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Greetings. I am Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.: and a modern day sorcerer and duly initiated Houngan in Haitian Vodu. I started out on this path on November 17, 1987 and through the years, I've been involved in covens, groups and movements until I finally went off on my own because I was dissatisfied with the Pagan/Wiccan movement - mainly due to all of their heavy focus on environment/governmental politics. My goal was to focus my attention more on learning sorcery and developing my skills in subjects like necromancy so that I could master my personal universe as well as the universe immediately around me rather than having to react to the environment or rely on the government or anyone else to give me what I wanted.
My focus of study has consistently stayed within the realm of sorcery and that’s because I consider sorcery the ultimate path of individual and personal power & enlightenment. Sorcery allows the most freedom of study and praxis for the individual seeker because it allows the individual liberal choices to look into various procedures/techniques and delve into areas that other practitioners would eschew or would try to steer their acolytes away from instead of try to gift them with the knowledge they seek.
I have spent years preparing myself to touch these realms of sorcery. I have done the preparatory rites and rituals, summoned lesser spirits and interviewed them discussing various things that most others would consider beneath their dignity or station. My magics may have seemed silly or foolish but I assure you, there were reasons I have spent time doing them because these minor types of JuJu such as candle magic, gris-gris bags, talisman construction, astrology, Runic sorcery, herbal potion creation, chanting and song verse and so much more may seem “pathetic” to those who pretend to practice what they deem “heavy duty" magicK but in reality, their magicK is just psychological nonsense littered with little more than “occult gaudiness” and simple minded pretentiousness.
Here you will NOT find the typical occult “dark fluffy” garbage that people are packaging and selling in pdf’s and cheap chapbooks. Oh trust me, I have been asked by several publishers like Original Publications to write for them and do the inexpensive chapbooks but I prefer to control what I write and I like to actually make more than $1/book since I too have mouths to feed. Now mind you I am not saying those dark fluffy authors who are putting out their garbage don’t have little ones who need to be clothed and fed as well. Rather I’m simply saying I am NOT peddling that sort of book or type of info. Yes I do offer a few how to spells on my site but realize they’re for folks who need help and don’t have much $$$ at their current disposal.
I am also a Houngan in Haitian Vodu and was initiated into Haitian Vodu on March 4th, 2009. I deal with spirits as well. "What types of spirits?" you ask, you name it, I deal with them. I’ve dealt with grimoire spirits for years from summoning the various 72 spirits from the legendary Goetia, the first book of the Lemegeton such as Volac, Seere, Marchosias whose tales I have put up on my site because the anecdotal material may not only entertain you but also enlighten you as to how dangerous these NPE’s (re: Non-Physical Entities another way to say spirits) are.
I am initiated into the House of Jean Kent, a Vodu Sorcerer, Houngan Asogwe and Emperor in Haitian Vodu. His people are not from Pot-au-Prince nor Jacmel like 90% of the Voodoo people you find running around out there on the Internet or in South Florida. Rather Jean’s kin folk are from Leogane and he is a 12th generation Houngan Asogwe who has helped a lot of people over his 50 year career and who continues to help people today. He is located in South Florida and if you’re in the South Florida area, contact me and I will hook you up with Jean for a reading and possibly some work. Just understand he is NOT taking on any new students.
Another person of our House I am quite proud of is a former student of mine, Mz. Lilith and she has a terrific website called Twilight Crossroads which formulates many potions for all sorts of things including the Uncrossing Ritual that I list here on my site. She can also formulate just about any oil request you may need as her oils are spirit infused via the spirits from our House which makes them incredibly potent. If you’ve always wondered WHY my oils and potions were kickass, it’s because I use the spirits of my Vodu House to infuse them with and now Mz. Lilith does the same. ;)
By the way, I’d like to ask, WHY are occult people rating me merely on the appearance of my website? Seriously?? Are people still that ignorant today? I thought that sort of foolishness went out with high button shoes in the 1920's. I choose the color GREEN because my spirit, Moloch, LIKES the color green. Did it ever occur to any of you judging me simply on appearances that the situation may be more than just my own personal taste? Obviously not. *smh* Grow up and mature a little bit. Only a fool judges someone else on appearances alone. Didn't your parents ever teach you that? lol Certainly you've seen enough instances in your own life where judging people based on appearances is not only foolish but also at times dangerous, right?


I am now taking on a limited number of Love, Love Reconciliation & Lust Working Cases on a strict, case by case basis! There are caveats and rules that must be adhered to which have been laid down by my own House Spirits but this is exactly what is to be done.

If you think you may have a case that my spirits and I would be interested in taking on, and you can afford a minimum fee of $500+ to $2,500+ USD for the Love Reconciliation cases, then contact me with the button on the left side that says Contact Moloch. We can talk and see if your case merits our intervention. However it will behoove you to read THIS HERE first before you come contacting me to ensure that you are well within the parameters of my House Spirit's wishes. You will be required to purchase at least a Level One Tarot Reading however it may be that you will be required to purchase a Level Three Hand Reading which is non-refundable and is used to determine not only which spirit rules your head but what other spirits walk with you as well. This will help me divine who may be causing you troubles in your life and why more accurately than a simple Tarot reading would.

Alas my LIVE radio show is no more. My last live broadcast was Wednesday evening 09/27/17 on the Cauldron because of my own time constraints and work schedule. I am ever thankful to Melissa Anderson of the Circle of Ancient Sisters for giving me the opportunity to try my hand at live talk show work.
I did this for almost a year and the biggest issue I had was my personal laptop which due to its age was having issues with smoothly running the DJ software. When I'd play songs, they'd skip at times like old records used to, and I was unable to do promo's or adverts for my show. I also play guitar and hand drums and wanted to do my own intro/outro music for my radio show however my system was just not up to snuff. I was tired of the constant crashes and other headaches I was having which cost me a LOT of listeners over this past year I was on the airwaves. So I really saw no reason to continue at this point.
Further not only these issues but the two times I had guests (Brujo Negro & Darren Storer) on the air with me interviewing them, for whatever reason my listeners were unable to hear them well. That alone is aggravating. Who wants to do a live radio talk show and be interviewed when the listeners can barely hear what you have to say? Yet they can hear the DJ booming out loud and clear? I wasn't having it so I canned the interviews which sucked because that is 50% of what makes great talk radio - interviews.
Besides which LIVE radio is a bear to deal with - it's a time commitment you must be willing to promise and keep on a weekly basis. My practice is growing ever more and my time is now becoming a precious commodity so I saw the writing on the wall so to speak. It made sense. Still big thanks to The Cauldron, Melissa Anderson, the Circle of Ancient Sisters for the terrific opportunity.

Some Personal Accomplishments
My Earliest Beginnings
Over the years, I have been involved in many areas of the occult and metaphysics since my first foray back in 1987 in south Florida. I met a lot of very nice people and I have also met a plenty of strange and weird ones as well. Further I've seen things with my own eyes that cannot be explained and were not any sort of legerdemain nor prestidigitation. My travels have taken me to meet numerous fakes and some quite genuine folks who could prove they had the gift of second sight.
I grew up around such things as my late grandmother actually had the gift of second sight but being the god-fearing woman she was, the gift was never taken seriously and honed as it should have. That is because she feared Witchery yet she could see deceased family members and beloved pets of ours that had gone on to the world beyond. My grandfather, although a major skeptic, had his own experiences from his past that he regaled me with as well. Grandma was adept at using the Ouija board and once while using it, she managed to get it to predicted to the minute when her brother Ed was coming to visit - that very night at 11:58 pm. Grandma laughed about it and said the Ouija spelled out, "Your stupid" and went Good Bye. Then at two minutes to midnight, there was a knock on the door when her brother Ed  & Lula showed up on our doorstep all the way from Miami, FL to surprise her.
It was instances like this that really got my interest in the occult. I knew I had a predilection for it as well because there were times in HS I'd get myself into trouble with the school being a typical HS kid for what else? Fighting. So sitting there in the principals office waiting to receive either corporal punishment (a good old fashioned paddling - they did those back then!) or detention (I hoped) or as I feared for fighting, "suspension" (or worse), I'd close my eyes and imagine Jesus the Christ coming and wrapping his big ol arms around me and when the principal was going to scold me, Jesus would look at the principal and say, "I rebuke thee!" just like the story in the New Testament. Needless to say, it worked. I walked out of there smelling like a rose. It didn't however work so well at home with either of my grandparents, let alone my angry bear of a dad. lol So my very first occult lesson was magic doesn't always work especially when you want it to work.
Since those early years, Witchery, Sorcery and Necromancy have taught me a great deal. Often what my limitations are more so than what I can do. In fact I think that is an important lesson to learn and one so few never seem to grasp. I can also recall once when I was a kid my grandma caught me using some cement blocks to make a makeshift altar whereupon I was standing over it holding this el cheapo fake Indian necklace in the form of the Thunderbird. It looked exactly like the image below.
I believe my step-mom gave it to me as a gift or something when she came back from one of her trips to West (By God) Virginia. So here I was holding this fragile bead necklace that was more for decoration than for actual wearing and I held it up to the sky and began to chant some sort of gobbledygook that I thought sounded like what American Indians would chant. My inspiration came of course from, what else, fake Indians on television. I think this may have been one of the turning points that caused me to get sent to the "holier-than-thou-we're-Baptists-and-we-know-it-all" church/school in my youth because here come grandma running outside slapping at me for "trying to practice that damned heathen witchcraft"!
Little did she realize that all this did was foster yet more interest from me in this sort of thing because as time went on, I enjoyed talk shows about modern witches like when Phil Donahue would have them on or documentary shows like In Search Of with the late Leonard Nimoy narrating. I also loved any TV show that had anything to do with witchcraft, voodoo, magic, the occult or any sort of superstition regardless of how they ended it as chicanery or fake. Because that's Hollywood and let's make the scary tame for the working classes out there watching. But... there was one more person in my life who had a huge influence on my occult leanings. Grandma's sister in law, Glenna.
Glenna was a spiritualist and a strong believer. She too had the gift of second sight and reveled in these sorts of things. Gods know if she were alive today and in her prime, she'd probably take part in some of my rites with me! She was capable of getting spirits not only to manifest but to produce phenomena like move objects which was fascinating. I never saw any of this myself yet her discussions were with such clarity and honesty that I was not one to believe that she was any sort of liar. I really miss Glenna. She was a giving and caring person as well. When grandma died, I wa 19 and deeply saddened, between jobs, and she shoved a $50 bill into my hand at the graveside. That's the kind of person she was.
The Pagan Allied Network
My first beginnings with actually DOING something within the metaphysical and occult movement was helping Ron Parshley and Tony G. start the Pagan Allied Network (the original one) in Tampa back in 1988. We sat out in Tony's garage area and hashed it out because at that time, Tony had his Mac and printer out there so he could type fast and take notes quickly and smoke. We hashed out the game plan for it and it was the three of us. We first decided we needed a voice for our organization and we sat around brainstorming it until we came up with "The Magickal Messenger" (I still have some old copies in my possession). Ron was going to be the editor and a contributing writer; Tony was goiong to do the layout, printing and contributing writer; I was going to sell advertising for it and occasionally submit an article. I also began to use the Magickal Messenger as a means to make contact with new pagans, witches and other metaphysical folks all throughout the land of Florida.
Mind you at that time, there was NO INTERNET folks. I can hear the collective gasps already. So how did I manage to get our lowly coven, Astra Australis of five, to be able to host 350 guests for either a Bealtaine or Samhain ritual? I got my hands on every occult, metaphysical and newage publication I could that had any mention of Florida in it and looked for people looking to make friends with others of a like mind in Florida. I also used Circle Network News which although a great resource to many at that time, didn't have as many Floridians looking to connect as you may think though I found a few from it. I also used Llewellyn Network News which was their print catalog mailed out bi-monthly to everyone who called and asked for a 6 month free subscription. In it they had a section where folks write in and ask to meet/pen-pal/write others as well so that was somewhat but also not a huge help. There were a couple of decent new age magazines going around in Florida at the time that I managed to write to people and invite them to our shindigs. Thus over time our covenstead on Tony's dad's farm got to be pretty big. 350 folks is nothing to sneeze at!
P.A.N. was where I got my first taste of modern Paganism and also where I got my first real hard look at all of the politics involved in Paganism! i hated it. I came to despise P.A.N. meetings and gatherings to the point I quit going all together. In fact, I told everyone they could kiss my ass after most of them began to turn their backs on me after they learned I was practicing evocation using the Goetia. Here were so-called "friends" of mine - people who I ate with, helped fixed their cars for free, gave rides to, vouched for (and so much more) yet these fly by night acquaintances decided to turn their backs on me because they believed I was in some 'dark' place all because I was summoning spirits or "demons" as they put it. This goes to show you that even Pagans whom you presume to be highly intelligent and wiser than the average fundie Xian, simply are not. *shrugs* Thus my second lesson involving the occult: people are liars & deceivers and will think nothing of turning their backs while shoving a cold blade into your own back.
Dark Times and Leaving the Wiccan Community
In January of 1990, I decided to turn my back on the entire Wiccan community just as they had done me and like I had done to the Judeo-Xian community some years earlier for pretty much the same sorts of reasons. None of this really mattered until I started to become well known as an author and occultist of some note. THEN so-called "old friends" began to come out of the woodwork wanting to be my friend again. I ignored them. The only Pagan who had not originally shunned me was Tony G. and that was because he had come out of the closet as a homosexual and Tony and I were always cool with one another. He was decent to me and a truly good soul. When tough times had hit me and I was in between apartments, Tony had not looked down on me but instead hugged me and told me I could at least sleep safely in his garage for a few nights until I could find an apartment. Ron and I had eventually patched things up which took some years yet there was always that deep seated resentment from me towards him for his poor treatment towards me for practicing Goetia sorcery. In fact it was he who began the whole fear nonsense about being into demons. 
Other things I have done over the years include but are not limited to: 
  • Writing for Pagan and metaphysical magazines and journals
  • Organizing metaphysical events and festivals
  • Organizing covens and study groups  
  • Doing both newspaper and radio interviews  
  • Authored books and courses
  • Taught students and apprentices worldwide
  • Amassed a huge library of books on Sorcery, Magic, Mysticism and Astrology
  • Created several websites devoted to Sorcery  
  • Developed my own brand of Hybrid Sorcery Radionic instruments

Magic In Antiquity
A Resource List for All
Are you tired of fluffy new age garbage when it comes to sorcery, magic and occultism? Sick of reading Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and other pseudo-intellectual nonsense passed off as factually accurate occult information? Well stop popping those Tums and Rolaids and prepare yourself for the greatest compilation of occult books on antiquity! HERE
None of the books mentioned in this list have anything to do with post-modern magical systems. In fact, none of them even touch on anything past the Renaissance era of the late 1700's and most of them delve into the era of the pre-Hellenistic Greco-Roman era of the Goes, i.e. those who practiced Goetia or the original necromancers of antiquity.
This is meat for those of you who are tired of the TV dinner fare that is Llewellyn, Red Wheel and other new age publishers churning out Qabala and your typical occult pablum. You won’t find any of that muck in this list compilation! Promise! In fact, the majority of the titles listed have been used in university level classes from all over the globe. Thus prepare yourself to read, study and be ready to grab dictionaries and reference encyclopedias. Certainly your brains will ache a bit but your occult wisdom will soar!
You’ll find information on what Goetia really was all about (and still is), how necromancy was performed in ancient Thrace and Greece, detailed histories of gods, their temples, geographies, etymologies, cosmologies, biographies of Dee, Trimethius, Iamblichus, Ficino and Bruno, sources for Egyptian temple workings, and so much more. Further you’ll find the Ritman Library’s address which has lots of free material as well as blogs and web pages of occult scholars and even a couple of worthwhile scholarly occult journals to sink your teeth into. ;)
I asked a bunch of scholars and egghead types for their personal recommendations and this is the culmination of those recommendations which I put together and typed up. Realize that these books are NOT "how-to" manuals but rather they fill in the much needed gaps and back story for a clearer understanding of how our sorcery, witcheries and magical practices have evolved and been handed down to us through the ages.
Also understand that many of these books are hefty in price even on discount sites like Amazon so you may want to borrow them through your local library's reference librarian. Just tell her you’re taking an online class in Medieval History or Greco-Roman History and he/she won’t give you nary a second look. Promise. Enjoy!

Witchery Lessons Here!
Checkout the FREE Withccraft Lessons which you're welcome to download and study at your leisure. If you wish to put these up elsewhere, PLEASE put a link back to MY site AND leave in the copywrite notice as I retain all legal rights to MY instructions. That's all I ask. I'm glad I can help in any way. Thank you. :)

You may be interested in plenty of other things offered here as well! As I progress, I will keep this site updated and you informed of my progress as well as my findings.
Go check out the file on Uncrossing & discover why it's not only relevant to you but it just may save your life and/or sanity one day. The Uncrossing Ritual.
Keep the Faith and DO THE WORK!
Brother Moloch 9.6.9.

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