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I'm Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.: a modern day Sorcery and Houngan in Haitian Vodu and also the author of Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery and several other occult and works on sorcery. I started out on this path on November 17, 1987 and through the years, I've been involved in covens, groups, movements and finally went rogue to distance myself from the ever growing political system that modern day Paganism has enmeshed itself into.

0My focus of study has consistently stayed sorcery which is less of a system and more of individual techniques and practices that I've acquired or discovered over the years of practice and then I took the whole and put them together so I could have a coherent system to base my practices on. Even though I am a Pantheist, I do not eschew the Judeo-Christian perspective simply because it is a well known fact that both systems of religion have taken older magical practices, prayers and words of power and claimed them.

Today many practitioners cannot handle the idea of incorporating Jewish or Christian prayers into their Magical workings even though they themselves were raised either Jewish or Christian. This to me is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Why do that? Because your parents forced their religion down your throat? Well okay but face it, both religions have stolen prayers, rites and magic that belonged to far older pagan sources. So what if they added Yahweh's or Jesus' name to the mix?

Over the years, I've been involved involved in many areas including:

  • Writing for Pagan and metaphysical magazines and journals
  • Organizing metaphysical events and festivals
  • Organizing covens and study groups  
  • Doing both newspaper and radio interviews  
  • Authored several books and courses
  • Taught students and apprentices worldwide
  • Amassed a huge library of a few thousand books on Sorcery, Magic, Mysticism, Qabala, Astrology
  • Created several websites devoted to Sorcery  
  • Developed my own brand of Hybrid Sorcery Radionic machines

Read what one of Amazon's Top 500 Reviewer's - Boudica - said about my book, Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire Of Modern Sorcery. Click Here (Please note the copy Ms. Boudica reviewed was hardbound and that older edition is no longer offered at this point. Sometime in the future a hardbound version may be available again but for now, only the paperback edition is the only one available available from

(OUT OF PRINT) The Necronomian: A Workbook Guide to the Necronomicon

(OUT OF PRINT) the Voodoo Magic course

(OUT OF PRINT) and the ultimate in Faustian Ritual Magic, the Magus Ritual Magic course.

Currently all of my available works can be purchased only through They are only available in paperback form and NOT as downloads. I have dropped the prices on my books from what they were when I was publishing them with my old business partner. Not only have my books been reduced in price but they have been updated as well with (most) spelling errors eliminated and things that were unclear have been made to be understood.

Also out of print is the very popular "Master Book of Prayer" by Mr. Ashcroft. I have no more copies left only my personal copy. These older copies are the only ones in print and they will fetch high prices in used book sites and on eBay in the coming years. Caveat emptor! IF I find any errant copies tucked away somewhere, I will mention them on FB & right here so check back from time to time if you're hunting one. If I find one, realie it WILL go quickly so do not delay in ordering. Also I am working on Mr. Ashcroft in the hopes of moving him to allow me to edit and re-publish this wonderful prayer book so the world can have it at their reach. 


I offer several other privately published booklets. One of which is UpStart: The Manual For Beginning Sorcerers which is a 39 page primer on the basics of Sorcery and how to practice. Available on One of my other booklets, Moloch's Guide To Using Sorcery Formulas, is a no-nonsense, 30 page booklet that gives you many down-n-dirty tips, tricks and hints on how to effectively use Sorcerous potions. There are no recipes in the text however you learn how to use the potions that I sell on my site to their utmost effectiveness. This booklet can also be obtained from's website.

I have recently released two more booklets:

Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment - a 54 page booklet giving you the bare bones basics you NEED to make ANY sort of Metaphysical spell, ritual or ceremony to work. You get my very own unique approach as well as a couple of personal anecdotes and some insight into how approach the art of Metaphysics. All for pennies a page. This is GREAT information for anyone to own. Again available on

My other booklet is fast becoming a hot item as well and it's my very own Radionics Primer. This is a very small booklet - 18 pages in all - that is direct and to the point without the history, ethics and filler that everyone else tries to shove down your throat whenever you want to learn something new. You're talking just over a $1 per page for this cuts-to-the-chase approach. This is designed to get you up and running today. Look on for the latest copy.

Rest assured that more practical booklets will be released as time marches on. Some will be by myself while others will have their very own Magical booklets here to be bought. Stay tuned and keep watching my site!


Reading and Resource List: Magic In Antiquity

A Resource List for Scholars

Are you tired of fluffy new age garbage when it comes to magic and occultism? Sick of reading Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and other pseudo-intellectual nonsense passed off as factually accurate occult information? Well stop popping those Tums and Rolaids and prepare yourself for the greatest compilation of Magic Books In Antiquity!

None of the books mentioned in this list have anything to do with post-modern magical systems. In fact, none of them even touch on anything past the Renaissance era of the late 1700's and most of them delve into the era of the pre-Hellenistic Greco-Roman era of the Goes, i.e. those who practiced Goetia or the original necromancers of antiquity.

This is meat for those of you who are tired of the TV dinner fare that is Llewellyn, Red Wheel and other new age publishers churning out Qabala and occult pablum. You won’t find any of that in this list compilation! In fact, the majority of the titles listed have been used in university level classes from all over the globe. 
You’ll find information on what Goetia really was (and still is), how necromancy was performed in ancient Greece, detailed histories of gods and their temples, geographies, etymologies, cosmologies, biographies of Dee, Trimethius, Iamblichus, Ficino and Bruno, sources for Egyptian temple workings, and much more. Further you’ll find the Ritman Library’s address which has lots of free material as well as blogs and web pages of occult scholars and even a couple of worthwhile scholarly occult journals to sink your teeth into.
I asked a bunch of eggheads for their personal recommendations and this is the culmination of those recommendations which put together and I typed up. Realize that these books are NOT how-to manuals but rather they fill in the much needed back story for a clearer understanding of how our sorcery and magic has come down to us through the ages. Also understand that many of these books are hefty in price even on sites like Amazon so you may want to borrow them through your local library's reference librarian. Just tell her you’re taking an online class in Medieval History or Greco-Roman History and she won’t give you nary a second look. Promise. Enjoy!


Check out my latest Radionics offering, Sorcerer's Box. I've already sold dozens of these passive units and truly this is simply a must have to help free up altar space and yet get more of your Metaphyscial Workings done. It's also portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. And it comletely integrates with any other modular Radionics equpment out there.

Here is an essay I put together about Radionic Sorcery: Radionic Sorcery. I've found this system works together to form a potent combination of dynamic Metaphysical practice! Sorcery and Radionics are a pair that are a long time in coming together. You'll find no one else who goes to the lengths I do to marry these two systems togeher for your benefit. Bar none!


Checkout the FREE Withccraft Lessons which you're welcome to download and study at your leisure. If you wish to put these up elsewhere, PLEASE put a link back to MY site AND leave in the copywrite notice as I retain all legal rights to My instructions.


You may be interested in plenty of other things offered here as well! As I progress, I will keep this site updated and you informed of my progress as well as my findings.

Go check out the file on Uncrossing & discover why it's not only relevant to you but it just may save your life and/or sanity one day. The Uncrossing Ritual.

Keep the Faith and DO THE WORK!

Brother Moloch 969
Samhain 2014



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