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Ancestral Feedings
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Price: $500.00
Availability: Always Available!
Prod. Code: ancfeed

Do you wish to have your Ancestors on your GOOD side & to be on THEIR GOOD side? Then this si the service you want. I will feed your Ancestors for you& this will last a year & a day for them. What this ritual does is give them Ashe (re: mana) so that they can help you over the coming year. Thus when you talk to your Ancestors & ask for assistance, they will have the wherewithal to help you.

You will notice your luck getting better & things you are trying to do will get better for you after I feed your Ancestors. If possible, I need a photograph of your grandparents; if you do not have this it is okay, I can do the rite without it.

Contact me before you purchase this ritual. Do not think this is something simple - it is a VERY important ritual & will help you greatly!