7 Days of the Guede
A Week Long Ancestor Working
by Brother MOLOCH 969
Purpose: The purpose of this week long ritual is to bring one closer to their ancestors and to create a stronger bond between you. Perform this ritual each day for seven days so it culminates on Samhain. IF you are Catholic and wish for it to culminate on All Saints or All Souls day, then by all means feel free to adjust the day you start.
Begin: October 24th 
End: October 31st
Time: The time of the day you perform this ritual is not as important as simply doing it daily however it is ideal to a.) perform it at the same time every day and b.) if possible, try to perform it during the hours when the Sun is absent in the sky.
Items Needed:
1.) Small white bowl with some salt - kosher or sea salt works great
2.) Stick of incense (any fragrance will do but Frankincnese is ideal)
3.) Small white unscented candle (tea lights are least expensive and household or Shabbat are easy to come by as well)
4.) Skull[1]
5.) Small cup of black coffee (either make or buy a cup)
6.) (Optional) One item for a special ancestor each day you wish to honor - thus if today you wish to honor your uncle Mack who was a smoker and he liked Camel Lucky Strike ciggarettes, buy him a pack.

Opening the Gates
Face east. Thump the bottom of your sorcerer’s staff 3 times on the floor/ground to signal the beginning. Light a single white unscented candle for the Crossroads Guardian out of respect. Use your ritual dagger and draw an equal armed cross in the air over your work table (to represent the Crossroads.) Place your hands together as if in prayer and insert them into the center of the equal armed cross and part them like you were parting a veil or pair of curtains and say: 
“Gatekeeper of the Crossroads, I call out to you to open the gates and allow me to pass from the world of men to the worlds of spirits so that I may do my work! I offer you this token gift as my thanks for allowing me to pass, Gatekeeper! May peace always remain between thee and me!”
Thump the bottom of your sorcerer’s staff on the floor/ground 7 times in succession to signal the gates are now opened and you are free to speak openly to the spirits and do sorcery with any spirit you wish.
Invoking the Ancestors
Setup: Set either the skull (see footnotes) in the middle of the equal armed crossed you drew with your ritual dagger earlier. If you’re unsure where that would be, orient the skull/image in the center of your altar or work table. Set the stick (or cone) of incense behind the skull/image and make certain it is lit before starting your rite. Further make certain your temple area as a window or door ajar for ventilation. Set the dish of salt to your left of the skull/image and the cut of black coffee to the right. You are ready to begin.
Use the butt of your staff and thump it thrice while saying, “Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh! Adonai Tzabaoth! Holy, Holy, Holy are thou, lord of hosts!” (Bow - i.e. curtsy and make certain you do not incline neither your body nor head forward as you do so) then stand erect again.
Say, “The wheel turns to encompass the earth once more and nature heeds the call. All that is living is dying giving us a beautiful display of color thus showing us there is a beauty in death we take for granted. Our lives are but a longer version of the seasonal cycles wherein we are born into and grow with our spring to learn all we can in our youth; the next season which blossoms for us is our summer where we are hot full of vigor and passions oft spilling our seed to continue the cycle; then as time passes, our seasonal cycle begins to wane and we reach our autumn years where we start to see our vigor, passions, excess and desires of our youth die off; finally we reach our senior years where our winter cycle begins where we start to reach the end of our cycle and ready ourselves to join our ancestors who guide us now so that we may help guide others.”
Here just put a couple of grains of salt on your tongue and contemplate what it will be like to rest eternally. Salt is a preservative and as such, salt is an honorable offering to the dead.
Say, “Ancestors, I offer this salt to preserve you as I would have you preserve me through all times both good and bad, light and dark, happy and troublesome. Give your ever watchful eyes unto my good welfare and protect me from all harm!”
Now take a sip of the black coffee (even if you despise coffee, take the barest sip anyway) and say, “Ancestors, I offer you this coffee! I give it to you to warm your bones and remind you the pleasures you had when consuming it while you were alive. Take it and change any bad luck I may have coming to good luck! Help smooth out my troubles, aches and pains and give unto me a better, happier life so that I may carry on your good name!”
(Optional) Here at this point, if you have brought something for an ancestor or deceased loved one, call their name now and offer the gift to them. For instance, “Uncle Mac, here are the Lucky Strikes you so loved. I brought you a pack because I know you loved them. I loved you very much and still love you today even though you’re just on the other side of the veil. Please watch over me, give me comfort, safety and if you would, help me achieve (fill in request).”
Continue on and say, “If any of you, my ancestors, both family or dear friend and ancient ones long forgotten, have need or desire to contact me, please come to me in a dream to speak clearly and plainly to me. Let me know who you are then tell me what I need to know so that I can remember when I wake up. Thank you for attending. I love you all.”
Thump the bottom of your staff 7 times in all to signal the end of your rite.
Thanking & Dismissing the Crossroads Guardian
Face east once more. Stamp the butt of your staff 3 times yet again and hold your hands apart. Then slowly bring your palms together over the top of your work table as if you were closing a pair of curtains or drapes. This is closing the veil to the other world. As you do this simply say:
"I wish to thank you Gatekeeper of the Crossroads, for allowing me access to the world of spirits! I ask now that you assist me in closing this doorway that I originally opened so that no ghost nor phantom may enter into the world of the living. Let Hounds of Hell ever guard the gateways by your side and remain vigilant. Thank you."
Stamp the butt of your staff on the ground 7 times to show this ritual is hereby ended.
It is acceptable to use an image of a skull if you do not have an actual skull available. Usually around this time of the year, they are fairly easy to obtain from Halloween stores and stores selling Halloween displays. It can be made of plastic, resin, paper mache, wax, metal, wood, whatever material you find one in that works. Crystal skulls are terrific too. Size is not really that important.
It is not advisable to use an actual real human bone skull simply because the owner of that skull is still attached to it and unless you know its name, there is always a possibility that spirit will come and screw you big time especially when you’re doing heavy ceremony. You do not want that.
Barring buying or acquiring one, you can print an image of a skull off and use that as the central focus of your ritual. This works. The ancestors hear your call not through the skull but through your words. The skull is merely your tool used signal Them you’re here for Them..

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