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Level Two Tarot Reading

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This is a more intense reading utilizing the Tree of Life spread over the Four Qabalistic Worlds and thus uses 40 cards in all. It is a very complex reading and requires a LOT of time, effort and meditation to work this out. Thus please allow time for me to work on this for you and email you the reading when finished. You can ask up to five simple questions with this. If you do not understand what a simple question is, please read the instructions below...

Difference Between Simple & Complex Questions

If you ask, “Is my life crossed up?” that is an example of a simple question. Or if you ask, “Will my marriage to So-and-So work out?” that is another example of a simple question. “Will my son graduate this year?” and that too is an example. Do you see?
However if you try to ask layered questions where there may be a question within a question, then that cannot be answered unless both questions are answered such as, “I’m up for promotion at work and my boss has issues with me, will he promote me anyway?” We need to discern if your boss truly has issues where promotion comes into play or not because he may not dislike you as much as you believe he does and secondly his feelings about you may or may not color his judgment about promoting you thus this is a two-part type of question.
I have had people ask me what they believed was a simple question and it had several layers due to the complexity of the situation they were trying to divine. If things get too hairy with the situatin, you may need to order a Level One Tarot Reading because that reading uses the Tree of Life spread and 40 cards thus many layers are found whereas this is a very simple spread using regular playing cards. So do not try to park a city bus into a garage meant for a Volvo. Hello? If a construction crew has only three square feet to dig for a pipe, they use hand shovels not a backhoe. Thus choose the right metaphysical tool for the right metaphysical job.

Again, once purchased there are no refunds. If you are unhappy with a divination your recieved I can perform a different one for you or exchange it for something else.

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