haiti) with the owners blessing. Then it has been formulated with beach sand which are the largest cemeteries in the world, blessed, consecrated by the spirits of the dead and a ritual of necromancy performed over it.
The powder is useful for all spellwork involving cemetery powder or graveyard dirt, be they good or bad. Give mine a try.

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