7 Mighty Men Cologne Uses
Some Ideas On How to Use This Amazing Cologne
Here are some of the uses I have utilized the magical potion 7 Mighty Man for. You need to remember it is a Guede potion thus it is something that gives life to things and also rejuvenates when sincere prayers are said. There are numerous uses but these are some I have personally used:
* a client’s ankle & knee joints by rubbing the cologne directly on the joints and making a prayer to the spirits to heal them.
* rubbing the 7MM cologne onto my own shoulder & elbow joints when I have had a twinge of pain there; the elbow is often just an accident but the shoulder is from an old soccer collision with two other players back in high school. I rub the cologne on, offer a prayer to the Baron and within a few minutes, the pain subsides.
* often if I am drained, I will pour a single drop of the cologne into my bathwater, then get in and sit allowing the water to cover my body. This is when I use Psalm 51:10 spoken for about seven times in all.
* when I wish to bless something, I spritz it with 7 Mighty Men cologne. Then I offer the item to each of the Four Corners.
* if I have made a talisman, be it one of paper, wood or metal, that talisman gets a spritze of 7 Mighty Men cologne. Then the talisman is duly offered to each of the Four Corners according to the practices I have found useful. Note: Other clients have use this formula where they spritze their talismans with 7MM cologne as well immediately after they have sprinkled their talisman with Holy Water then offered it to the Four Corners using their traditions ritual formula with great success! The feedback on this has been amazing to say the least.
* if you’re wishing to make a Thrall, especially a permanent housing for one, then a good idea is to spritz the Thrall’s home with the 7MM after you’ve consecrated it according to whatever ritual formula you are working with at the time.
Remember: ONE spritz is plenty!
Note: If you received a sample bottle of 7MM from me, pour the 7MM cologne into a small spray type bottle. (I often find these near the pharmacy in the bins for travelers at dept stores and they’re usually under $1 each.) Once you’ve poured the 7MM cologne into the spray bottle, then add in ONE TABLESPOON of distilled water. No more. That’s all. Cap it. Shake well. Then you’re ready to spritz things. 
No nee to consecrate as 7 Mighty Men is already consecrated by 7 Vodu Barons. This potent formula “gives life” to things. Howeer this does not mean if your pet has died, it will raise it from death. Rather 7MM is used to cause inanimate objects to have a spirit. However if your pet is ill, a single drop on the back of their neck won’t hurt them and make certain you ask the Baron to hold off illness and death for your beloved pet.
* I’ve used 7 Mighty Men on my altar to fire it up prior to a ritual especially one where I want spirits to attend. Just one spritz is necessary.
* another use for 7MM is on your ritual tools. It helps give life to wands, athames, swords, staffs, pentacles,  as well.
* spirit houses, spirit boxes, magical mirrors, scrying balls, ancestral shrines, ancestor boxes, and so on, are all spritzed with 7MM before they are finished.
* every Hybrid-Sorcery instrument (radionics) I make and ship is spritzed internally with 7MM before they are finished. The power summoned is then blessed and a special prayer is said over the instrument before it is finished.
* I often add a single drop of 7MM to other potions & formulas to give them life and extra oomph!

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