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Voodoo Spirit Uncrossing Bath
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A bath for you to work with when the world is crashing down upon you. This is a Voodoo Spiritual Bath & it's used when a lot of weird & bad things happen to you. This bath will alleviate those problems & situaitons remarkably. You will feel rejuvenated, heightened & ready to take on the world. This bath is for those who are suffering from a Crossed Condition and you can read about such here on my page at the Uncrossing Ritual. If plan on doing any sort of Uncrossing spiritual work or are planning on having a spiritual worker do Uncrossing work for you, then this is the bath you will want to get and use along with their working. The instructions on how to use the bath are blow.

You get a full, 2 ounce bottle of potent spirit bath to use and you do not need a bathtub to use it in. This is made according to strict procedures and ceremonies involving the LWA spirits. After you have removed the negative influence, it's wise to use something else to bring in the good things in life. Perhaps a Luck bath or some Luck perfume to change the way things have been going for you. At the very least you should burn a yellow candle dressed with some Joy oil on it.

How to Use:

Baths: Bathe 7 days in a row. (Time of day does not matter - whatever is convenient for you). Either pour into a tub of tepid water and immerse yourself three times or use a bowl to pour water over your head while reciting either Psalm 51:7 or 51:10. 

Alternate bath method: pour 1/7th of bath into sink basin with tepid water, use washcloth to dip washcloth into. Wring out. Lightly wash: (you're not scrubbing away real dirt here just metaphysical gunk so no need to scrub hard just lightly move the moistened washcloth over the area carefully) 

* crown of your head. Dip & wring out (D&w/o). 
* front of neck. D&w/o. 
* front of heart area. D&w/o. 
* above navel region. D&w/o. 
* below navel region. D&w/o. 
* area around sexual parts (but stay carefully away from your sexual organs). D&w/o.
* front of your knees. D&w/o.
* tops of your feet. D&w/o.
* bottoms of your feet. D&w/o.
* behind your knees. D&w/o.
* the small of your back. D&w/o.
* behind your neck. D&w/o.

You are finished. Empty the basin water. You may shower if you so desire as your spiritual bath comompleted.