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Complete Spitzalod System of Magic - SOLD!

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Here is the Order of Spitzalod's complete, original system as channeled & put down by its founder & author, 'The TOMEMASTER'. This is the SONA edition that I purchased after SONA (re: Scientists Of New Atlantis) took over the publishing of this series. I had the books bound together in paper back using the black plastic combs under one cover so it is ONE OF A KIND (as far as I know).

I found the series to be entertaining, informative & certainly intereting but not to my personal liking, It is more of a chaneled information & it did not jive well with my own Sorcerous practices. That's mainly because I work with a different group of Spirits & not all Spirits like it when you work with foreign or alien Spirits. Had I not been working with them at the time, I might have had better success with this system's Spirits & practices.

I do know it does indeed work because a couple of practitioners I'm friends with swear by its effectiveness in their own practices & at least one of them told me he joined the new order of Spitzalod run by The Tomemaster and has advanced in the order's system.

I will say I got SOME results with Milianthros since He got along with my Spirits well enough. He gave me a formula for an oil that I used very well with his magic. IF you order this book, I'll make up a small bottle of the oil & send it out to you to use with the book. This oil is perfect for all black magic desires & requests with the Spirit Milianthros as it protects you from any & all negative energies which you summon forth when doing your blackest magics.

This is a well cared for copy read a couple of times which comes from my own personal collection & is the only copy I have. When this system was sold by SONA I believe it was for $125 per book & course which would cost you around $500.00 when it was sold new. Now you have a 600+ pages book filled with intense Sorcerous all under one cover AND you get the free bottle of Milianthros protection oil as given to me by the Spirit Milianthros.

It includes the following books & courses:

  1. Book of Spitzalod - Source of All Occult Power; the Dark Side; the Apprenticeship; the Rtual of Apprenticeship; the Calling of the Powers; When the Magick Doesn't Work; the Magick Mirror; the Secret of Protection; the Power of Concealment; the Circle of Darkness; Magical Tools; the Curse of Spitzalod; the Keep of Tomes; the Alchemist's Box; Creating An Imp; the Coven of Power; the Great Council; the Valley of Rallon; the Bonding; the Upbringing of A Child In the Old Ways; the Rites of Change; Passing to the Other Side. 206 pages
  2. Magick Quest Occult Magick Course -  10 lessons based on the Book of Spitzalod & putting it into practical use. Sorry no page count as there are no page numbers but suffice to say it is probably around 80 or so pages due to the thickness.
  3. Book of Milianthros - this is a 105 page book covering such things as the Ring of Power, Black Magic Power, Black Magic Ethics, Black Magic Family & Lifestyle, the Emerald Sorcererss & a LOT more.
  4. Advanced Magickquest - This is also a ten lesson course which has a table of contents & page numbering. This course is well done in that it also is laid out very nicely & easy to read. Here you'll find topics such as the Sorcerer's Sigil, Fifth Level of Occult Magick, Powers, Spirits & Demons, the Working Wizard, and so on. You'll also find 10 tests for you to complete. This is 76 pages in length.
  5. The Book of Dakmonias - this is the last book in the series that SONA had published. It's a 153 page book which includes a lot of rare & secret information that few ever got to see. On pp 24-25 there are the sigils of the Spirits Spitzalod, Dakmonias, Milianthros, Adrian, Darmon & Isis. This book was not desktop published but is more of a typewriter copy with the seals & what-not. I believe it is from the original that Tomemaster used when he self-published the material & sold his Spitzalod series in magazine ads back in the early 1990's.