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Uncrossing Ritual (7 Day)
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Uncrossing is very important in that it removes unwanted things from you so you can think clearer as well as remove general bad luck and crossed conditions. For more detailed explanations on what crossed conditions are, read my article on Uncrossing under the ‘Essays-Spells-Rituals’ button.

The 7 Day Uncrossing Ritual is for very heavier crossed conditions and is NOT for simple, light crossed conditions. A light crossed condition is something that may have happened in the last year or two; a heavy crossed condition is something that has been ongoing for longer than two years.
Please realize that a 7 Day Uncrossing Ritual may take more than one application of this ritual. This means you may need to have this done more than once and especially if you feel that your condition is severe, and in that case you should opt for the 7 Day Uncrossing Ritual.
Note: An Uncrossing is often the best way to begin a new path whether that path is a new job, money creating ritual, new love interest, healing, or etcetera. This helps because the Uncrossing removes the Spiritual garbage that is afflicting you & allows the other spell/ritual to work better. Of course it's no guarantee but it certainly ups the odds a bit.
Just realize that crossed conditions are tricky and may be very deep within you. It is highly recommended that you purchase an Uncrossing Bath along with either the 3 Day Uncrossing Spell or the 7 Day Uncrossing Ritual and take a regular ritual bath daily to help remove the crossed condition.
For best and long lasting results, I highly recommend my Voodoo Spirit Uncrossing Bath & the Voodoo Spirit Uncrossing Perfume.


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