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Hello! Thanks for popping in. This is the essay page. Here you'll find a ton of stuff on my research as well as book excerpts that I've found useful over the years. If you like one of the book excerpts, go out to a bookstore and buy a copy. Support the mom and pop book stores as they are soon becoming a thing of the past. Forget the E-Bays, Amazons and Half dot com places. Help support your local proprietors. They have to eat too you know.

My essays are my own. I pull no punches and often I'm politically incorrect. I'm not some armchair theorist and thus not a scholar. I try to make sure what I put out there is factual AND more importantly ACCURATE. Also the grammar and spelling tends to get a little out of hand at times. Forgive me. I'm not a professionally trained author. I'm a researcher first, teacher second, author last.

Some folks enjoy my essays, while others do not. Obviouly I don't give a rat's patootie if you dislike them or not as someone will find them useful. How do I know that? By all the correspondence I got from when my previous site was up! There is a HUGE segment of the population out there looking for pragmatic material. They tire of the fluff bunny ethical lectures and the diatribes of the "talking-over-my-head" intellectuals. Here I speak to them on their level. On YOUR level.

You're welcome to link from your site to my essays and articles if you'd like. Feel free to post a link from my site into your site's link section. That would be greatly appreciated.


Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:

30 Sep 2016    Rewarding Spirits

How to make a candle offering to a spirit.

30 Sep 2016    Charms & Tokens

How to make use of the many charms and tokens one tends to collect from various sources.

30 Sep 2016    The Original Lord's Prayer

A more direct translation based on ancient Aramaic and how it translates into modern English.

30 Sep 2016    Validity of the Simon Necornomicon

Whether or not the Simon Necronomicon has any validity as a grimoire of workable sorcery in our modern times.

30 Sep 2016    Metaphysical Success

My very own formula for metaphysial success that actually works.

29 Sep 2016    Radionic Sorcery

The use of modern mind-technology coupled with sorcery and occultism.

29 Sep 2016    Astragals

A simple method of communication to use for interacting with spirits using two six sided dice and a 12" circle.

12 Sep 2011    Ready! Set! Go!

Some things to keep in mind when you begin to do any Sorcery.

12 Sep 2011    Mind Power

Using the power of the mind for Sorcery.

12 Sep 2011    Mind Science

The literature of Mind Science aka New Thought or Subconscious Power.

12 Sep 2011    Evocation: A Modern Sorcerer's View

What is Evocation & what does it entail?

12 Sep 2011    NPE's
12 Sep 2011    Why I Charge For Services

An explanation why I don't do charity workings & when I do why I choose who I do.

12 Sep 2011    The Sorcerer's Library

Good book/lets to add to your ever growing library of Sorcery knowledge.

12 Sep 2011    Vodu Initiation

How I changed my life in March of 2009.

12 Sep 2011    The Ancestors

Why honoring your Ancestors is important.

12 Sep 2011    Disturbing

If you're worshiping really dark NPE's, you're taking a helluva chance.

12 Sep 2011    Does EVIL Really Exist?

Not a long winded philosophical article.

12 Sep 2011    WICCA
12 Sep 2011    Money Drawing Basics 1

The basic understanding of the legendary Money Drawing Spell.

12 Sep 2011    Seals Are Sacred!

Why tattoos of Spirit's Vevers & Seals are a bad idea.

12 Sep 2011    Removing Unwanted Guests

How to deal with Spirits who overstay their welcome.

12 Sep 2011    W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.

I write Sorcery for the layman, NOT the scholar.

12 Sep 2011    "McWiccans"

Why certain Wiccans, i.e. McWiccans, are annoying.

12 Sep 2011    Gardes (Guards)

Discussion about Gardes from Haitian Vodu.

12 Sep 2011    The Under-Educated Sorcerer

is 'higher education' needed in Sorcery?

12 Sep 2011    Revenge or Punishment?

Why punishment is not the same as revenge.

12 Sep 2011    Woodland Sorcery

Discussion about woodland folklore.

10 Sep 2011    Cry of the Novice

My attempt to show Novices that it's silly to want to learn it all which is really an impossibility.

10 Sep 2011    Tools of Sorcery

More or less what's needed & what's not in Sorcery

10 Sep 2011    Basic Tenets of Sorcery

Some basic tenets for Sorcerers to abide by if such are needed.

10 Sep 2011    What Sorcery Is & Is Not

My attempt to explain what Sorcery actually is versus what most think it is.

10 Sep 2011    F. A. Q.

An attempt to explain in FAQ form what Sorcery is and isn't to try & clear up an otherwise murky subject.

1 Dec 2005    My Thoughts On Cursing

My thoughts on the subject of curses and cursing.



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